Interview: How Nintendo's input improved Bayonetta 2

Platinum Games director Yusuke Hashimoto on collaboration and the future

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jcnba28943d ago

So not only did Nintendo help fund the game but they also spent time with Platinum to improve the game. Kudos Nintendo, can't wait to pick this up.

randomass171943d ago

Yup. Credit where credit is due. This game is definitely shaping up well, and the more I hear about it the more exciting it seems.

Venox2008943d ago

Day one with retail first bayo as well

gamer7804943d ago

very excited, i can confirm that bayonetta 2 was my deciding factor in purchasing a wiiu, granted its nice to have those nintendo franchises, but the exclusivity of this game pushed me over the edge to get one.

FinalomegaS942d ago

is North America getting Disc of part one or is it DD?

had it on 360, was good but I have this funny bone telling me that this extra dev time and nintendo supervising will give it that extra polish.