Six New Games Added to PlayStation Now Beta; Pricing Model Remains Unchanged For Now

Today Sony added a few new games to the PlayStation Now beta. To be precise, six new titles have appeared in the catalog, while the pricing model has remained unchanged.

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nicksetzer11485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Awesome, great to see the library growing so consistently. I hope they start adding more free games, (they already have a few) Vita TV is most likely going to be my streaming method, so that would be awesome to have some free games available. Really hope the pricing model (when final) moves toward a monthly fee than a per game basis. If they increase the game library and add a monthly fee this service is exactly what I would want. (but those hopes may be unrealistic as I have no clue what factors Sony has to think about) Current pricing format just isn't very appealing for me. (that is just my personal opinion though)

jackanderson19851485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

how do they still have beta testers? the pricing model is ridiculous... and before anyone takes the line of "price not final" or "aimed towards non-console gamers", the beta is only on the consoles so it's ridiculous to have the prices as they are.... then again people will pay ridiculous prices for anything

I wonder how they're picking what games to release

Abriael1485d ago

I can easily say that I don't know anyone that paid a single penny to rent a game so far.

And the free games are so crappy that I doubt anyone is bothering.

1485d ago
MeliMel1485d ago


Id even say an 1hr like they gaves us with certain demos on ps+. I cant believe the prices..must say as of right now PS Now a bit disappointed altho In early stages and plenty of time to change up.


I have both beta and i haven't play on neither one because of the game selections