Titanfall is a masterpiece in decline - can the new update win us back?

Dealspwn writes: "We scored it accordingly, but over the last few months, things have taken a turn for the bizarre and macabre. Despite a great new map pack hitting all platforms and the core gameplay remaining effortlessly entertaining, Titanfall's matchmaking has somehow been getting worse, not better. Due both to a declining player base and some foibles of the Azure cloud servers (and the last update being broken), we've often had to wait several minutes just to find a session even in the most popular gametype, while the community becomes increasingly irate at the lack of customisation options and modes.

The moaning began. Understandably. Something has to give, and soon, because a shooter I play on a daily basis is now more difficult to recommend than empirically worse games."

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LackTrue4K1244d ago

This game was just hype....same with Watch_Dogs.

Blues Cowboy1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Can't agree with that at all. Titanfall makes other shooters feel slow and flat, the maps are impeccable and the foundation is pure class. It's a game that can be played repeatedly because it's fun, not because you're chasing arbitrary unlocks.

Sadly, the post-launch support has been utterly abysmal and even a step backwards.

NextLevel1244d ago

Titanfall is a good game, but it's not a "masterpiece".

And it was severely overhyped, which probably hurt it in the long run from people having unrealistic expectations for it.

Here some examples I posted the other day.

JeffGUNZ1244d ago

@ Blues Cowboy

Exactly. I am 8th Regen and haven't played in over a month. I got turned off by the challenge of winning 100 matches to move to 9th regen. I was hoping for a lot of DLC to compliment the game but have been let down by the post release support. Perhaps this new update will make me get back into it.

GodGinrai1244d ago

"It's a game that can be played repeatedly because it's fun, not because you're chasing arbitrary unlocks."

Agreed. I lose hours to hardpoint. And I love the burncards. You have to use them smartly.

creatchee1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

I play every night with and without my clan, and the only problem we have with matchmaking is sometimes getting a DLC match right away. It's a little slower than launch, but that might have something to do with the matchmaking system than player count. Also, I see newer players all of the time, so people are still buying it. I don't understand why people are quick to say that it's dying when it certainly is not.

Utalkin2me1244d ago

@Blues Cowboy

Can't agree with that at all. Titanfall is average at best and it did not hold my attention very long. To say it makes other shooters feel slow and flat is absurd of a comment i have seen.

I have put 500+ hours each into Q2 and Q3. I have put 500+ hours each into Tribes and Tribes 2. And don't get me started on Unreal tournament hours. I have put 700+ hours into COD4 and 500+ in MW2. I have put 27 hours into Titanfall and honestly i really have no desire to play it anymore.

Eonjay1244d ago


Yeah hype is no good for any product. The best one is the last article:

"Titanfall, the game that will ruin all other shooters and win over customers for the Xbox One"

Holy mother of hyperbole. They killed COD, Halo, BioShock, Metro... all dead.

Jdoki1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

TitanFall feels like a great game in a weak framework.

It needed more of everything. More innovative game modes. More variety in the map settings. More Titans. More exciting Pilot weaponry. And maybe even a single player campaign.

TitanFall.... A tasty but forgettable snack, rather than a delicious meal you'd want to eat again.

No_Limit1244d ago

@Maria...aka NextLevel,

Thanks for doing the hard work of finding those articles for us. /S

MysticStrummer1244d ago

If the writer labelled the game "masterpiece" at release but is already needing something new to win them back, then they misused the word "masterpiece".

InTheLab1244d ago

The post launch support seems bad simply because there was a lack of content in the first place.


Blues Cowboy1244d ago

@Utalkin2me: I should have been more specific. We're talking big Christmas console shooters here. Comparing Titanfall to legends like UT and Q2 is totally reductive - but I agree, I'd play Q2 or UT99 any day of the week over any console shooter ever released (even including Goldeneye or Halo CE splitscreen).

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gamer11381244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Seeing as how you're playing Killzone Shadowfall I can't really take your opinion seriously. Maybe you prefer slow, plodding shooters rather than frenetic, intense, fact paced action?

Dolf0451244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Dude what some call slow and plodding others call considered and tactical. I loved the Killzone MP and while they have yet to recreate Killzone 2 MP goodness Shadowfall was a blast!

Personal taste, and I haven't played Titanfall so can't really comment specifically on the game, but I've always shied away from the COD lightning fast model. It's just everyone running around like a headless chicken knifing people which (for me) sucked the fun out of it a bit.

Edit: To clarify, not shitting on TF I'd love to give it a bash. Just commenting on the fact that speed isn't the be all and end all


it's not a masterpiece, it's just one of the better shooters out of what is a very limited number to start off this gen with.

I have tried to get back into it after a few of my friends convinced me to give it a chance, but I still don't feel there is anything special about it.

UnHoly_One1243d ago

Titanfall is the best multiplayer shooter I've ever played.

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gamer11381244d ago

Been playing it again lately. Still great fun. Loads of people online. Looking forward to the new game modes.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

The game is pretty fun. It probably wouldn't be in decline if it was also on PS4.

Blues Cowboy1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

If it came to PS4, It would be interesting to see how traditional P2P servers would fare vs Microsoft's dedicated Azure servers. Perhaps more risk of lag depending on region, but more straightforward and speedier matchmaking? Food for thought.

EDIT: DLConspiracy raises a really good point below. Haven't played it on 360 - anyone?

DLConspiracy1244d ago

Are the 360 users taking full advantage of dedicated servers? I never heard. That's a good point to make though.

gamer11381244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Well, if Respawn's claims about the cloud are true, then this game can't function on P2P. It needs servers to host the game along with the A.I. The Grunts, Spectres and Aliens running around the map are not handled locally so if you were P2P the host's machine would have to do that as well.

