MONG Podcast Episode 39 - Should Pokemon Come to PlayStation?

This week was CRAZY! Lou was fighting bears, Myles started crying on the podcast, and the team nerded out over Dragon Ball Z and the possibility of Pokemon on PlayStation consoles.

On this week’s episode the team talked about Tales of Zestiria, the Summer Steam Sale, Outlast on Xbox One, The Last of Us: Remastered, Mario Kart 8′s DLC, Metro Redux, The Witcher 3′s leaked documents, and Nintendo losing a lawsuit against Phillips.

After discussing what is going to happen to Nintendo after losing its battle against Phillips, they decided to talk about the possibility of Nintendo games moving to other platforms; specifically Pokemon to PlayStation consoles. What do you think about the idea? Would you welcome Pokemon on the Vita? Would it be a “system seller”? Do you think the improved graphics would make it a better game? Answer below!

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Guy1051631d ago

Make sure nobody ever uses the word "we."

TXIDarkAvenger1631d ago

We all wish we could play everything on one device but its not happening. All these "Should X game come to X console?" articles are really pointless.

osborn20091631d ago

It's not an article. It's a podcast. and the ONLY reason we discussed Pokemon on PlayStation Vita is because Nintendo losing the lawsuit to Phillips. We talked about what if Nintendo loses the ability to make consoles and instead only makes software. But thanks for your opinion bud.

Ck1x1631d ago

Clearly you don't understand how patents work and Phillips only won in the UK. So it doesn't mean that Nintendo won't be able to make consoles anymore, but that they might have to share a portion of the profits with the patent holder.

Drummerdude411631d ago

I think the vita would be better served with a new iteration of the dragon warrior monster series!

Geekman1631d ago

Smash Bros gets on the 3DS and suddenly everythings possible.

XisThatKid1631d ago

XisThatKid has "disagree"ed on your comment......That is all.

TripC501631d ago

I don't believe you. I disagree.

Goro1631d ago

xYakuza had disagreed on your comment....... That is all.

XisThatKid1631d ago

I XisThatKid agreed with Goro

Goro1631d ago

Goro has agreed to XisThatKid because XisThatKid agreed with xYakuza who is in fact Goro.

XisThatKid1630d ago

XisThatKid agreed with Goro again after head exploded.

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Goro1631d ago

As awesome as it would be, Nintendo wouldn't let it happen because it's one of their biggest system sellers.

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The story is too old to be commented.