Naruto Storm Revolution: Sage Hashirama, Madara Join the Battle

A brand new scan for Naruto Storm Revolution has been released.

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jnemesh1511d ago

How did I know you would post first on this article? :)

Audiggity1511d ago


I clicked on it just to see his (or her?) post.

Magicite1511d ago

he was stealthily waiting in a nearby bush.

tayz1512d ago

news of this before the anime showing!

DxTrixterz1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

This has actually been in latest Naruto Shippuuden episode.

tayz1512d ago

That's right, at the very end, totally forgot!

Transporter471511d ago

Um who cares about the anime, read the manga is way past all this lol

Snookies121511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

What do you mean, who cares about the anime? It's finally getting good, now that they've completely stopped the fillers. Sure I read the manga, but why wouldn't you watch it as well?

Transporter471511d ago


*fillers* you said it. I am waiting until the end of the anime to even watch it, I used to watch every Sunday but fillers kill it off for me..

trickman8881511d ago

hey tay, are you the owner of SI? Or just a worker there?

Just curious. Loving the updates either way.

Aces171511d ago

Would care a lot more about this game if it were on next gen.