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AC: "Kim Karshasian: Hollywood is the newest monster created by the mad scientists at Glu Games (best-known as the creators of Deer Hunter 2014 and Knights of Puzzelot). The game gives users the chance to claw their way up from the gutters of Hollywood’s E-list to become a full-blown A-List celebrity super-model."

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Porcelain_Chicken1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

I actually got a chance to play it. It's actually pretty straight forward. You start a new game, you Create-A-Kardashian, set 1 of 3 preset personalities (B*tch, attention wh*re, or fat one) then you make a Q.T.E styled sex tape and BAM! Credits roll.

I hear that a sequel is in the works where you'll get to Q.T.E through mobs of paparazzi and try your hardest to keep your dumb reality show relevant. It ends with you coming up with the best baby name possible while being spun at 20mph in an office chair.

Milesprowers1482d ago

Glu Games are one of the WORST Game developers, they make the worst games ever that are Pay to Win filled with micro transactions.

Goro1482d ago

EA must be their role model.

CerealKiller1482d ago

At least it runs properly unlike battlefield.

Chrono1482d ago

You must haven't seen many mobile games if you think they are the worst.

Summons751482d ago

They've never even made any real games on any real gaming systems...

They only make cell phone games which we all know are not and will never be consider real games. It's just crap for soccer moms to try and feel connected to their bratty kid who is probably screaming death threats on call of duty.

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The story is too old to be commented.