Crafting The Endless Cosmos Of No Man's Sky

TSA looks at the technology powering No Man's Sky.

They write: "There are ten people working at Hello Games, managing director Sean Murray tells us, eager to dispel an often misquoted number of four. While that was the magic number for Joe Danger, it’s clear from the outset that No Man’s Sky is a much bigger task, and therefore requires a bigger development team. But ten is still not really big, is it? The game looks as though it might be more vast than anything before it – almost infinite in fact – and the fact that ten people are managing that is still quite incredible."

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kayoss1638d ago

I'm actually excited about this game. Cant wait. I hope I start off on Pluto.

christian hour1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

As long as you dont start off on Uranus! *Prepares for heckling for using that tired joke*

"...eager to dispel an often misquoted number of four."

Haha I've been telling my friends for months, when discussing No Mans Sky, "and its been made by only four people! LOOK AT IT!". Glad to have that bit of misinformation corrected, I'll send my past self the memo.

"I can travel at a couple of thousand miles an hour if I press a button, and I can try to outrun it but I won’t be able to.”

This is one of the things I've always wanted out of Minecraft, not getting ahead of the rendering :D I hope Minecraft is some day at a stage where it can render pretty quickly and at much greater distances. Though I imagine OpenGL 2 is holding them back there in that sense. No Mans Sky is definitely going to be one of my all time favourite games. I can see myself spending hours in there, it's like a more fleshed out space stage from Spore.

"So, what we have is actually a server, and a set of bots, basically. They fly around planets and take screenshots and animated GIFs, and then we have a little website – internally – and we can just look at these animated GIFs and it will just play it. You can zoom in and out from that: you can see the planet full screen, or zoom right out and see a hundred by hundred grid of planets"

This I found very interesting, as it's somewhat mimicking what NASA is doing for real with the planets within our own solar system :)

When this game comes out I dunno if I'll ever be seen again.

MasterCornholio1638d ago

Blasto " Your anus is in trouble"


Good times.

kayoss1638d ago

When this game comes out, I'm telling my wife that im making a career change. I wonder how she's going to take it.

3-4-51637d ago

Space + Freedom + Endless Open World + Randomly Generated + Amazing beautiful Art Style + Great Music + Dinosaurs + ??????? = One of my most anticipated games of all time.

Can't wait to get lost in this game.

XiSasukeUchiha1638d ago

This game feel endless with a forever expanding world, and diverse gameplay, I'm really excited.

BillmadeAGate1638d ago

For an indie game its definitely got my attention.. does it have multiplayer ?? I hope soo

IRetrouk1638d ago

The devs said that there is no multiplayer per say, something more like journey where you may come across other players, but even that could be rare with how much space is in this game.

BillmadeAGate1638d ago

Ahhh well thats cool this game still looks amazing..

PsyMonk3y1638d ago

I remember reading somewhere that you could visit friends planets so some kind of multiplayer is involved it seems.

Can't wait for this game so I can go explore the vast universe and its infinite possibilitys!

ShadowWolf7121638d ago

Not gonna lie, this is what got me the most excited during E3. It's genuinely got the potential to change how games are made and played.

uth111638d ago

having 10 people rather than 4 makes me feel better about the potential of this game

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