Blue Estate Opening 20 Minutes Gameplay PS4

Blue Estate, the tongue firmly in cheek on rails shooter, is available now on PS4 and comes complete with unique controls using the Dual Shock 4 gyroscopic abilities. Take a look at mission one and two.

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Nine_Thousaaandd1517d ago

I downloaded this last nite... it's pretty fun game! Brings back memories from the arcade.

The levels are pretty long... and you don't just move along shooting target after target. It has pretty good variety from dodging stuff, melee, bonus targets throughout each mission, take cover mechanics, different weapons to use... and I love the shotgun, easy to get combo points!

For $15.99... not bad at all. I can see them adding extra content in the future for a low price.

Reasons like this is why I support Indie devs, games don't have to be so serious all the time. Pretty good game in my opinion!

Rhezin1517d ago

Egh. I hate rail shooters on consoles. If I wanted to play one I'd go to an arcade.

Come on Sony where's N++, Helldivers, and Hotline Miami 2? Games promised soon after E3 2013!

ziggurcat1517d ago

was interested in this game until i read the description, and saw "on-rails"...

Drithe1517d ago


End of line.

MonstaTruk1517d ago

Out of all these comments, yours was the only one that made any sense! :-D

An "AGREE" for you!

S2Killinit1517d ago

what do you aim with? the light bar? if so, that made me a little curious about the game.

HaveAsandwich1517d ago

It's looks hard as hell to control.

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