GameStop Hosting Xbox One Weekend: Pushing Microsoft’s Console Hard With Discounts and Deals

GameStop just sent in a press release announcing a new Xbox One event to be held this weekend. The retailer will offer multiple discounts and deals on Xbox One accessories and softwareon June 27th and 28th across to all its US stores.

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Death1609d ago

I wonder if this is a response to Sony's PSNow service which is in direct competition with used game sales?

NextLevel1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )


Army_of_Darkness1608d ago

Naw, I think it's just because they wanna clear out all the xbone stock.

guitarded771608d ago

MS and GameStop have a promotion together... there was a story earlier this week, or last. Something about a million in Live currency or something.

Flutterby1608d ago

Doubt it the eb games I manage still has day one xbone left I think 7 last time I checked stock in the backroom , so I think it's to get rid of stock.

choujij1608d ago

No. They're just trying to move Xboxes, has nothing to do with PS Now.

UltraNova1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

One question to you my friends from the US, was Gamestop always this cozy with MS? Cause I see this trend a lot the last few years not only nowadays that there's a lot of xb1 stock to move...any connection at shareholder level or something?

DarthZoolu1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

We did PlayStation week last week. All it means is extra trade in credit. Xbox one gets a weekend PS4 got a whole week. Plus with the PlayStation week you got back $150 for any xbox 360 20gb+ or PS3 60gb+ thats much more than 50% extra trade in. God I hate this site now.

Kidmyst1608d ago

@UltraNova not sure of shareholders but it really started with the 360 and PS3 launch. For those gamers who remember, it was like they had training on how to push the 360 and trash the PS3 in every way. I went in to 3 different game stops then and walked out when the guys working saw me looking at PS3 games. "you don't want that piece of s***" "get the 360 it's way better then the PS3 will ever be" stuff like that. So the MSFT and GameStop thing has been around for a long time it seems.

darthv721608d ago

@ultra & kidmyst, while the premise of being the retailer trying to sell to the customer is that of a neutral observer...there are times when individuals ask questions that pulls that retail representative out of the neutral position and places them in the position of stating their opinion.

i have seen it countless times when it comes to people who just dont know what to buy. Granted there are those who are smart enough to buy what they want and it is the retailers job to supply that. But you cant help but think if some of these reps get a sort of kickback from the number of a particular product/platform they can sell. sort of like commission based.

When Ms first mentioned the whole trade in used games to authorized retailers...gamestop was first on the list. This was last year when the whole "DRM" debacle was going around. MS wasnt against used games (like many jump to conclusions about), they just wanted used games to be dealt with through (what they consider) the right channels. it wasn't the same as private sales by any means but the idea of trading your purchased copy of Ryse into a gamestop and gamestop selling that used copy to another buyer meant that MS, GS and the dev all got a cut of the proceedes where as a private sale...none of them did.

but that is a topic for another discussion. The reps at GS had been very pushy with promoting the 360 over the PS3 (depends on where you live) and in some cases they would push the PS3 over the 360 (again, depends on where you live). But ultimately they were supposed to be neutral and sell the customer what they want to buy.

but lets face it, if you are a retailer and you see the customer picking up something that you know is going to be a waste of $$ for that customer. It can be tough to bite your lip and just sell it to them only to know in the back of your mind...they will be back to return it or complain to management that they did not receive any sort of help in picking out the right product.

UltraNova1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )


I appreciate you took the time to answer my question but I got the feeling of you 'snake-ing' your way through the truth so to speak.

I've been around for many years closely following the console wars and I can confidently say that yes Gamestop favors MS 9/10 times.

Dont get me wrong, business is business if MS offers them more then so be it (well it does help moving that pilling stock of Xb1s dont you think?).

However, I wont nor should anyone sugar-coat the truth by bringing/using the last link on the chain as the point of focus here, the staff. They do and say what they are told by their management, most of the time at least.

Lets talk about this:
''but lets face it, if you are a retailer and you see the customer picking up something that you know is going to be a waste of $$ for that customer. It can be tough to bite your lip and just sell it to them only to know in the back of your mind...they will be back to return it or complain to management that they did not receive any sort of help in picking out the right product.''

Did you just say Gamestop's employees kinda felt bad to suggest the ps3 or ps4 for that matter over the 360 and xb1 respectively, because they were afraid it "would be a waist of their $$" for them to end up with such an inferior product that there was a chance they would return it and complaint about it? Cause that's what I understood by reading your last paragraph.

