"Game Critics Aren't Professionals, They Just Pretend To Be"

The mainstream press continues to dismiss gaming journalists as individuals who are merely “playing” at being professionals. It’s discouraging.

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Axonometri1635d ago

Well, Medical field is still in "practice" after all... So I guess game journalists can "play" and get payed.

matrixman921635d ago

Well, I would assume these people say the same things about movie critics. It is a convoluted industry it seems. There are those big name critics that are recognized by loads of people. Then those that start up a blog on their own and label themselves journalists. But everyone has to start from somewhere, so I dont think its fair to belittle them

Baka-akaB1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Hardly , there are professionals in the movie industry , even if we dont have to agree with them . There have been very few , in the video game journalism and reviewing world , for bloggers to truly ruins .

I actually happened to know a former writer , then editor , for a proeminent EU based game magazine from the 90s ... And his credentials and CV werent exactly journalist , even obituaries , material . He needed the cash , played a few games , he knew someone from the direction , he got in mostly because he already owned much needed consoles they couldnt provide in huge amounts for reviews and previews .

And things havent exactly changed today , except better amateur got at least a shot at proving their worth online with blogs

morganfell1635d ago

Whh-whhh-what? You do not think it is correct to slam people that intentionally damage the efforts of companies and thus our hobby, for the sake of webhits and self promotion?

I love how many people on this site must be under the age of 30. They are too young to remember what it was like when game reviews were not just a collection of slobbering opinions. They never experienced an organization that hasd printed standards on how they graded, or when the review was actually the amalgamation of takes from 5 - 6 people in the office that played the game. Nor did such youngsters ever read reviews that were picked over by a stern editor in chief that removed as much opinion as possible and insured there was a fair, objective take on the title.

Baka-akaB1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Except i'm from that era you speak off , and i feel you and others are blinded by nostalgia .But i'll be probably remain in a minority

Things did get worse , just like it did for journalism in many fields , as a whole . However newsfeed had plenty decade to display professionalism , while i feel videogame journalist barely even had time and a chance to exist . The internet and sensationalism took it by the storm to soon for it to be well organized .

I had a bleak outlook on the field then , based on my experience and sh*t i saw , mine remains bleak and possibly even darker . i'm just saying that amateurism is available now "at least" to anyone with a net and website hosting accesses , instead of some exclusive club with posers . They are irrelevant to my hobby regardless

morganfell1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

No. I have taken the nostalgia effect into consideration. It is one of the reasons I do not think much of games such as Goldeneye. Although I enjoyed it for its time and it indeed broke ground, I see it for what it is and what it was.

The same with game reviews. I recognize latecomers such as trash editors like Dan Hsu. He came after the age of which I speak. I have stacks of magazines still from that bygone era and looking at those reviews you see not only a balanced approach but also one lacking in what sometimes comes off as pure angst and hatred in this day and age. Individuals write as if they have been personally assaulted.


I can look at both the recorded as well as unwritten standards from those years. I will concede that none had as effective and thorough a set of published standards as I would have liked. Quite honestly two full pages are necessary to effectively relate how the grading system functions, to what is awarded weight and where one might detract from a score.

It is not too late. A few people are working quietly behind the scenes as we speak to assemble an effective site that will once again embrace a degree of professionalism in journalism that has been as of late quite absent.

It is journalism that serves the gaming demographic rather than the writers themselves. Articles will be assembled by journalists that are aware games are far more important than the reviewer and exist in an industry about which one writes, but does not actually work. These individuals are aware you are writing for the public and not one's self.

Baka-akaB1635d ago

I just see the past differently . It's not the first time i look back at old magazines from USA , UK and France , and shake my head in dissmay .

Of course i'm biased . The most shoddy works often involved import games and genres i love , that werent the most popular , with reviews that could bother getting game facts straight . Often a few jrpgs and quirky titles , way before FF7 had its break out mainstream success .

In conclusion anyway , sure they gave more exposure and pages to games , and things were indeed better . And i was disgusted when back in the day i saw the trend from the like of IGN , or doing a one page or one paraph review , devoid of any substance , take the net by the storm . And in most cases , they did a better job at displaying enthusiasm (or in a few cases faking it) toward gaming .

But , to me , it was just that , better than the gaming press of our era , but not really good either

morganfell1635d ago

In the truly great days we barely had internet and were still moving from the BBS. IGN? What the hell was that. They were no one, a blip when they were founded in the mid 90s.

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WeAreLegion1635d ago

Who's claiming to be a professional? They just write reviews and hope people like their opinions.

porkChop1635d ago

Kotaku always claim to be professional journalists, but then when they get a hint of backlash for something they suddenly become just bloggers.

porkChop1635d ago

While there are some great video game journalists out there, the majority of them are not professional at all. They steal stories and don't give credit to the original site/author, don't bother proof-reading a damn thing, and far too often they bring personal bias into their "professional" reviews.

If you're writing an opinion piece and you're biased, that's one thing. But when you judge a product you need to judge it on its own merits, not what you wanted the game to be or how it stacks up to your favourite game.

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