12 games that recreate the drudgery of real life

Some games revel in the monotony and mundanity of everyday life, while others are unintentionally depressing. GamesBeat rounds up a dozen examples to take your mind off your own daily grind.

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IAmNotAMonster1605d ago

For some reason, knowing there's a Street Cleaning Simulator makes me incredibly sad.

ColManischewitz1605d ago

A Street Cleaning Simulator? That doesn't make me sad -- makes me happy for the variety of games.

Agent20091605d ago

Yeah, I bet it makes you sooo happyyyy: "Ohhh, what a fantastic day! Street Cleaning Simulator for a little variety, oh!".


WeAreLegion1605d ago

Desert Bus should always be #1.

coolbeans1605d ago

Always heard about that charity drive for it, but never tried it myself. Didn't know Penn & Teller were the crazy ones behind it either.

coolbeans1605d ago

When it comes to free games on the list, One Chance and Everyday The Same Dream are ones I can definately recommend.