Microsoft "did a great job on us with PS3 and Xbox 360... we weren't going to let that happen again"

Gamereactor caught up with Sony's Jim Ryan at E3. During the interview (which we'll publish in full on Gamereactor tomorrow) we pointed out that with the newly announced features for Xbox One, Microsoft are finally catching up to Sony and PS4.

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NextLevel1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Exactly. Sony got ahead of themselves and got caught with their pants down and still outsold the 360 worldwide.

XiSasukeUchiha1631d ago

Unfortunately that's too true!

bouzebbal1631d ago Show
georgeenoob1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )


Last I checked both sold 82 million even when Sony had a PS2 fanbase of 150 million vs OG Xbox's 25 million yet you pretend that gen never existed to boost your pathetic delusional ego.

OT: Typical arrogant Sony. Stay classy, just like your fans.

TWB1631d ago


Not entirely true, I saw a limited batch of XB1s here in finland for 460€... with Kinect... and a game... (should also be mentioned that the cheapest PS4 deal I have seen was for 444€)

Though those XB1s were english only until microsoft would officialy support scandinavian languages.

mikeslemonade1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

haha George you are fighting a losing battle^

It's almost 2:1 right now so the gap isn't getting closer contrary to what article says.

White PS4 and PS4 launch in china will more than enough offset the "country launches" for X1. The white PS4 is selling as well as the X1 skus on Amazon already, and the white PS4 isn't released yet.

LAWSON721631d ago


Its pretty to preorder something on Amazon since it is free. It means one thing to just reserve an item and actually buy one for $400+.

darthv721631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

This reminds me of a little page out of console history. Back when Nintendo was on top and a little company called SEGA came in and stole quite a bit of thunder from their market share.

the NES was king, no disputing that but the Master System was a technically superior system in comparison. but it lacked

SEGA, knowing they couldnt beat Nintendo with their existing platform (due to lack of developer support) they went head first into the next gen with the MD/Genesis. It was new, different and offered improved graphics, audio and control and most importantly...GAMES.

By the time nintendo released the SNES, the Genesis had already made a name for itself. The SNES was even better than Genesis on the technical specs. Regardless of having a slower CPU, it had the better gpu with mode 7 as well as a quality sony sound processor.

It's first batch of game were great looking but unfortunately due to the slower cpu (and unoptimized code for the time) the games tended to lag and slowdown-a-plenty. but still really good games (castelvania & super GnG being my personal favs).

That is the moment in time where it all began. The console wars were born. Born on the playgrounds around the world where you had nintendo fans voicing off against sega fans...

We could see that moment as almost a mirror image of what happened with the PS2, xbox, 360 and PS3. the players may have changed but the same basic premise played out almost exactly the same.

Funny how that works out.

tbone5671631d ago

Xbox 360 beat the PS3 worldwide even without Japan.

MaximusPrime_1631d ago

@tbone : you're wrong. Despite Xbox 360 infamous year headstart, PS3 was actually outselling Xbox360, worldwide even in Japan where Xbox 360 was unheard of.

jebabcock1630d ago

This isn't an article, this is crappy unprofessional troll baiting....

If you have a dang interview to post then post it. Don't take 2 quotes likely out of context and bait trolls in hopes of spurring hits...

Here is an idea... Why don't you go out and find REAL news instead of trying to milk every ounce of controversy out of someone's words...

Sitdown1630d ago

"This gen Sony has the momentum. Last gen has no bearing on today's gamer."

So if I loved Uncharted on the ps3, the potential of playing the latest in the series has no bearing on whether I get ps4? I know plenty of people who bought a ps4 based on Sony's track record from last gen.

Sheikh Yerbouti1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )


Yeah, true, but I was thinking hardware. Every generation of consoles is judged on their own merits. The lackluster response to Wii U and those jumping from 360 to PS4 show last gen performance isn't a guarantee. But then again people buy a console on their favorite game release date too.

For example, I didn't buy a console until two years after the PS3 release...price was a BIG barrier although knowing I wanted God of War and holding out for Syphon Filter I had to get a Playstation sometime.

Plus the games were constantly deemed inferior to the 360 versions or timed exclusive. But thanks to RROD, I wasn 't touching the XBox either. But I well could have, thanks to games like Mass Effect and Gears like you said...!

