PlayStation Now pricing could end the system

Details regarding the PlayStation Now pricing scheme have come to light and unless they're just placeholder prices for the duration of the Beta, it could spell the death of service before it even hits the ground.

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GabeSA1631d ago

I also find that digital downloads are pretty much in line with hardcopy games, which i find ridiculous considering there is no packaging, transport or other costs involved really, except to the purchaser having to use their own bandwidth to download. It seems pretty much the same with rentals as it appears here.

mikeslemonade1631d ago

In the past year if you complain enough about it these companies tend to listen.

crxss1631d ago

the pricing model isn't permanent. AND if people bought a PS4 for PS Now, then i've lost faith in humanity.

colonel1791631d ago


It's not that people buy a PS4 for PS Now. I for one, I am interested in PS Now on TVs since I tend to buy Sony's TVs. For people that own a Samsung TV or other brand, the only way into the service is a PS3 or PS4.

It's a very nice compliment to have. It's like Netflix. Everything comes with Netflix now, but it's great to have it for those times that you don't want to go to the movies or rent a recent movie. It also has great original series, but that's besides the pint.

bouzebbal1631d ago

i am not happy with the pricing system..
what i want is a netflix kind of subscription that gives me access to the whole library of games... I saw great potential in PS Now but i am a bit disappointed right now.

NewMonday1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

PSNow is not a console you need to buy, no install base needed so no install base lost, it a service they want to build as hedge for future developments.

Right now they just need it to work well, that should be the important thing, prices can be changed anytime but they need to make sure the technical stuff is working well.

DOMination-1631d ago

People keep saying these are "beta prices" but is there actually any evidence that sony will reduce the price come launch? Also will they refund the difference if they DO lower them after the beta to those who paid these extortionate fees?

When people touted this as a netflix for games I was impressed with the potential. Right now without a subscription this service is irrelevant and doa imo

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colonel1791631d ago

That's a good point. Digital downloads should be cheaper by default, because of the reasons you stated. This could also mean that the price of PS Now could be decided based at least a little bit like that.

I've said it many times, and a lot of people have too. IF PS Now doesn't get a subscription option like Netflix, it will fail. There is no other way around. Prices would have to be very, very low to stay individual for each time period, and that's something it won't benefit Sony.

I think a reasonable price model would be $19.99 monthly or $99.99 yearly. PS+ members get $9.99 monthly or $69.99 yearly (or something tied to their PS+ membership.

Foraoise1631d ago

178 posts about this later... WE GET IT.

GribbleGrunger1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

It's a difficult balancing act that I can fully understand but still find annoying: Sony (and 3rd party) need the hardware to sell well so that their audience for games grow. Those same outlets sell games, so undercutting the hard-copy would take revenue away from the retailer and the retailer would be less inclined to want to promote or sell your hardware.

It's a stalemate that needs a solution, but what's the solution? Until a huge chunk of gamers start to buy hardware online, this will 'have' to continue.

I'd also like to point out that it won't be Sony setting these prices, it will be 3rd party publishers.

mmc-0071631d ago

this service will stream OLD games not new ones

showtimefolks1631d ago


you want digital pricing to be lower than the physical stores selling games also want it to reflect those prices. If you are running bestbuy and a game on psn costs $49.99 yet you have to sell it for $59.99, that means many will buy the cheaper version and you will loose out on a lot of potential sales

I don't a lot of you get the fact how much influence places like gamestop,bestbuy,amazon etc, have. Remember when MS announced DRM policies and gamestop had a big campaign to make their consumers aware

gamefly sent out an email letting all their members know that used games won't be playable on xbox one

so i am sure if it was that simple both sony and ms would have done that, but they don't want to burn the bridges till they absolutely have to

shay1591631d ago

The only thing going for digital games is if you have 2 PS4s you only have to buy the game once (if you want to play it simultaneously).
But, I do agree, digital copies usually cost £10 more than physical and it definitely feels like a rip-off.

raymantalk11631d ago

imo Sony should make it a yearly subscription service like ps+ is £40 a year and you get every game play as much as you like i think everyone would pay for it then.

ps the pricing at the moment is only testing the water to see what the market will stand.

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jujubee881631d ago

I have never owned a Playstation console. Just PSP and VITA.

If I could buy a $99 box (Playstation) and play almost all the games (except for some PS2 games) Playstation has ever made for console for that price and the streamed games are cheap. WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! SIGN ME UP!

ziggurcat1631d ago

who approved this garbage? it's already known that the prices aren't even remotely final.

MRMagoo1231631d ago

probably the same ppl that approved the other 20 or so articles saying exactly the same thing. I wonder if cl1983 with delete this articles, he seems to do it for all the xbone articles that are about the same thing. But then again this is about ps4 not xbone so my guess it wont.

lemoncake1631d ago

If people don't complain then testing prices quickly become final prices, then you would complain and it would be too late.

Sony is a big company, they will go for the most profitable pricing system they can get away with. They are not your friends, they don't do this to make you happy, you are nothing but a bag of walking money to be exploited by them regardless of what you might think.

ziggurcat1631d ago

There's no sense in crying over it when it's known that those prices aren't final.

And as it's been pointed out several times - Sony doesn't set the prices, it's the publishers who are responsible for that.

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Eejanaika1631d ago

To expensive unfortanately : (

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