WWE 2K15 To Have Lots of New Game Modes

WWE 2K15 To Have Lots of New Game Modes

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DxTrixterz1631d ago

I really want to pre-order it but I want to see at 1 just 1 screenshot.

patsrule3161631d ago

I am really surprised that no articles have popped up yet that Sting has been confirmed for WWE 2k15. Jim Ross confirmed it on Stone Cold's podcast that released today.

desertpunk861631d ago

WWE 13 is still the best wrestling game a played so far.

bez871631d ago

All they need to do is make an Attitude Era wrestling game with all the original story lines and all that stuff, that was the best time in wrestling, the best actors the best wrestlers the best story lines everything was perfect for wrestling, for me it's just gone down hill and so have the games, we was making progress and then all of a sudden they started going backwards

Goro1631d ago

WWE 13 had an Attitude Era mode...

ProSid1631d ago

Im waitingg. Show me something...

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