A lot of words to say "Hey, you're right" LOL

NewMonday1630d ago

Sony not risking complacency this time around, they got the lead and they want to keep it and make it bigger, and the big lineup of PS4 exclusives in 2014 and the future alongside the best versions of 3rd party games will help.

UltraNova1630d ago

@Sheikh Yerbouti

So are you telling us that the 360's infamous RRoD that plagued adopters in the early years , including yours truly, and the total abandonment of ~80 million people for the last couple of years will not be a decisive factor for someone who is looking to buy a next gen console this time around?

Tell you what, imagine for a moment we discovered a human who was completely incapable of biased opinion and was completely objective in everything-the fun part- this person had absolutely no knowledge of last gen whatsoever (Just try it).

Now we presented this person with bullet points regarding last console gen like, release dates, prices, hardware reliability, hardware specs, service charges, exclusives games, multiplat performance, support throughout the products life span (and a brief history on that for ps2 and xbox) and total sales just before the release of next gen.

Then we would ask this person to choose one of the two, PS4 or Xb1. What do you think this person would pick every day of the week?

Your past makes you who you are today and can only suggest where your're headed in the future.

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Askanison41631d ago ShowReplies(6)
ThePope1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Unfortunately Sony also lost 50% of their market share. Much of that to Microsoft.

Whats funny is Nextlevel, you dont get that even after all the bad press surrounding DRM, always on, and Kinect, X1's are still selling. yes not at the rate of PS4's but still doing quite well, with lots of exclusives incoming.

P.S. I hope Sony pays you. Your constant trolling would get tiresome.

NextLevel1631d ago

"Unfortunately they also lost 50% of their market share. Much of that to Microsoft."

Whatever they lost, they're quickly gaining it back this gen leaving Microsoft at square on. 35% of PS4 owners previously 360 owners.

"Whats funny is Nextlevel, you dont get that even after all the bad press surrounding DRM, always on, and Kinect, X1's are still selling. yes not at the rate of PS4's but still doing quite well, with lots of exclusives incoming."

Microsoft sold 77,000 console in May, 115,000 in April. This week Vgchartz who over tracks the Xbox notoriously, has the Xbox One selling less the Wii U worldwide after dropping Kinect. If you want to pretend that's "doing well", knock yourself out.




When you say the xb1 is still selling after all the bad press, you make it sound like MS hasn't had to do anything in response to the press and it's just been selling as usual.

Fact is the xb1 was not selling nearly as well as was hoped and it's because MS responded to the "bad press" and made some seriously big changes that it has got back on track.

If they hadn't who knows what the xb1's sales would be like

GodGinrai1631d ago

lol @NextLevel

look at how your in every xbox post...You REALLY make a full time job of this dont you?

ThePope1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )


Its funny, you're clearly a Shill for Sony, and if you remember (which I'm guessing you only remember the good) the PS3 was selling quite poorly its first year and a half until they corrected their course. The X1 is not selling as many as PS4 but don’t pretend things can change very quickly. History has a lesson you should learn.

You can pretend like the PS4 is a super computer, you're delusional about enough other things. But no one that has played a game on the X1 that you would deem "superior" on the PS4 had any less fun than you did. That is because small graphical differences matter little. And before you post a bunch of screen shot comparisons, no one plays screen shots, we play fast moving games, and I bet if you watched a video and didn't know which console it was from, you couldn't tell the difference.

The point it, watch out before your foot ends up so deep in your mouth that you can still walk on it.


I did not pretend MS had to do nothing. What I'm saying is, the X1 still brings many great things to the table. And with the course correction they made will continue to sell better and better.

dantesparda1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )


It funny cuz you call him a "shill", yet here you are defending MS, like a (wait for it).....shill

Oh the irony!

MysticStrummer1631d ago

"if you remember (which I'm guessing you only remember the good) the PS3 was selling quite poorly its first year and a half until they corrected their course"

PS3 was outselling 360 worldwide from the very beginning.

Eonjay1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I would say that Nintendo picked up the most market share last cycle; you know, on account of them selling 100 m and all...

The rivalry is interesting, but lets not forget that Nintendo was the champion. The best Microsoft and Sony could hope for was to tie for second place.

BlackTar1871631d ago

Yea Pope,

Ps3 outsold 360 worldwide almost every month after release. You need to make sure your ducks are in a row before making such comments.

vallencer1631d ago

@ nextlevel

So a survey shows that 35% of ps4 owners were 360 owners. That must mean it's a fact! I hate surveys because they can never be accurate UNLESS you surveyed everyone who bought a ps4. And those people did not. In fact they only surveyed like 1700 people. That's not even one percent of the people that bought a ps4!

