inFAMOUS: Second Son’s Fetch Gets New Concept Art Dedicated To First Light DLC

JM: Just a few weeks ago at E3 2014, A “new light” was revealed.

A DLC named First Light coming soon for Sucker Punch Studios’ inFamous: Second Son. The First Light DLC focuses solely on one of the conduits you meet up with in game by the name of Fetch, or Abigail Walker. Abigail was one of many conduits that were locked up by Brooke Augustine – head of the D.U.P at Curdun Cay. The First Light DLC will reveal Fetch‘s background as the relationship between her and her brother, and some of the situations she had to deal with at the Curdun Cay Institute.

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The_Hero1483d ago

First Light is a prequel to Second Son.
That could be why it's "First" and the game being "Second".
Or that she's a Prime Conduit.

thorstein1483d ago

You think they will have word play for all the DLC?

So, will Eugene's be Third Act? (goes along with the Media ability)

Looking forward to this DLC and any others they throw our way.

MadSientist891483d ago

she is a terrible looking character design..

Utalkin2me1483d ago

He is a terrible grammar sentencing.

e-p-ayeaH1483d ago

Id rather have her as the main character than that anoying brat Delsin.

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starchild1483d ago

What's wrong with her? Seriously, I don't get it. She looks fine to me.

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Nine_Thousaaandd1483d ago

I think what's really cool about this DLC is that it doesn't require inFAMOUS Second Son to play...and cost is $14.99 as well!

Very excited to play as Fetch...neon powers are by far the best powers in the game!

guyman1483d ago

I certainly thought neon was the best looking one. However, video was by far the best for me

SonyStyled1483d ago

I hate to be the one to correct the author that First Light is NOT dlc for Second Son. It's a standalone game that does not require the SS disc much like how Festival of Blood was

ziggurcat1483d ago

well... it's DLC, but it isn't. true that it's a standalone, which doesn't require SS to play, but it's not a "full" game. it's exactly like the halloween standalone they released after infamous 2 - it played more like DLC than it did a separate game.

starchild1483d ago

Its length is irrelevant. I don't consider anything that can be bought and played alone to be DLC. In this case it is a stand-alone side story in the Infamous universe.

cfc831483d ago

Enjoyed infamous. The game had the wow factor. Ill find out how long this 'new game' lasts before considerin whether to buy it or not.

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