Dragon Age: Inquisition "is done" and now "it's just polish and bug fixes" says Bioware

Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee told Gamereactor during an E3 interview that the game's done, and that they're on track for the October 10th release date this year.

"Everyday we're playing the game, reviewing the game," he replied when we asked what's the game plan for the next couple of months after E3's finished. "We have this massive list of bugs we need to go through and fix. From now to October 7th, ever single day its bug-fixing. The game's done. It's just a matter of polishing and fixing bugs, and we're done."

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TheGrimReaper00111637d ago

If that's the honest truth, then great! I can't wait for it

If it ends up being a broken and bugged out release, may God have mercy on your souls at Bioware, cause lord knows the fans wont

Yi-Long1637d ago

Of course it's not the truth. This is EA we're talking about. They don't fix bugs until 5-6 months AFTER release ;)

Nekroo911637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

This isnt EA, this is Bioware...

EA is the Publisher. And Bioware always makes completed games unlike Bethesda, where they rely on the community to finish their games with mods

Edit: The game was bugs, or broken quests.

And now explain me how was Skyrim, or New Vegas or Fallout 3?!

Yi-Long1637d ago

EA is the publisher, which means they're rushing them for a release, regardless of the product being finished and ready to go, or not.

And about Bioware always making 'completed' games: Wasn't there a huge backlash against Mass Effect 3's ending, which they needed to 'fix' with free DLC, which seemed like it was ripped out of the original release with the purpose of being sold later...!?

ravinash1637d ago

With Bioware (in recent history) the problems have never been with the finish, but with the content.

I can't think of any major bug issues with their games.
All the problems they have had are either simplifying the game play to much or how they decided to wrap up the series.

badz1491637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Polish? Like...people from Poland? And Bug? Like...those flying insects? Come on, don't throw out meaningless words now, EA!

Just release the damn game already like you always do for us - paying beta testers out here so you can release patch after patch until the next E3 when you announce the sequel and say you're sorry!

Oh and while you're at it, make the ending sucks again so you can release the 'real' ending later! Make it as a paid DLC too, that would be super!

starchild1637d ago

Bioware games have always been top notch games. I'm tired of how negative many in the game community are. It's sad.

I can't wait for Dragon Age Inquisition. It seems they have improved everything I wanted to see improved and expanded the game in sensible ways. The game also looks stunning.

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iDadio1637d ago

I hope it is true and it releases in a polished quality state or my level of saltiness will reach new heights.

Edvin19841637d ago

Yeah, this is good news if true. I am really looking forward to this and the Lords have Fallen game. There is actually a ton of titles to play this holiday, and I am for one am happy about the delays lol.

m2stech1637d ago

aka cutting chunks to be released as DLCs :P

iDadio1637d ago

Cynical but also a good assumption to make, nobody milks quite like EA.

F4sterTh4nFTL1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

The game already is 100+ hours without DLC, so can't really complain about any cut content this time around, even if we wanted to.

nope1111637d ago

Have they showed any old gen footage? i don't have a PS4 yet, so i'm a bit worried on how it's going to run on my PS3.

R6ex1637d ago

I feel it'll be a waste to play this beautiful game on a last-gen console. It should be played in all its glory. Great visuals and high framerates to maximize the enjoyment of such a rare AAA title. Just to share, I own a copy of the Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning for the PS3. But the blurry visuals and low framerates takes away the enjoyment of the game. Boy was I glad to purchase another copy of the same game on PC! It was worth it. The game looks so much prettier, and gameplay tonnes smoother. Due to this upgrade, I will always have the fond memories of it being one of the best RPGs I've played.

So, for this Dragon Age final title, play it on next-gen or better still, on PC!

WeAreLegion1637d ago

Awesome. I didn't know it was that close to being finished. I sincerely hope this one is good.

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