EA Has Already Lost the Next-Gen to Activision – Again

The next generation of home video game consoles still lie in their infancy, and for the second straight time since the battles of Activision and EA have begun, EA is losing the war on game sales.

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BillmadeAGate1518d ago

EA needs new IP's simple as that.

JoeIsMad1518d ago

Absolutely. Battlefield Hardline is more polished than Battlefield 4 is, but yeah.

danthegamerfiend1518d ago

Are you willing to pay 60$ for a polished bf4 expansion pack? when you can pay less and get the same experience with tanks and jets. Looks like COD will be getting my money again, because at least activision can deliver something that's payable and most importantly "fun"

DevilishSix1518d ago

Hardline is a DLC pack trying to be sold as a full retail game.

Geekman1518d ago

"But yeah." is not an argument.

JoeIsMad1518d ago

No, I'm not going to pay for an expansion pack, I don't plan to get Hardline, and I'm WAY more interested in Rainbow Six: Siege if I want to play Cops and Robbers.

LonDonE1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

"Looks like COD will be getting my money again, because at least activision can deliver something that's payable and most importantly "fun"

LMAO call of duty ghosts was a complete train wreck! even to this day on PS4 the game has screen tearing and frame rate drops and the net code is GARBAGE!
Dont get it twisted i am not sticking up for EA or battlefield, lord knows how much i hate ea for ruining so many games/franchises/developers who once upon a time i loved dearly!
For insatnce i LOVED bad company 2 and battlefield 3, and i loved cod 4, MW2, but BF4 and cod ghosts are a complete mess!
But for me BF4 is still better then cod ghosts but not by much.

Both BF4 and cod ghosts were terrible, both to this day have major problems, both are vastly inferior games compared to their predecessors!

But you made me LOL hard after making a statement like that!!!!

badz1491518d ago

EA has many more popular IPs than Activision but make silly decisions one after another like they are trying to sabotage themselves while Activision make all the smart moves.

Case in point, Titanfall and Destiny. Both have potential to be huge but EA somehow blew it with xbone exclusivity, delaying 360 version, Origin exclusive on pc and the game lack contents and depth while Destiny will be available anywhere! 1-0 for Activision.

Both started not so great with their next gen signature FPS but EA screw up like no other with BF4! EA offers what many say looks like an expansion pack for BF4 in Hardline but Activision is bringing in Kevin Spacey! I know which one is gonna sell more and that's 2-0 for activision.

With Hardline, EA is potentially damaging the reputation of Visceral (they kinda already did with DS3) but Sledgehammer is looking good now because many feel that the next CoD can't get any worst than Ghost and I'd say that's 3-0 to Activision.

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bouzebbal1518d ago

or they just need to man up and improve their existing franchises.
i gave up buying FIFA 2 years ago, it's always the same garbage. same for Dead Space i can't believe that they dare to spit on their fans after an amazing second episode and a below average DS3.

ArchangelMike1518d ago

Battlefield Hardline is not doing it for me, and alot of others out there. As a result Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will probably dominate the FPS space in the next year. EA have made the wrong move with Hardline IMO, they obviously are aware of it, and are probably thinking that they should have developed Battlefield Bad Company 3 instead. Well let's hope Star Wars Battlefront is revolutionary.

GasTankKiller1518d ago

Right now EA needs Bad Company 3 and Need for Speed Underground 3. Money will fall from the sky.

Magicite1518d ago

Juggernauts like CoD and Destiny gonna stomp the opposition.

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Stevefantisy1518d ago

EA really just needs to somehow gain the trust of the gamers and keep it. There concepts are amazing its just the execution that kills it.

Eonjay1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

For one, they allowed for their new IP to be segmented by alienating the majority of the new console market. That was a mistake. Your brand new high profile IP.

Activision on the other hand will have the best selling new IP in history.

But EA has bigger problems. They are letting their legacy titles rot from continued mistakes, bugs, launch fails, and whatever you would use to describe Madden and Live.

COD hype is back in effect and this will be a followup to Destiny. EA had an opportunity to steal the spotlight but they dropped the ball.

JoeIsMad1518d ago

Agreed. Destiny is going to be a monster IP, but I'm not sure how their 10 year rollout on content will work out, unless it's going to feel like WoW.

That might be on the good side of things though, considering that we won't have to pay $60 for what feels like a map pack [call of duty]

Jacktrauma1518d ago

I debate this a lot that the over saturation of FPS has killed the genre. Games like Call of Duty and Battlefield wont be around for long as every single one of them is the same when you break it down. Games like the Borderlands franchise and the aforementioned Destiny, break away from the monotony of this problem and imho, shatter the traditional FPS and raise the bar to heights the genre hasn't seen since Halo and the LAN party were king.

Eonjay1518d ago

COD by itself is enough to over saturate the genre. And yet it lingers on. I think this year will be big for COD.

JoeIsMad1518d ago

I don't know if Borderlands is has good as a Halo LAN party. Nothing about the game even comes close to that of Destiny, and even THAT doesn't match an in-your-face LOL-fest when you just tea bagged the guy next to you.

Jacktrauma1518d ago

Oh no doubt nothing will ever beat an in house LAN party, I just meant that Borderlands changed the way people play FPS. It broke away by having quests, a leveling system, and other things to do rather than the "Roller Coaster Track" the traditional FPS has you on. To me it was a lot more fun because I wasn't constricted to just one spot, I had open world (Like Halo for the most part) and a lot of things to discover, like hidden areas and the like.

Lacarious1518d ago

good, i hope eA dies a fiery death!

JoeIsMad1518d ago

Competition is still good for the industry. Look how far Madden has fallen without a competitor in the NFL space.

BlackTar1871518d ago

Madden is all the proof you need to see what no competition does to something.

Good post

Lacarious1518d ago

hence why i'd be uber happy with EA going out of biz.

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