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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 - First Official Screenshots Released

Konami has just released the first set of screenshots for its upcoming soccer game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015. (PC, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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aiBreeze  +   400d ago
Crowds look horrible but very impressed with the player faces.
imt558  +   400d ago
This doesn't sound good at all :


Hope they will fix it.
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modesign  +   399d ago
lol im guessing you only buy sports games for the crowds.
3-4-5  +   400d ago
Can't wait for this game.

Been playing the crap out of PES 2014 for PC the past week. The animations in this game are the best I've ever seen and the physics blow Fifa away.

I love Fifa too, but since I started playing PES last year I'm not sure I want to go back just yet.

* The Ability to create my own league, with my own kits and logos and team names is the deal sealer.

Most fun I've had playing a Football/Soccer game Since Fifa 06 & Fifa 07 for Xbox.

Can't wait for PES 2015.
alien626  +   400d ago
I have always been playing FIFA games until I tried out PES on the PS2. I have to say PES is much better in graphics and gameplay. Dont get me wrong FIFA is fun but sometimes I feel like I'm playing an Arcade game. PES feels more realistic and feels like a real Football/Soccer game. PES might not have all the rights for teams and players but PES always lets the player edit Team and player names, logos, etc. I havent played PES much of the last PES but i cant wait for this new one in the next generation consoles.
iceman06  +   399d ago
I would have to agree. I played FIFA for the new consoles a LOT. I also spent a lot of time playing PES on the PS3. They both have their pros and cons. I lean towards PES for that more organic feeling of the sport. FIFA seems to fast and frantic (kind of like playing hockey on the pitch). The midfield game can be completely ignored or at very least ping-ponged right through. PES, on the other hand, makes it more important to have an actual build up of play. FIFA, control-wise, is tighter right now. Though, I expect that to change when PES steps into the new gen. My thought is that the FOX engine was designed with this new generation in mind and was ported down onto the older consoles. (at least I HOPE that's it). I'm not big into the UT stuff, but that is a great addition for FIFA that PES can't touch.
All in all, PES takes a LOT of time to come to grips with. Every small touch counts in that game. Goals happen in a more natural way...and often don't really look the same. Whereas in FIFA, I can reproduce the exact same goal over and over again. Both are very fun games. FIFA is more polished at this point. But, there is just something that always brings me back to try PES.
Skate-AK  +   399d ago
Probably cause its PC. I have the platinum for PES 2014 and it ran really bad on PS3. The gameplay was smoother but every time they show a celebration the game chugs pretty badly.
Mystogan  +   400d ago
Graphics are better than Fifa 15
our_games_are_art  +   399d ago
Okay PES team.. ill wait till July 3rd but I'm not happy about it
S2Killinit  +   399d ago
looks better than Fifa, I hate to admit it, but it does.

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