New Miiverse Update: Disable Yeah Notifications, Embed Posts

A new Miiverse update has been released; users can now disable those pesky "Yeah" notifications and even embed posts by copying a special embed code.

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XiSasukeUchiha1635d ago

Gets rid of simple comments good job Nintendo.

randomass1711635d ago

'Earlier this month, a new Miiverse update was released that offered fans a host of new options and features: a reduced comment restriction time, an increased post character limit, an increased number of viewable notifications, and the inclusion of posts that have received “Yeahs” to be displayed on the main Activity Feed.'

Sweet! Nice to see the restriction was lowered once again and hey, even the character cap is up. Seems like a pretty good update.

DoggyBiscuit1635d ago

I would still use miiverse if Nintendo didn't ban me

AJBACK2FRAG1635d ago

You had it coming Chachi!