PS3 JRPG Ar Nosurge Coming to Europe in September; First Screenshots and Box Art Released

JRPG lovers rejoice! Koei Tecmo just announced that the lovely JRPG by Gust Ar Nosurge will be released in Europe in September. To be more precise, the it’ll hit the shelves on the 26th.

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Magicite1338d ago

amount of jrpgs in past several years on ps3 is astonishing, thats the main reason I will always stick to playstation.

LightDiego1338d ago

Look at these pictures, so beautiful. I never heard about it, looks great!

gantarat1338d ago

Don't be ashamed if you click this news because picture

Chrono1338d ago

No, I know about this game long ago.

mmc-0071338d ago

finally.. Toke Sony long enough to get some more JRPG on the PS3...(in europe)

Redempteur1338d ago

OMG 26 of semptember... i just can't wait.

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