Is Microsoft Kidding Itself?

CCC Says: "While some might call this a comeback, others suggest it never left.

This outlet (as well as many others across the ole’ interwebs) reported months back that Microsoft had officially had enough of supporting it’s fledgling Games for Windows service, who subsequently pulled the plug after years of only moderate success. In its wake, Steam has continued its rise as THE dominate name on PC (bringing several former ‘Windows Live properties into the fold in the aftermath). While this was no big loss to most PC gamers (as the service was far from exemplarily) it did mark the end of Microsoft’s presence in the desktop gaming market to some degree.

However, it appears that old line about their “demise being greatly exaggerated” would be quite apropos in this case."

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nicksetzer11514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Game for Windows live sucks anyway, who cares.

XiSasukeUchiha1514d ago

True, they should give up on PC or Xbox, and just focused on one platform instead of all because MS doesn't know how to multitask.

hiawa231513d ago

Games for Windows wasn't very good, but MS is one of the most successful companies out with Billions in cash reserves, so it seems lauphable when someone says this company can't multitask. More internet hyperbole...

OrangePowerz1513d ago

They certainly have loads of money, but they haven't been that successful with a lot of things in recent years. Zune was a flop, GWL was horrible, their tablets and phones don't do that well, Vista was bad and Windows 8 isn't exactly popular on non touch devices with it's metro UI.

Sure they can multitask, but their unified vision of everything being the same on every platform and device isn't exactly working. They should bring games to the PC but on Steam and no service of their own built into it.

Immorals1513d ago

Only reason their phones/tablets aren't huge success' is due to ipads/phones being fashionable.. The Microsoft counterparts blow them out the water, but it's not the 'cool' thing to have.. It's sad. Really sad.

nosferatuzodd1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

HIAWA23 said MS is one of the most successful companies out with Billions in cash reserves, so it seems lauphable when someone says this company can't multitask. More internet hyperbole...

Name one other product Microsoft does that was successful other that windows go ahead ill wait on you
and don't say the Xbox there still waiting on that to be successful you have lots of investors that are saying they should give up on it its a failure

hiawa231513d ago

I wasn't even talking about the Xbox. All I was saying was MS as a company is doing ok, and certainly doing much better than Sony as a company. Nothing else for me to say about it...

rainslacker1513d ago

OK. From someone that most would consider a Sony fan boy, so take it for what it's worth.

MS DOS(Oldie but goodie)

Office(Most used productivity software on the planet)

Visual Studio(Pretty much does everything, and it's required learning for programmers)

Windows Live(and all it's offshoot variations. Live is by far the planets largest social/productivity ecosystem and MS biggest interest in getting people to use their products under one banner. Everything MS does nowadays is tied to live in some way.)

Cloud(MS got in this early, and are reaping a lot of benefits from it. Azure is arguably the best and most robust Cloud service in existance)

Windows Server(Not sure if it's bigger than some of the other options, but it's huge in the corporate world)

Hotmail(Still chugging along)

MSSQL Server(Not the best IMO, but still used a lot in the corporate world).

Flight Simulator(Longest running MS software ever)

SkyDrive(Again, a backbone of file sharing for many people and companies. It's almost scary how much data MS handles on this service)

Hyper-V (Don't know much about it, but it's making waves)

.Net(That's a big one here, I'll leave it up to you to research why it's so big, it would take to long to explain here).

Shall I go on? Most of the things listed above are still currently being offered by MS, so yes, they can multi-task, and do so quite well.

And while you may not like it, the 360 was successful, maybe not profitable depending on how you look at it though.

Don't get me wrong, MS has had it's share of failures as well, but they have a ton of successful products. MS is much much bigger than Windows or Xbox.

Go on, I'll wait for you to discredit each of the items listed above so you can feel better about yourself.

SniperControl1513d ago

I hated gfwl with a passion, truly one service to forget.

The fact that i needed to be online to play a single player game really p155ed me off(Dirt 3). At least with Steam/Origin you could go into offline mode and still play SP games.

Jdoki1513d ago

It was awful. It added nothing to gaming at all.

MeliMel1513d ago

I thought Games for Windows got canned for XBL. Didnt MS say they were trying to have XBL accessible on all Windows platform.

No_Limit1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Another lame article. Let's get something straight here people, Windows is an OS and its main focus is to sell PCs and licenses for work and productivity programs and services and gaming is just a very small part of it's main focus. Just like gaming on Apple's OS is non-existence from Apple themselves.

I don't blame them as they need exclusives to sell Xboxes and releasing it on PCs will just allow more ammo for haters to say "I will just get it on PC, no need for a XB1". It is call smart business.

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