Square Enix Pledges to Support Vita With More Games

GR: Square Enix, the company responsible for bringing iconic franchises like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest into the world, has confirmed that it still plans to support PlayStation Vita with more software in the future.

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acharlez1483d ago

Indeed! Keep the Vita games coming!

How about FF Type-0?

The_Hero1483d ago

They make games for Android, iOS, 3DS but hardly for the Vita...

bouzebbal1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

start by an HD remaster of Dragon Quest VIII FFXII and Crisis Core and also bring KH collections to Vita.
but square talk too much dont expect anything from these morons

GdaTyler1483d ago

How about Dissidia Final Fantasy 3?

Death1483d ago

This is very good news.

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acharlez1483d ago

I know. It's a bit ironic, eh?

Godmars2901483d ago

Typical Square: all mouth, no action.

Whxian1483d ago

to begin with they are talking to the japanese market not us, and the japanese can already play type0.
whether or not they bother to localize anything they release in japan is yet to be seen. the headline just fails to mention that square isnt really talking to "us"

DualWielding1483d ago

first good news for Vita since E3

Godmars2901483d ago

But since this is coming post E3, with the biggest possible title they could offer not showing up, its potentially empty promises.

DualWielding1483d ago

it still better than what Sony has given. They could have said something like we are releasing games for PS4 and make sure they work in Vita through remote play. Which is what Sony says everytime someone asks about Vita

bothebo1483d ago

Anything will do! Maybe a new IP?

KonsoruMasuta1483d ago

Good. SE will do what Sony refuses to do.

acharlez1483d ago


I want more than indies!

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The story is too old to be commented.