Meet the Developer: Molly Proffitt from Ker-Chunk Games is Supporting Georgia's Game Culture

Let’s face it, Atlanta is not known as the gaming capital of the world. However, there is a very large independent gaming community in Georgia that many people do not know about. While there are a few recognizable studios in the Atlanta area like Hi-Rez Studios who created Smite and Tribes 2; Tripwire Interactive who are most known for Killing Floor, Red Orchestra, and soon Killing Floor 2; and the Xaviant team who are working on Lichdom: Battle Mage; even these studios are tiny when compared to the industry giants. Georgia’s strength does not lie in major Triple-A studios, it rests in the huge amount of undiscovered developers, small and medium-sized businesses, that are trying to make their names known to the gaming community. This is where people like Molly come in and help out.

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