If so, in what way or measure was the 360 superior to the ps3 ?(I dont even have to get into ps4 vs xb1). Hardware? Games- for the first 2 years I admit the 360 destroyed the ps3 but from year 3 and on (next 5 years) the ps3 was in a league on its own and who can forget the infamous RRod the first couple years? I mean what did they tell their customers 'oh look you should definitely get the 360 over the ps3 because it has way more games and conveniently neglected to mention they had a 40-50% change of their shiny 360 dying on them? How does that work with this > "would be a waist of their $$".

Its kinda easy to see through the bullshit when you can really observe with a keen eye aint it? and I m not talking about what you said either.

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user14394141608d ago

Ohh its funny how all of a sudden GameStop now want to promote the Xbox One but when Microsoft announced the no sale of used games GameStop was not even going to sell the Xbox One and was pushing the PS4. GameStop are as BAD as the fanboys on this website.

Godz Kastro1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Yeah, its called business brother. They need to eat too.

"sure MS, we'll sell your system even though we cant sell your games"...

Not a big gamestop fan but no need to grasp at straws here.

us_army1608d ago

its pretty obvious how these things work... GS did a Sony weekend immediately after E3, companies pay for this sort of thing, its called marketing, and GS is the retailer that these companies choose.

Jadenkorr0211608d ago

Microsoft paid out the but for this. This isnt something Gamestop is doing on their own. Even with thd release of the $399 Xbox one its not selling. So Microsoft is trying to get systems sold.

Yo Mama1608d ago

Yeah dude. It's pathetic. Microsoft almost killed off Gamestop with their initial policies they announced last year, but now all is forgiven.

SpinalRemains1381608d ago


Gamestop has nothing to do with brand loyalty or fanboyism.

Gamestop is a business. Nothing is personal and there are no hurt feelings or emotions. Its dollars and cents, period.

darthv721608d ago

You seem a little confused dingo. When MS made their used games announcement...Gamestop was the retailer they listed as an authorized trade in location.

They couldnt name drop them unless they were all for it.

Chevalier1607d ago

Just going to point out in Canada EB/Gamestop just finished a trade 5 games over $8 trade credit and 360 or PS3 and get $250 off PS4. Right now till end of next week buy a PS4 and get both Watchdogs and 3 month PSN free. Both promotions have been great for Sony.

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HebrewHammer1608d ago

Or because the Xbox One price drop isn't selling as many units as they hoped...

Tony-A1608d ago

This was my first thought.

It would be bad business to make deals immediately after a price drop.. the thing should be selling itself.

Either they made a week at a very bad time or the initial units are still struggling to lift off.

Spotie1608d ago

Given that most of the games coming to PS Now won't even be carried by GameStop, or will represent very little in the way of profits, I doubt it.

More likely, it's a continuation of the cooperation that's been going on between the retailer and console maker since the start of this gen, if not last.

Hell, I remember GameStop running Xbox commercials at the PS4 launch. That's not the sort of thing you do without sometime cutting a check.

Edward751608d ago

All the PS3 games... vita games and to some extent paperwork games are still sold by gamestop. Oh... even ps2.

So most of the games are still carried by gamestop.

Spotie, you are wrong on that statement.

ShadowKingx1608d ago

this is no response to PSnow, this is solely to try and sell xbox ones again, they this same deal a month or so ago. now that some good stuff was announced for xbox one at E3, to be honest this is smart on gamestops part. now everyone looking to buy a xbox one can use some trades and things as well to help.

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SilentNegotiator1608d ago

Gamestop will probably start working on purging itself of 7th gen stuff in 1-2 years. I doubt they feel threatened by a streaming service for mostly older titles...which is also still in beta with prices that people aren't very thrilled over.

chaoslh1608d ago

This is so sad trying so hard.

thehitman13981608d ago

This whole promotion with GameStop reeks of desperation. You know that used car salesman on TV so so so desperately trying to pan you his pathetic lot of cars. Well this is GameStop trying to sell you there lot of pathetic xbones.

CaptainObvious8781608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

I don't think it's pathetic, it's just common sense business.

MS want to sell more consoles, so they give gamestop incentives to push their brand.

Although, if we look at amazon's best sellers the new kinectless bundle doesn't seem to be having an impact. MS are most likely disappointed with the numbers, hence the gs sale. Nothing wrong with ms trying to sell more consoles.

TheSaint1608d ago

Why aren't we seeing PS4 sales? Is Xbox really doing that badly that it needs all this pushing??

harrisk9541607d ago

This is in response to the fact that even with the new XB1 SKU, the console is not moving off shelves.