Yes it's true 360 owners are buying ps4s but guess what? They'll more then likely buy a x1 later down the road as well. Posting surveys or statistics holds no value. It's like me saying 70% of ps2 owners bought a 360 instead. Even if I had a survey to convey that it still wouldn't make it true.

miyamoto1631d ago

So shipped to retailers and channel stuffing means sold for you?
Thats VGChartz own logic.
We dont even know how many Xbone units Microsoft buy themselves on a regular basis to create a fake early installbase like they were caught doing during rhe 360 eatly days...

Ra30301631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

No ThePope what's really funny is the Microsoft Xbox One is not one of those things. The DMR, always on, Kinect. The Xbox One that they revealed at the end of May 2013 and at E3 2013 or even the Xbox One that they released in Nov 2013 is nothing like the Xbox One that sales on stores shelves today. Another thing thats really funny is the Sony PS4 envy that Microsoft has. The X1 has sold better than any console to this point yet MS changes everything trying to keep up with the Sony console sales. The sales numbers after the kinect drop and $399 price are starting to come in and they still can't sell more than the PS4. So what will they do next? What can they, what's left? Even the trolling of The PS4 that Microsoft does on gaming sites with anti PS4 articles can't slow the PS4 sales. This whole thing is funny.

Pogmathoin1631d ago

Two things,
Next level is Maria, and you list the 2 months where X1 standalone was not available....
How many Xbox articles have you posted, commented on first and then bashed, even if there was nothing to bash? Definition of you is sad....

Why o why1631d ago

C'mon guys. You know guys like Pope base most of their fuddage off npd like the rest of the world didn't matter or that the year head start, year and a half in some regions, didn't exist. The media portrayed failure but the reality was the ps3 was always selling faster. That's how that 10 million head start evaporated. It was also more expensive throughout the gen. .

Sony flipped the script. . It's obvious ms doesn't have the same appeal. Could you imagine if the x1 was released a year after the cheaper ps4. . . Forgetabout it

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BlackTar1871631d ago Show
Majin-vegeta1631d ago


*the PS3 was selling quite poorly its first year and a half until they corrected their course. The X1 is not selling as many as PS4 but don’t pretend things can change very quickly. History has a lesson you should learn.

Woah woah hold on there buddy.The difference between Sony and MS is Sony has the devs and games to back up their console where as MS studios are 2nd rate compared to Sony.Hell Bungie MS only good studio left them.



Wrong. PS3 outsold XB360 it's whole life, just happens that XB360 life was longer a whole year as it launched a year before PS3 and sold 8m in that period, yet it was outsold by the end of the generation regardless of that lead... Also PS3 re-buyers weren't half as frequent as 360 re-buyers (because of RROD and similar issues), so installed base by the end was probably a lot bigger on PS3 than XB360. But even with that said, I too don't think Sony consider any of this a "victory", as they came from a smashing generation with PS2. They do however must consider a victory steering their boat right and preventing a major disaster with PS3 by turning it into a great platform that lived up to it's predecessor name in quality (something MS's own XB1 may be looking for in the future).


You seen to not understand how a survey work or what it's supposed to do. The whole point of a survey is to achieve statistical validity by having a big enough sample of people answering a question, instead of going around asking each and everyone what they have (this is not even doable). They won't nor want to be 100% accurate exactly (again, because it's not possible), but to be as accurate as possible within an error margin, which is determined by how big is your sample and how well done the survey itself is. I don't know if this particular survey was done right or not, but surveys as a research method can be very reliable despite not ever being 100% accurate.

Sheikh Yerbouti1631d ago

Maybe on an Xbox article Next would be trolling, but this was a Sony interview. Now you are the trolls, and also hypocrites as it would seem.

SpinalRemains1381631d ago

If you're into the market share aspect, realize that XOne is selling at a slower rate than 360, while PS4 is selling faster than anything.

Any market share MS picked up, is going away fast.

Moot point. Their market share WAS increasing. Now its shrinking.

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ShowanW1631d ago

This is true and false at same time...

Microsoft almost no 360's in Asia...

If the 360 and PS3 sold the same amount of consoles in that region, 360 wins by a landslide...

Budobear1631d ago

If the 360 and PS3 sold the same amount of consoles in that region, 360 wins by a landslide...

