Legion of Heroes Closed Beta Preview: Nexon’s Newest Offering | OnRPG

OnRPG writes: "As an avid RPG fan, I have spent a fair amount of time on my Galaxy S4 (and my iPhone before that) playing mobile RPGs, though generally single player offerings that had no real online content. I have tried a few of the more recent, super popular ones like Brave Frontier. I thought the idea of collecting monsters and heroes like Pokemon was an interesting concept. However, it became incredibly tedious and time consuming, and stopped being fun. It seemed like if I didn’t invest absolutely all of my time into climbing these towers I would never get anywhere; that’s not fun at all. However I am familiar with Nexon, and have played several of their products over the years. When I was told they were making a Cellphone MMORPG, I was filled with a mixture of both dread and anticipation."

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