Areal Dev West Games Defends From Vostok, Explains How They Really Were STALKER Devs

It seems this article isn't getting attention because of how I described it, so to be clear: I covered Vostok's claims West Games is being fraudulent and verified West Games is telling the truth about being STALKER devs.

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urwifeminder1632d ago

So they are both right seems fair, don't think it will get much attention as its not about resolution or fps but either way will keep an eye on both games.

aliengmr1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Where is the guy with the rights to STALKER?

I mean clearly there's still a fair amount of interest in the franchise so I wonder why all the "spiritual successor" stuff?

Why don't they Kickstart STALKER and be done with it?

wonderfulmonkeyman1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Probably because politics suck ass.
Red tape is the bane of a lot of really good ideas these days.

On topic, though; does this mean it is safe to back AREAL?
I wanted to put in $100...

aliengmr1632d ago

I wouldn't back it just yet. I'd wait a few more days and see how this plays out.

Far as I know red tape wasn't the problem. It was the funding and finding a publisher to back the franchise. I remember at the time thinking it made sense and that Survarium being the sensible solution.

But things have changed a game like STALKER could be easily crowd-funded. I'm just really curious about who has the rights and why, with the advent of crowd-funding, they aren't jumping on this chance.

plsburydoughboy1631d ago

Great question man. If you head on over to GOG or Steam, you can see that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is actually still owned by GSC Game World. They have been quiet this whole time, but considering their devs left to make new studios, it looks like all they'll do with the IP now is resell the old games over and over. I honestly don't know what could change that.

OpieWinston1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I don't usually invest in Kickstarters but Areal has my interest. The fact that it's been live for a couple days and already half way from being funded, says a lot about the fanbase commitment to getting it the funding it needs.

I'm a fan of STALKER and would love to support Areal. it's good they plan on launching it on consoles as well as PC. I was planning on getting a PC copy but may change my mind.