Dude what if's are always easy, you could just as easily say 'if the PS3 has sold as much in the States as the 360 did then it would have won by a landslide' but it didn't so to worry about what could have happened is pointless. History is unchangeable, learn from it and move on.

Topshelfcheese1631d ago

You can't use if statements as an argument. The FACT is they didn't...

Death1631d ago

The 360 install base was larger than the PS3's for what 7-8 years? At the end of last year both consoles crossed the 80 million mark. Today the PS3 and Xbox 360 are within a few thousand of each other and Playstation fans are claiming victory? This is after a generation where the PS2 outsold the Xbox 150+ million to 25 million?

Nice job.

Tony-A1631d ago


That's nice, but MS's increase in market share last gen compared to the gen before is nothing compared to what Nintendo gained.

Many like to pretend like MS depleted Sony's market share singlehandedly, when that simply wasn't the case.

Yes, the bottom line is that Sony lost a lot last generation, but 1. The love was spread almost evenly and 2. Looking ahead, MS doesn't look to steal much of anything this time around.

Death1631d ago


Very true. Microsoft and Nintendo both grew tremendously in market share last gen while Sony lost it.

This gen is just over 6 months in with all 3 players. It is still very early and we have no idea where the 3 will end up. The PS4 has had a very strong start, but Sony isn't taking a traditional route this time around. PSNow is targeting casual gamers and Morpheus is an unknown at this point. It is very possible Now will turn some gamers away if it fails to take off and if it does succeed there is a good possibility it will compete with the PS4 instead of compliment it.

How many thought a year ago that Nintendo would be the only one with a clear vision for their console? Sony has no direction and Microsoft seems to be chasing their tail with each reversal. Nintendo is simply putting out quality games.

Why o why1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Coming from behind is a victory regardless. . It's easy to dismiss it due to the previous gen but you've not acknowledged the amount of defective consoles that were replaced and added to the sales tally would love to see how ms would deal with having the more expensive console plus release a year behind. . .sorry mate. . That's a true win in the hd console battle Lol.

What is 'well done' is that when the tables are flipped the truth shows. Sony are tucking in their competitor in their own yard. They've learned from last gen and decided to take no prisoners this one. Their vision has been precise and unwavering so I'm not sure where you get 'they have no direction' from where as ms couldn't tell their heads from their tails as you've said. With no head start, price advantage or media loving, it wouldn't surprise me if the ps4 has doubled the x1 user base already. That's gotta hurt some of you guys... Oh. . And that market share. . . Sony are clawing some of that back so yeah. . Well done

Death1631d ago

Yes, they are regaining market share.

If you love Sony, outselling the Xbox 360 by a couple consoles is a win.
If you love Microsoft, gaining equal marketshare is a win.
If you don't love either or love them equally, they both have sold just over 80 million consoles.

I own both (all 3 actually), so I fall into the latter category.

Sheikh Yerbouti1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

That's like saying if my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle. It's not saying anything! LOl!

Why o why1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )


I owned a 360 and a ps3 but my preference is very much behind sony. Nothing to do with love or putting yourself in a category any n4g member whos been here long enough would laugh at. Fact is no matter what victory you claim in market share the x box brand has come last in each gen its been involed in. Even if only by a 'couple of consoles' ms couldn't beat sony at their worst with perks.... you can now see the difference when things are flipped and the same perks are in sonys armoury

Lol. You kill me, your name suits. Last is last but I guess you're just a positive thinker like 'we sold less but X billion zombies were slew on xbl' lol.

Jokes aside, sony wont pay any of my bills if I fall on hard times. They only know me as a number/screen name snd ultimately a punter. I support them because they do more for me, my wants and needs than the competition do. They continued to support my habit despite being 'bankrupt'. They did it for the whole gen and spend more on creating a greater number of higher calibre games spanning a wider variety. I look across the water and I see the 'cash rich' company blatantly using minimalistic tactics and relying heavily on 3rd parties. That there for me is me winning... eff eithers bottom line. I'm in this for me.

Death1630d ago

Microsoft came in last. Sony came in second. Does this mean Nintendo won? They increased their marketshare the most and sold more consoles. They also have more high quality first party games. Often times they are dismissed from being competition because not everyone likes their games.