The reason Respawn went with xbox instead of PS in the first place was this was an untested brand new IP that needed servers to run properly. This made the game an expensive proposition. MS essentially gave them the server space for next to no cost. Sony didn't have the infrastructure to offer that.

Titanfall 2 will either now get the support from Sony or EA will be willing to pony up for the servers(but we all know how shit they are) now that Titanfall is an established IP.

@DL conspiracy. It all uses Azure. Pc, X1, 360. Save servers.

@Bennibop. The Azure servers are slightly different. I remember at Titanfall's launch that Austrailia nearly didn't get the game because the Azure centre there wasn't active but made it just in time. Same can't be said for South Africa unfortunately. I just don't believe Sony had the kind of coverage or the kind of servers Respawn needed. It is wells documented Respawn asked Sony for a solution but they couldn't provide one and so missed out. They won't let that happen next time.

Bennibop1244d ago

Sony do run dedicated servers also. It seems to be a common misconception that they do not. It was 3rd party games that pushed P2P namely COD and Battlefield. Resistance and Uncharted 2 & 3 use dedicated.

Utalkin2me1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

@Blues Cowboy

Do you like spouting non sense or what? You do realize Sony runs dedicated servers right and has been since PS3 with first party games unlike the 360.


Sony not having the infrastructure for Titanfall is a joke. Start backing up your comments and lets see how far this goes. Then you go to say Sony servers are crap like a little 10 year old. When Sony was leading the for front on consoles last gen with 256 players in a single game all while playing lag free and very solid. And they ran dedicated servers for alot of games on PS3, unlike the 360.


Sony had dedicated servers for Warhawk which was like one of the first games out on the ps3.

MS has only been pushing dedicated servers (cloud) for xbox games since the xb1 so I really don't think the issue with sony was that they didn't have servers or anything like that.

Respawn made it clear that they were surprised when they found out EA had made a deal to keep Titanfall lifetime exclusive... which tells me at some point they did have it in their mind it would cross over to the ps4.

This whole thing about the AI not being able to run on p2p.. I am sorry but I have a hard time believing it. The AI does absolutely nothing special or advanced beyond last gen AI and it's not like there are 1000's of AI on a map or even 100's.

All that talk was just dribble to promote the xb1 and try to give some sort of justification to the game being exclusive.

I still see a lot of network issues that lead me to believe that even if it was p2p I don't think it would make as much difference as people think.

I still see lagcomp issues and I believe it's their network code. I have a 40meg connection and get 14 to 16ms ping when I connect to the western Europe servers and still get lag and a lot of the same shit I see happen it cod.

infact it would not surprise me if they are using some of the same code or similar to what they had setup with Cod.

Anyway, like many people have said, content is it's biggest problem.

They could really help the game out by adding more weapons and titans into the mix.

DLConspiracy1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )


Interesting to know. I had not looked for comparisons on the 360 or maybe glossed over it. Thanks.

@Bennibop @Utalkin2me

Actually this is a subject I have taken a great deal of interest in because of my preferences of online gaming. The COD servers for ghosts on PS4 are a combination of dedicated servers with mostly listen servers. Listen servers are matchmaking servers like p2p last gen console hosting. While COD ghosts is entirely off dedicated azure servers on XB1 including Titanfall. However, Battlefield servers are run off EA's servers all together for both ps4 and xb1.

As far as last gen yes there were a few games that did have dedicated servers on ps3 but I am not entirely sure if they were fully dedicated like we are referring to with Azure/Xbox servers. They were most likely the hybrid combo of a few dedicated servers with many of the listen servers I just mentioned for matchmaking. There is a rather big difference in fully dedicated and those. Most games have their own dedicated servers yes, but they have to use listen servers to bounce and connect players. MS invested in a large number of dedicated servers for their xb1 specifically because of cloud/azure.

Jdoki1244d ago

I've only played the PC version, but have been impressed with the lag free gaming. Have only had one major instance of it happening.

However the other side of the multiplayer coin... Matchmaking... is one of the worst coded POS I've ever had the misfortune to see... Being a noob on a team of noobs and G2's facing a team of G7+'s is never fun and really sapped a lot of the fun from the game for me!

InTheLab1244d ago


Close to the beginning of last gen, Sony crammed over 200 actual people into a game called MAG. That's something MS has yet to do. Sony also had dedicated servers last gen.

Even Resistance 2 had Battlefield 4 player counts and that's something MS never accomplished last gen.

So I scratch my head when people start in on that azure nonsense and bot management. Sony's servers can't handle bots but can cram 256 players into a single map 7 years ago?

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Dolf0451244d ago

I don't know about that man, it would probably just be in decline on 1 extra system. Haven't played myself but MP shooters have a short life span for me in general, I very rarely spend more than a couple of months before I move onto something else anyway so tailing interest wouldn't bither me all that much. Hope the next installment makes it onto PS4

mhunterjr1244d ago

I've been playing it a lot lately. There still appears to be a lot of people online on the xb1 version, ans I'm still having a lot of fun.

Some players are really good at navigating the maps, it's really marvelous to watch.

I think the new update will only effect the population positively. I'm lookin forward to the new modes, but I'm a bit disappointed that they'll only be around temporarily. They both seem like they will do wonders for encouraging teamwork.

skulz71244d ago

How is the game a masterpiece? Yes, it is a fun multiplayer game. But really, its just CoD with mechs and wall running. It was a fun multiplayer game but was by no means a masterpiece.