Sony on Project Morpheus: ‘We want to provide value’

VRFocus - The Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) is rapidly becoming a highlight of the PlayStation 4′s future profile, and yet no release date or price has yet been announced for the device. Richard Marks, Director of PlayStation Magic Labs, wants to ensure that the product that is eventually delivered to consumers ‘provides value’.

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XiSasukeUchiha1516d ago

Project morpheus, is going to be awesome, and again Sony I love your policy value over money!

S2Killinit1515d ago

man my excitement is through the roof. Having said that, its important that they launch with a few good examples of where the technology is going. Then place demo headsets in gamestops/bestbuys, etc so that the "skeptical" can see what it is the rest of us are raving about.

wsoutlaw871515d ago

the idea of a demo headset is kind of gross but ya they do that stuff all the time. There will definitly be a ton of skeptics and people who are too cool to try it, but if its impressive, it will catch on. If they rush it out, it could never catch on.

S2Killinit1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

lol gross as in unsanitary? haha yeah I guess, but I mean they could wipe it down right? Kinda like when you go to the gym. I think the skeptics will immediately do a 180 once they try it. as for people who are too cool to try it, im not sure what percentage of gamers are like that, but even the casuals will eventually come around in the long run as the devices get less and less intrusive (more and more smaller) I think.

ps: yes the definitely need to impress. I think even one killer app would do it though.

wsoutlaw871514d ago

yes i would find it unsanitary just sitting there in mall with everyone using it. Just look at 3d glasses, yes its different, but most people said "ill try 3d when they get rid of those stupid glasses".

GodGinrai1515d ago

If they want mass market penetration they will need two things:

A killer VR app

A price tag below $150

S2Killinit1514d ago

below 150 is not gonna happen. I think it will be closer to $300

Darkstares1515d ago

Well if they want to provide value don't put any of the games on Playstation Now. Morpheaus will have to be sub-$200 to become mainstream enough for support. Trouble is that means it may not be as good as Oculus Rift.

Spotie1514d ago

What are you basing ANY of that on? Your hopes and dreams?

mogwaii1515d ago

I think the price would have to be on the higher end to ensure a high quality product, i for one would be willing to pay $350 as long as it was. If it ends up being laggy and gimmicky that would be a dissapointment because im already imagining the possibilities with morpheous, the next elder scrolls, the many games and experiences are possible.