I absolutly agree it comes down to personal preferance. I own a PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Sony released more first party games than Microsoft, but I considered many to be shovelware. To me it is irrelevant that Sony releass games like Knack and even Killzone which has always been pretty, but lacked substance. Uncharted, TLOU, and GT are all great franchises, but hardly represent games like Super Rub-a-dub and Lair.

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harrisk9541631d ago

How can anyone disagree that the PS3 outsold the 360 WORLDWIDE. That is a fact.

SilentNegotiator1631d ago

NextLevel has made a lot of quality factual posts with links, quotes, etc that don't favor the Xbone enough for certain users' tastes.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771631d ago

Because they think the 360 is a better console than PS3,
not to mention better games than it do, and looked throughout
the games on compared to PS3, IMO i think the only game i know
that won an award was halo, the rest was mostly PS3 games.
Uncharted, ratchet & clank, the last of us (won so many awards i lost count), god of war, infamous to if i'm not mistaken,
and little big planet. Bottom line, it doesn't matter if it is a fact,
they'll still say that xbox is better than pkaystation, which i do find that laughable.

kenshiro1001631d ago

NextLevel producing more salt than the Red Sea.

lelo1631d ago ShowReplies(2)
maniacmayhem1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

How unfortunate that 360 took half of Sony's user base. Became a house hold name that replaced playstation as king of consoles. Forced Sony to change up their strategies and it only took Sony how many years to actually catch up to the 360?

Keep trolling though Maria/DedictaedtoGamers.

Spotie1631d ago

Oh, the 360 did that? I would have attributed that to the Wii.

And the fact that the PS3 isn't as old as the PS2 was when it was all said and done. Seems to me the PS3 still has a pretty good chance of reaching and surpassing 100m before its production run ends; the 360 can't say that, can it? At that point, rather than half, it would be more like a third. And, at best, the 360 could only claim half of that, or 1/6 of the previous console's user base.

OF COURSE it took years to catch up. It was more expensive by a few hundred bucks, lacked a massive marketing campaign, and didn't have any widespread mechanical flaws that would help inflate numbers.

Xbox, the king of consoles? In two counties... Maybe. The Wii might have been on top in those places, too. And, for all that, the Xbox brand is already back at the bottom rung of the ladder.

Funny how all that goes by the wayside when making your argument, since it pretty much renders everything you said irrelevant. Keep at it, though.

maniacmayhem1631d ago


The 360 can still say that because it is still selling to this day. It's neck and neck with the PS3 but of course you sony fanboys already have an excuse lined up about how VGChartz over tracks 360 only, how convenient right?

"lacked a massive marketing campaign, and didn't have any widespread mechanical flaws that would help inflate numbers."

No wide massive marketing? Are you kidding me?

It's coming off of the most successful console ever, the PS2 and it had the cheapest Blu-Ray player at the time available. The marketing was just as massive as any other console launch.

Mechanical failures to help inflate numbers? Not even the most die hard of sony fanboys with half a brain would puke such nonsense. If anything MS lost money due to extending the warranty, free shipping and replacing consoles for free. Just stop with that insane excuse to justify why the PS3 didn't dominate.

It's almost as if this new account has given you a free reign and has made you even more of a rabid, blind fanboy in full downward sony psychosis. Time to take those pills Hicken.

Oner1631d ago Show
trouble_bubble1631d ago

"king of consoles"? You can be king now from 3rd place LOL?

The PSP alone did XBox360 numbers. Then lets pretend Nintendo doesn't exist and didn't regain the -most- marketshare going from just over 20million Gamecubes to over 100 million Wii. It was all Xbawks

you're frothing at the mouth in fallacy. UC3 outsold Gears3 head2head. Look it up. UC2 did over 6million too. As did MGS4, as did GT. Gears Judgment BARELY passed 1 million last year. GOW Ascension outsold it head2head. Get off the Gears train, that ship has sailed. Epic and Bleszinski didn't even want it anymore.

Oh and PS Plus started b4 the 2011 hack.

According to DF most 3rd party games the past few years have been better on PS3 as well. Portal2, GTAV, Saints3, Hitman, AC, TombRaider, Bioshock3, Arkham Asylum, SleepingDogs.

Netflix & porn? lmao. I could go on, but theres only so much Doritos and Mountain Dew to go around.

DigitalRaptor1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

It's hilarious that you mention this "catching up", Maniac.

The 360 launched a year earlier (1.5 years in Europe). That conveniently gets ignored. Had both consoles released simultaneously, the PS3 would be 11 million units ahead of the 360 in sales. The atrocious stories about the PS3 being doomed would never have happened.

