Hidden Steam Deals

John Williamson from TPG writes:

"The Steam Summer Sale is well underway and there are a slew of superb hidden deals waiting for your hard earned cash. Everything from old school shooters to arcade classics to RPGs to point-and-click adventures are on display."

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SpiralTear1516d ago

Completely forgot about Bionic Commando Rearmed. Great to see it on sale for a real bargain!

user56695101516d ago

seen most of these just wait for it to go on flash sale some of them did and was around a dollar.

can anyone tell me about The Last Remnant. it has a 66 meta rating( i dont judge games by this not even sure if its called that) but everyone is recommending it. i think this was on the flash sale too.

mep691516d ago

The Last Remnant is trash.