101 with PMC: Battlefield Hardline Beta Montage

Max Level: Today, I’m bringing you some gameplay on the new Battlefield Hardline Beta that was recently available on PC and PS4. Battlefield Hardline is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by Visceral Games.

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boogey1571553d ago

Definitely surprised with Hardline. Great alternative to classic bf

anash6111552d ago

Game looks fun, can't wait to get to play the entire thing

pmc14181552d ago

Really enjoyed BFH Beta, I will be looking forward to the full game when it releases.

Drithe1552d ago

Is this footage before or after the bugs that came with BF 4 that made it where you could not play the game for the first 2 weeks??

Ark_1552d ago

Boring montage of a dull Beta.

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