So... while being the most expensive console on the market for the entire generation, with every negative going against it for a good long while, it outsold the 360 near enough every year. So much for MS having the "king of consoles". had to laugh at that one.

What is more hilarious... you're guessing usernames pretending you know that they are the aliases of others.

"It's coming off of the most successful console ever, the PS2 and it had the cheapest Blu-Ray player at the time available. The marketing was just as massive as any other console launch."

- The Wii U also came off one of the most wildly successful consoles ever.
- Cheapest Blu-ray player.... still cost $599 US.
- The marketing was extensive, it was just poorly executed... and weird.


"Mechanical failures to help inflate numbers? Not even the most die hard of sony fanboys with half a brain would puke such nonsense. If anything MS lost money due to extending the warranty, free shipping and replacing consoles for free. Just stop with that insane excuse to justify why the PS3 didn't dominate."

There's plenty more reasons you'd conveniently ignore. Facts remain... if both consoles had launched at the same time (i.e. if Microsoft had delayed their console and made it reliable - not a widespread RROD mess), Sony would be 11 million unit sales ahead and counting. But they rushed it to market, as they did the Xbone. Can't let Sony have a year head start now, can they?

When talking about inflated numbers. It took years for Microsoft to extend the warranty. People had to (and you'd be stupid yourself for denying this) buy multiple consoles. Stories of people having 3, 4, 5, heck even 10 separate 360s last gen, do you think Microsoft would keep offering free warranties, after the first one was used? OF COURSE NOT.

That is the "inflated figures" for you. It's pretty simple to grasp if you don't ignore it because it goes against what you believe.

maniacmayhem1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

@ Digital

"the PS3 would be 11 million units ahead of the 360 in sales."

That's your speculation of what you think might have happened. Unfortunately we will never know so these "facts" can be ignored all you want because it didn't happen that way, and that is truly a fact.

"you're guessing usernames pretending you know that they are the aliases of others."

There is no guessing about it Digital, it has already been proven and even admitted by Spotie that he is Hicken.

And Next_level is definitely Maria or DedicatedtoGamers all the same.


- The Wii towards the end fell fast in terms of sales as the novelty wore off. The WiiU came in at that time with a very confusing reveal. Many thought the controller was an add on to the Wii.

- And the PS3 was marketed to the public as the cheapest Blu-ray for consumers to buy and it was pushed "heavy" as a multi media device.

- Poorly executed? Well that is your opinion, point is it was just a massive marketing campaign unlike Hicken said. Another excuse made by some on here to help with their personal reasons on why the PS3 didn't fly off the shelves at launch.


"There's plenty more reasons you'd conveniently ignore."

I didn't ignore anything, these are the reason Hicken gave as to why the 360 sold the way it did. Again it's not a fact as it never happened.

360 launched a year early and took the lead and every year after launch you and other Sony fanboys kept saying the PS3 would catch up, every year since 2007 was the year PS3 would surpass 360. Even now with both consoles at the tail end of their life span they are still neck and neck.

"People had to (and you'd be stupid yourself for denying this) buy multiple consoles. Stories of people having 3, 4, 5, heck even 10 separate 360s,.."

You mean the stories you heard on n4g and other forums. BS! If anyone was that stupid to buy TEN 360's then I have a nice piece of property on the moon to sell them.

Just stop, I read those ridiculous stories too, I had ONE 360 fail on me and I instantly sent that bastard in. Like I said anyone with half a brain would do the same and know those insane stories of buying 3, 4, TEN 360's are either trolls or just extremely stupid people. And where are the "facts" to back up that RRoD was the cause of inflated sales numbers?

Again the failed 360's "inflated" (over 7 to 8 years??)numbers is just another lame excuse from extreme sony fanboys to explain why MS was ahead in sales. It helps you sleep at night as you always put "facts" after you say that insane theory.

insomnium21630d ago

FFS maniac this is exactly the reason I ignored you. I just had to read all that BS this time since this topic interests me.

The media backlash is what made Sony change their strategy and drop stuff from the fat PS3 to get the price down for the most part.

I cannot understand people who keep spouting BS about market share as a sole indication of success. Sony will soon have a 3rd console in a row to sell over 100 million. With PS2 the only reason for it's flawless victory is the lack of good competition. People didn't find other consoles interesting.

