Another World 20th Anniversary Edition out now on Xbox One

You may know it as Out of This World or Outer World depending on your location but either way Another World has been refined for a 20th Anniversary Edition and is available to download right now on Xbox One.

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coolbeans1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

I've see that stange screenshot for years but never botered to ask what game that was from. Definately going to check this one out.

MWH1486d ago

you will not regret your choice.

coolbeans1486d ago

Oddly enough, I went ahead and bought this around the time you replyed. :P


I remember this game back in the day on my Amiga 500... and my memories were that it was frustrating and weird, but as with any games back then I just kept playing, and playing and playing, it is still weird though but I am all for older games being available to the younger masses

bumnut1486d ago

I played it on Amiga too, it was way ahead of its time.

Anomander1486d ago

It's good to see it alive and well on the new consoles. I had just picked this up last year on Steam for PC and loved playing it for memories of playing it when I was younger. That truly was a game ahead of it's time.

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The story is too old to be commented.