PS Now will flop if pricing is similar to beta

GGG argues that if Sony doesn't lower PS Now's rental pricing significantly before releasing it to the public that the service could be DOA.

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NewMonday1553d ago

people like to use the words "flop" "fail" "dead" without having any idea what the parameters are.

mrbojingles1553d ago

Parameters: Not being used by many people and not making a profit off the Gaikai purchase?

Maddens Raiders1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

"if". The biggest word in any dictionary.

Let's see the final roll out and pricing before we get the 21 gun salute ready journos.

NewMonday1553d ago


Gaikai is not just about PSNow, it is also the low latency streaming tech and software Sony wanted, it can be applied to any of their hardware and is used in PS4 to PSVita streaming. and and it can also be used for anything not just games.

as for "Not being used by many people" the games are not bought in bulk by Sony, it's "pay when people buy" so little for them to lose and lots to gain.

know your parameters people

morganfell1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

"people like to use the words "flop" "fail" "dead" without having any idea what the parameters are."

But know all about flops. Have you seen that site? My eyes are still burning and the writing is atrocious.


They are hardly journalists. They are hitseeking, self promoting teenagers.

PSNow is going to do great. These kids that have to beg nickles and dimes from their dads are making me laugh with these articles.

bouzebbal1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

let's wait for the final prices and see what happens.
i have nothing to say about these prices because Sony said that they were test prices, but what i am disappointed about is the fact that i have to pay per game and there is no subscription giving me a full access to the library.

i want to see a netflix kind of subscription for the big users and gamers and the traditional "pay for the game you want" for casual users.

Darkstares1552d ago

It will flop if,

a) the prices are not competitive.
b) the service runs poorly for a lot of people

It will become a niche product much like Onlive if,

a) not much game support
b) no new games

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MultiConsoleGamer1553d ago

I'm sure pricing will come down a little by the time of launch. The greater concern is input lag, especially for people with slow Internet connections and / or laggy TVs. Also a small selection of titles is an issue I'm sure will eventually be resolved.

mark3214uk1552d ago

ZZZZzzzz hav'nt ppl learnt with sony this gen, what we ask for we get,if the prices are to high we will tell them and they will drop

Bennibop1552d ago

It makes my laugh all these doom articles regard PS Now. Sony have stated the pricing is not final and is wanting feedback from testers. There is also nothing stopping it reducing prices over the coming weeks or after the service has launched that is the beauty of there product there are no retailer mark ups etc.

TheGrimReaper00111552d ago

I agree mostly with you, however ...

Why would Sony release a beta of their streaming service with prices that no reasonable person would pay for? They should have either had really low prices and just a few test games or maybe even free game tests ;
"Uncharted 3 Single Player is playable today via PS Now!"
Next day, a new game

The point of a beta is to let people test the shit out of it, just find anything wrong with it, before you officially release it. But these prices are scaring away people from testing it in the first place.

One positive thing though. All these articles and videos online, Sony is bound to noctice them and reduce the prices for sure

gamecast1552d ago

I agree prices are a bit steep for the beta. Some of the games I could buy off amazon for the same price as the rental.

Jdoki1552d ago

How would we even know?

Sony can say 'PSNow has been a big success for us'... And not have to quantify the data at all.

They could say 'We've had a million rentals'... And we have no idea what revenue that would actually generate for them.

And of course... They can adjust the prices if they are not seeing the usage they want.

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