Why Sony can charge whatever it wants for PlayStation Now

Sony is charging a lot for its new PlayStation Now service. Here's why it's fair.

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Ballsack1514d ago

Any company can charge whatever they want for any product... Will it sell? Now that's the question

Sonys pricing has doomed this to fail unless they get back to the real world before launch

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sonypsnow1514d ago

Greatness on Playstation Now!

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mydyingparadiselost1514d ago

Oh look, a misplaced tool. Get back in the toolbox where you belong.

Spotie1514d ago

Well, since we should all be fully aware that the current prices are not final, I fail to see how anything is doomed.

raymantalk11514d ago


are you a mod on this site because i have looked at all your comments on here and they are ALL h8ing on Sony and praising MS i have seen people banned for stating facts about sony on here but you state bullshit about MS all the time and never get in trouble for it why is that ?

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Ramon3MR1514d ago

Just hoping the pricing structure is adjustable based on whether or not something is selling or not.

globeofgamers1514d ago

Saw the prices and I'm kinda disappointed, they need to change that asap.

Joe9131514d ago

They have different price points for different games this could be depending on the game age or lenth or something like that or maybe they are testing which games prices get rented the most for example if the games with the price point of $2.99 for a few hours $5.99 for 7 days $15.99 for a month then like $20 to $25 for the 90 days those prices seem fair to me and there are some games listed at those prices

Jdoki1514d ago

Why should age or game length matter to price? It's all just data.

That would mean people who love RPG's will end up having to pay a higher price than people who like single player FPS games.

Godmars2901514d ago

Still, the point is to make a profit.

Fireseed1514d ago

But if your expenses are so high that the price you have to pass onto the consumer is a burden... why even offer it in the first place?

Godmars2901514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

But we don't know what PSNow's expenses are. There may be an idea of how much its cost to get it to the stage it is, but daily operating costs are another thing.

Sony is trying to figure out the best balance for which they can recover costs and eventually show a profit, actually dumping a price and work from there, but in typical anti-leeway-ism the media isn't giving them a chance to change things before condemning it forever.

When MS was doing it they weren't showing anything. Only talking about the potential of Kinect or trusting them with DRM.

I mean where Kinect was hyped for years before release, included with X1 and almost even made to be required and plugged in, with PSNow people are only acting as if the prices in its Beta are only set in stone.

AnEwGuY1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

@ Godmars290

But it was OK when everyone did exactly that to MS...and continue to criticize and mock them, even when they listen and make improvements/changes. Funny how that works...

Fact is, the "old" Sony (pre-PS3 launch) is beginning to rear it's ugly head, and it's clear that they thought exactly like the article's author does...especially the title. Their smug attitude towards fan outcry over missing games from E3,or missing/delayed games in general,and their continued gloating over their early PS4 success, which was literally handed to them by MS, are obvious signs that they didn't learn from past mistakes. This generation is NOT going to be the cakewalk for Sony that everyone...including Sony...thinks it will be, if they don't start listening to criticism, and show some humility.

Fireseed1514d ago

Ignoring the whole MS v Sony (cause it literally has nothing to do with the topic). We may not know their operating costs, but if the prices are indicative of them then this service will go down like the Hindenburg. However I have to say I don't see many media outlets "condeming it forever" but rather saying that if these prices aren't lowered than this will not work. See it's a thing in the industry known as "criticism". We usually levy this at things we want changed.

"But it's a Beta!!!!" Exactly why we're letting them know now. If those prices come down to a reasonable amount then I will probably buy myself a PSTV (W/e that 99$ box thing is called) and rent the big PS4 exclusives until I can buy the PS4 itself.

SilentNegotiator1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

"But we don't know what PSNow's expenses are"

But we do know that Onlive's expenses left them bankrupt (having to shut down and start a new company called Onlive, then selling themselves for next to nothing considering the assets involved).

They probably don't have much choice but to have high prices to profit. But then if not enough people use it, they still won't profit. I've said it a million times; server-based game streaming business models aren't profitable and they don't leave gamers with the best possible experience. No one wins.

GameSpawn1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

@Godmars and Fireseed

Since it is a streaming service, I don't know why Sony doesn't follow Neflix's model or something similar to it.

First off, they should NEVER (<< I can't make that big or bold enough) let publishers dictate pricing. Publishers are f-ing leeches and if you give them an inch with pricing, they won't just take a mile, they'll take the damn globe.