Sony will once again win the gen with well over 100 million consoles sold. If people find other consoles attractive enough to buy multiple consoles this gen (7th gen) could that not be seen as win for all consoles? What is the success of others taking away from Sony if they once again reach over 100 million sold?

I know many people for a fact who bought a Core version of X360 as a backup in case their main console RRODs. You see it could take up to a month (here in Finland) before MS got you a replacement for RROD. What do you think people did? Say Halo just launched and they played it for about 2 hours and got RROD. You mean it's out of the question for people to simply just swich their HDD to their backup X360 and keep playing instead of waiting for a month to continue?
We could argue all day about RROD's effects but even if we ignore all that everything I said before stands.

I find it funny that people always stop counting PS3's sales when they talk about these things. If Nintendo and MS has stopped supporting their 7th gen it doesn't mean everyone has. Sony has Persona 5 coming to PS3 which will most likely make many many gamers repurchase a PS3. It all depends on if that game will be a true exclusive for PS3.

maniacmayhem1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

"Again the failed 360's "inflated" (over 7 to 8 years??)numbers is just another lame excuse from EXTREME sony fanboys..."

Hicken, Digital Raptor and Insomnium2 .. I rest my case.

insomnium21630d ago

Umm.. why would there be a need for excuses? PS3 still outsold X360 and will continue to further the gap. Excuses to what exactly? PS3 will still sell over 100 million like I said. There are still far more people out there with all 3 consoles under their telly unlike 6th gen.

Funny enough that was the only thing you touched upon from my entire message even though I said "even if we ignore that everything stands" since that was not the main point I was making. Oh well...have a good day cherrypicking and "winning".

DrJones1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Because of the 360, Sony were forced to step up their game to catch up. Add a lot of features that originaly weren't included, improve their online and so on. The 360 should be respected for giving Sony a sweat. Because of this, the overall quality of both consoles have improved and reformed Sony's thinking to a better one this time around.

maniacmayhem1630d ago


I didn't touch upon anything you said because all you did was prove my point on what excuses extreme sony fanboys will say to justify why the 360 continues to be neck and neck with the PS3.

The rest of your rant is not worth reading. I thought we had this discussion about why I chose not to take you serious at all.

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xDHAV0K24x1631d ago

must u ALWAYS forget to mention that the population of 126M+ ppl did NOT contribute to the 360's success?

Azzanation1631d ago

It outsold a unsupported console. 360 won when it mattered. PS3 could go on and outsell the Wii but you cant claim the PS3 the dominate console if that happen either.

insomnium21630d ago

Soooo PS3 keeps on being relevant to gamers (Persona 5 anyone) but we can't claim a victory for it since you say so? It has always been a marathon dude. PS3 still costs a whopping 190 euros for crying out loud. There is plenty of room to drop the price (PS2 sold for below 100 euros for a good while) and get more sales.

Tell me did the PS2 sell only about 105 million or do you count the sales after x360 and Ps3 was launched too? If you compare sales of PS2 vs PS3 that way it means 105 vs 80 million and that doesn't seem so bad at all for PS3 since it's only about 21% behind the most successfull console ever in sales.

Azzanation1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )


I count what matters most. 360 was the console to buy last gen regardless of MS failing to support it as the focus shifted to there next system. PS3 finished 3rd in my books, only overtaking the 360 when the focus shifted.

Your saying in 5 years time if the PS3 outsold the Wii, your going to claim it the best selling system of last gen? Its not last gen anymore, its current gen with WiiU/XB1/PS4. Last gen marathon finished years ago.

insomnium21630d ago

The 7th gen will keep selling (and counting ofc) as long as the consoles are being manufactured. No exceptions.

I bet you are the first to claim that "PS2 won last gen with over 120 million consoles against xbox juzt lookz at that margetz zhared now with x360 ZOMG!!" and then you turn around and claim something like you just did. You count when it matters and to make PS3 look bad it matters to not include the sales after 8th gen started. Amirite?

Willio1631d ago

the question is why did you really check.

Giantbomb821631d ago

The PS3 was the popular Netflix, Porn and blu ray player. That's why it caught up once the price became competitive. Really not because of actual video games. COD was always more popular on 360. All third party games were better on xbox. And Uncharted sales don't come close to Halo and Gears sales. PS Plus only became popular after the Sony PSN Hack in 2011. Sony had no choice but to start giving away quality games to win back their fucked over customers.