I’ve Played Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Here are my thoughts

"I was lucky enough to live twenty minutes from a Best Buy participating in this year’s Smash Fest event. Being the Smash Bros. fan that I am, I decided to go both days, and it was worth it, wait and all. It might seem crazy to wait for 2-plus hours outside of a Best Buy to play (at best) four minutes of Smash, and generally speaking I’d agree." |

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Geekman1270d ago

I think people need to get over Melee.

stragomccloud1270d ago

Seriously. For some of these people, if the game is different in any way from Melee, then it's immediately bad. These people drive me crazy.

Scrafty3691269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

I doubt it. The majority of the Melee fans want a game that's an improvement over graphics or Melee-style play. Melee is excellent, but the character balance sucks, for example.

crusf1269d ago

From a competitive stand point I think people will find it hard. Melee had a fast paced and combo friendly physics engine with little or no luck based factors for competitive play. Brawl had a slower engine which turned people off and tripping. Not to mention it was released at a time when most people were used to the faster paced style of play. Smash 4 looks to be about in the middle which suits competitive and conventional play

Scrafty3691269d ago

I don't. People can prefer Melee if they want to. People can prefer the newer Smash games if they want to. Some people even prefer Smash 64 (like Melee pioneer Isai). There's no need to just stop playing a game. Some people don't like Other M, so they went back to Super Metroid, which is completely fine.

Tsuru1269d ago

Its not a matter of "getting over it." Just as @crusf had said, its a competitive thing. People who play the game casually will see a great game in the newer games. But competitively the newer games just didnt work. This is why EVO has listened to their fans and got nintendo to work with them to bring back Melee to EVO and MLG for competitive play. It just works for that scene.

cpayne931269d ago

I just want a game that is as competitive and skill based as melee. Melee was great for those who wanted to get really good at the game and play in tournaments, and it was easy to learn and one of the best party games ever. It had balance. Brawl was a great party game but didn't have that competitive aspect down like melee, and wasn't as skill based. I am at the point where I can dominate average players in melee, but I could never do that as well in Brawl because it you can only get so good at it.

Justindark1269d ago

honest i feel smash feels all alike meelee was faster but still felt the same none the less

3-4-51269d ago

In terms of PURE FUN, I've always had more fun with the original N64 version of Smash Brothers over Melee.

It has a certain Charm and look that Melee looked.

The Mechanics were tight in Melee, but a lot of the game was kind of bland, and so were most of the characters.

There was always something missing about it....

Brawl took 4 steps forward and 2 back, but it was still a solid effort.

I have no doubt this will end up being the most fun version of Smash Brothers to date.

princejb1341269d ago

NOT. I'm over melee but they should have at least made the next installments as fun as melee. Brawl just didn't have that fun factor. So until then melee is still king in the smash universe.

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BullyMangler1270d ago

some people are so stupid that they cant realize that every smash bros game is only different, not better .

the new smash has enough challenge as it is . .


Scrafty3691269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Having an opinion about which game is better does not make a person "stupid".

LAWSON721269d ago

Hopefully GS gets a demo for Smash on 3DS or even better an eshop demo because I would love to try it out

Summons751269d ago

Yes on the Eshop, no one Gamestop. Gamestop has some sort of vendetta out for Nintendo. Anytime i've gone into one (and I try not to) the employees always avoid the subject of Nintendo, have no clue about any upcoming games for any Nintendo console, or try and get you to buy an Xbox and reserve call of duty.

I would love an Eshop demo a month out from each respective release.

LAWSON721269d ago

Oh well I just want to try it out before I buy

thehobbyist1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Then that's malice from the employees in that specific shop.
Because in my gamestop. They have the Wii U demo station as the first thing you see when you walk in. They got 3DS games pre-order advert on their check-out counter. And the shelf behind you at the checkout counter is 3DSXL boxes.

DanaBlack1269d ago

Am I the only one that loved Brawl?

Dunban671269d ago

What is the deal w tripping in Brawl? I know little about the Smash games although I have brawl and play it sometimes I always wanted to understand the nuances better

I see people talking about tripping being something bad- why is that? I don t even know how to trip someone but i am curious about it all

Thank you for any feedback

thegent1269d ago

its not tripping anither character. it is when you are noving and you randomly trip and fall on the ground.

Dunban671269d ago

Ok got it- then I understand why people don t like that

Thank you for answering

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