Second, they can just as easily flat rate the pricing on a per month basis and have tiered plans that give you access to a rolling set number of games each month. Basically you could have a set queue size that a PSNow subscriber can fill with so many titles until either they remove access to some titles in their queue or increase their tier level (say 2-3 game tier, 4-6, and 7-10, unlimited time as long as you're paying for the monthly sub). Think of it as a hybrid of Netflix Disc-Rental and Streaming services.

Godmars2901514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )


The first thing I'm hearing that the prices and terms of use are ridiculous, which I only agree with.

The second thing however, which is just stupid, is people damning the service before any feedback is taken and changes made. Few if anyone is giving Sony a chance to respond and have already written them off as if they wont listen. That they've gone back to their arrogant ways.

GameSpawn1514d ago

I too think people are getting a little too up in arms about PSNow's pricing and completely forgetting that this is NOT a finished, polished product yet. Sony wants as much feedback as possible.

Of course initially they are stating that they want to leave rental pricing up to the content holders to decide on, but you, I and many others agree this is a horrible idea as there is no check and balance between what publishers are going to charge leading to disparities between different publishers, developers, and even game types.

People need to keep doing what they are doing and speak up about this issue because Sony really is listening to the feedback. Microsoft's DRM fiasco last year is proof in the pudding that Sony listens to consumers' voices and interests.

PSNow is by all means a revolutionary new idea. Yes, it is in the same vein as what ONLive was attempting to do, but PSNow goes one step further than ONLive of being both platform/device independent on the content AND device ends of the equation. We are talking about a service that allows PSP, PSVita (limited), and PS3 (maybe PS4 in the future) games to be played and streamed to devices that are different from those platforms and some, like Bravia TVs, RADICALLY different. This is the revolutionary part!

PSNow has TONS of potential and so long as pricing and service quality are "up to snuff" once the product sees the true light of day, I really think it could take off and open the doors for all new innovations in the gaming industry.

With my personal experience with the Beta, lag and latency have been VERY minor issues. I think the people with high bandwidth connections that are having major problems with these issues are either playing over WiFi on their home networks (which ANY online gamer will tell you is a bad idea and not only from a networking point, but also in terms of controllers) and/or they have a "bad apple" gateway between their internet service provider and Sony's PSNow servers (this is completely out of the user's control and partially out of Sony's control -- at least for the Beta). For the latter issue, better distribution of servers worldwide can reduce collisions with choked up internet backbone access points, but for the Beta period that kind of early investment is just not financially possible -- this is something you want to leave until MUCH closer to a soft-launch of the final product once all the policies are finally set in stone for the service and consumers have shown true interest in a long term investment.

Godmars2901514d ago

MS's reaction to the DRM mess is not a good example of a company listen, since they only started listening to months of complaints the day after they saw pre-order numbers.

As for Sony its pretty apparent that by general reaction they should have done better research before serious commitment - done surveys, taken those results to publishers if they going to be given any say, then decide a median with further room for fine tuning - but gamer reaction is coming off as too strong. As if whatever changes Sony make it wont be enough.

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admiralvic1514d ago

A key element for determining price is to figure out what is the maximum they can charge to get a large number of people to buy it. At its current price structure, it's simply too high for a large enough demographic to support it and lower prices might take "longer" to turn a profit, but you have to ask yourself what makes more sense...

Like 8 people buying a 4 hour trial for $.99 or 1 person buying a 4 hour trial for $5.99.

In the end you'll probably get more people to test the product (how many people want to pay $3+ just to see what PlayStation Now is like?) and probably get more support if the prices were lower and thus probably turn a profit.

Joe9131514d ago

People is blowing this way out of proportion they are more than likely testing price points yet people want to act like this is not a beta how about you wait until something comes out before saying it is a failure yea some of the prices suck but it is a beta it is where they would test something like the prices so how about a lil bit of patience to see what they do Sony has been getting a lot of unwarranted hate lately like the idiots writing about Sony not giving them refunds for the last of us people was writing hate articles hours after the price drop didn't even give Sony 24 hours to make any changes or announce anything about refunds how about we give these companies a chance to respond before calling them out.

azure19901514d ago

Everything can't be free. Little expensive but still it's worth the charge

SilentNegotiator1514d ago

Don't warp this; no one asked for it to be free. It's just quite expensive.

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