GotGame: Preview | Dying Light is scary as sh*t

GotGame: The game is set in an open world with urban areas and cities for your to roam, where an epidemic has turned folks into zombies who want to make minced meat out of you and anything with a heartbeat. During our demo at E3, I was shown two pieces of the game – one early on, and a second much deeper into the game to show me what was possible once my character was better developed.

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Ramon3MR1547d ago

If you play this at night with headphones or a good surround system, you will be spooked, guaranteed.

KinjoTakemura1547d ago

Had this on pre-order since March. That delay really disappointed me, but I guess it's better than playing a broken game.

Meltic1547d ago

Asked tymon the producer. A demo is coming later this year.

nucky641547d ago

oh, F#CK!....this looks awesome as he11!

brokenbracket1547d ago

Yeah, haven't played a game that truly scared the shite outta me since the first Dead Space. Dead Space actually still scares the crap outta me. I'm really really pulling for this one though.