Raven's Cry: Piracy is coming to PS4

New interview with the CEO of Reality Pump in which he confirms DLC is on the way for the upcoming action game, as well as extra content for PS4 - and discusses why they decided against a Wii U version.

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RandomGamer1335d ago

Haha well done title you got me .

Flutterby1335d ago

I have not heard of this game , is it any good , I love a good pirate game.

DarkZane1335d ago

For one second, I thought actual piracy was coming to PS4. Thank god it isn't.

uth111335d ago

I had the same thought

SoapShoes1335d ago

Another game only on PS4, not other next gen consoles. Yet people claim PS4 has no games...

Dudebro901335d ago

I wouldn't be excited about this game, its been delayed for almost 2 years

SoapShoes1335d ago

I didn't say I was excited but I'll wait and se if it's good.

DFogz1335d ago

Didn't read the article? It's not only on PS4

It's also on PC, PS3, and Xbox360


Nobody said it was PS4 exclusive so unbunch your panties fanboy.

SoapShoes1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Yeah I can see how you would misunderstand that but I followed it up with not on other next gen systems (X1 and Wii U). The wording, now that I look at it is confusing, I suppose but yeah PS4 next gen exclusive is what I was getting at and fanboys will still claim PS4 has no games. ROFL

--bienio--1335d ago

Who said there is only version of the PS4? Pc version was in production long before the PS4, so first check the information and later Comment..

Nine_Thousaaandd1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

I dunno about this one...need more info.

I wouldn't mind a good pirate game, hopefully more gameplay will be available soon.

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