Xseed On Localizing More Corpse Party Games

Xseed recently announced that they’re publishing the updated PC version of the first Corpse Party game in North America. Following the announcement, a fan asked on Xseed’s Facebook page if they intend to localize Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient and Corpse Party: Blood Drive. Here’s what they said.

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RexDD1270d ago

All hail based Xseed!

Lindenn1270d ago

Trying to spread the word, We gotta be able to finish the fight against Heavenly Host and save our friends. #WeWantCorpsePartyBloodDrive spread the word!

FogLight1270d ago

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Bring Corpse Party Blood Drive on Vita for the West please! :D

Inception1270d ago

Cool. Playing this with a good earphone is a must! The sound effect really top notch.

Apoca1ypse1270d ago

Stop releasing for the PSP makes the games on the vita more grainy.
Also Book of shadows format would have worked so well with the touch screen.