Godmars2901607d ago

Right after MS was all set to ruin XB1 game resale value with the original DRM policies.

Death1607d ago

If craiglsist, ebay, and swap meets are eliminated since they are not authorized resellers, wouldn't that increase traffic for stores like Gamestop that can do the trades? If games had a limited amount of times they could be resold, wouldn't common sense say resale value increases?

You say Microsoft was going to ruin resale value. I think you are wrong.

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XiSasukeUchiha1609d ago

Sigh Gamestop desperation is real!

oODEADPOOLOo1609d ago

Sometimes I think your Abriel's troll alt.

Abriael1609d ago

Do you really think I have THAT much time?

Antnee5341608d ago

Sasuke you were dragged into a different dimension how you have the time for this!?!?!?! Go save the world already.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1608d ago

Sasuke is a brother to all people
And people he shall save!

KillerPwned1608d ago

Trying to move units that they might still have piled up in stock? Just a guess really. If it were cheaper I would buy one now.

tgunzz1608d ago

Good! Everyone should try to get one (if you don't). I highly recommend it!

LAWSON721608d ago

Absolutely, but IMO get the console that appeals to you the most first. Every gamer should try to own at least both Xbone and PS4 this gen because both got a bright future ahead

tgunzz1608d ago

Heck Yeah!!!! I got both of them, and I can say without a doubt for me only, that I have no regrets.. I can't see myself not owning/playing games like The order/quantum break/sunset overdrive/no man sky/bloodborne/TLOU/HMCC/D4 and so on....

CervantesPR1608d ago

WoW they have to have sales to try to push this $399 xbox one lol PS4 june NPD victory incoming.

LAWSON721608d ago

Wow, companies have to push to sell more of their product? You learn something new everyday, I always thought the best tactic was to sit back with your thumb up your bum.

CervantesPR1608d ago

i dont rememeber them doing this with the vita,3DS and and wii u when those got a price drop.

calm down, master chief can only do so much, he will die a good death a very brave death, he will go down fighting with honor, but he sink with his own ship the xbox one.

thehitman13981608d ago

So why haven't they had a push like this for the PS4 ? Because the PS4 doesn't need some lame sale. it laughs at the fool who thinks it does.....

For real, if the xbone was doing so good, from a marketing and business standpoint it would not make any sense at all to have a big sale just weeks after dropping your price on the product by 20%....

Take your fanboyiesm out of it and open ur mind to actual facts and not something that is made up from the coulds.

ooh ooh did you see what I did there, up in the "clouds" lol, that's funny....

LAWSON721608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Buddy you are extremely naive if you think the Xbone is going to die, even the so called dead Wii U is alive and kicking. Also Wii U and 3DS have had loads of promotions to sell new SKUs and even loads of trade up promotions at Gamestop alone. I remember seeing the DS trade up programs all over the place. As for the Vita I do not know, though I do not recall ever seeing any special offers which is just a shame on Sonys part considering how poorly it has done.

Also people need to stop calling this a price drop, it is just a new SKU at a lower price, the original SKU is still same price as launch. Would you call a PS4 without a HDD coming out for $350 a price drop?

CervantesPR1608d ago

its still a cheaper way to get the console, so it works the same way as a price drop would.

therevolution1608d ago

Agreed, just this month Gamestop did an extra 50% towards a ps4 with the trade of a last gen console, does that mean the PS4 is dying? Trade-in-a-PS3-or-Xbox-360-at- Game-Stop-get-up-to-150-toward- PS4-console/1073064.html

spacecat50501608d ago

Of course you dont remember when Gamestop had sales or promotions of the Vita, 3DS or any other sony product. That would go against your anti MS propaganda, even though Gamestop has had promotions for each and every console.

but of couse when MS related its automatic desperation.

thehitman13981608d ago

Ha ha ur funny... so every time you walk into a GameStop and don't feel like you just walked into a micro$oft store with all the xbone ads and pics put up everywhere. All the while all the Sony product pics n ads are, for the most part, hidden or in the back or where its nowhere to be seen.

spacecat50501608d ago

You must be looking for whatever your narrow vision wants to see. The first thing I see when I walk into my local Gamestop is $ony games followed the used games and in the back nintendo and ms.

But sure if it makes you feel great that gamestop is in MS pocket so be it. Every sony fanboy on this site thinks MS is money hatting every corner of the business.