Only 24 Hours Left to Help Make Kaptain Brawe 2 a Reality

Bill Tiller (Monkey Island), Steve Ince & Rolf Saxon (Broken Sword) - The Art, The Story and The Voice behind Kaptain Brawe 2 attempting to make the game a reality within less than 24 hours

14 updates, 34 days, 511 comments, 850 backers and 86,226$ later the legendary adventure games trio have begun their personal '24' thriller trying to collect the missing 63,774$ and reach the 150,000$ funding goal before the campaign ends.

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This needs to happen, as an old school point & click adventure games fan myself this would make my year!

Alexious1634d ago

It's a genre that is making a comeback for sure. I wish them the best

jaredhart1634d ago

Agreed. Would be nice if this reaches the funding goal.

oKidUKo1634d ago

Still over 60,000 to go till it reaches the goal, will be crazy if it manages to make it.