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Why the Lack of Third Party Support May Be a Blessing

Jason from Mii-gamer:

No one can deny that 3rd party developers have pulled back support for the Wii U. This looks ugly on its own: a large portion of the game libraries on the other systems are 3rd party, multiplatform games. The reality is that without strong 3rd party support, the library of a system dramatically reduces in number. It is, then, assumed that a “healthy” library for a system will naturally have a large portion of 3rd party, multiplatform titles on it. So why is the title of this article stating that we may actually benefit from this on the Wii U?

One word: money. Nintendo still has it, and plenty of it. The lack of 3rd party support puts a strain on Nintendo, but a good one. Let me remind you that Nintendo will never publish or put its name on a game that will end up on another system. Sony and Microsoft also do the same. The difference here? Nintendo won’t spend money wooing over 3rd parties to support their system, they’ll instead spend this money funding a project exclusive to the Wii U. Let’s face it, 3rd party companies just want money, and what’s better than to have one of the financially healthiest gaming companies pay you to create an exclusive title for their system? (3DS, Wii U)

KingKelloggTheWH  +   84d ago
It might push Nin but overall it just means Nin gamers won't get the games.

3rd party support is a very good thing.
iamnsuperman  +   84d ago
It is a slippery slope. Bonus for gamers is Nintendo has too make up for the sparse releases so they have to develop more games (third parties act as fillers) which isn't totally a good thing for Nintendo (high amounts of risk). It isn't good for the longevity of a system. Third parties are equally as important as exclusives. The balance needs to be there for any system
randomass171  +   84d ago
Don't forget about Nintendo's third party partnership games such as Bayonetta and Devil's Third. Those are still coming and those will most likely also drive up interest in the system, if only just a little. The more high quality games the better.
Kaze88  +   84d ago
@randomass171 Yeah Bayonetta 2 is going to be big but i dont see it from Devils third, also i dont see any new devs jumping in to wiiu since the release and i dont think that these two will stay on Nintendo after these games. Theres bigger fishes to fry.
showtimefolks  +   84d ago
stop believing that crap, 3rd party support hasn't been part of Nintendo consoles since and the drum rolls


its amazing how N hasn't figured it out over the years that they need 3rd party support. With handheld market shrinking each year how soon before Nintendo's DS series stops selling and than what do they have? Mobile gaming is here to stay to nintendo have to prepare for it the right way

1-Get developer feedback for their next home console
2-get publishers on board early
3-makle the console powerful enough to compete with PS5 and xbox 2
4-Have a online Infrastructure comparable to psn and xblive
5-have games ready to launch, don't make us wait 3 plus years for next Zelda, i mean come on. Last Zelda game was a while back so it can not be taking this long

believe it or not Nintendo is gonna be in huge trouble if they don't get their acts together. Handheld is not an viable option moving forward, the money has to be made on home console.


how some say 3rd party isn't important, imagine how much money N isn't making from 3rd party software that both sony and ms are
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MSBAUSTX  +   83d ago
Imagine how much money Nintendo is making on their exclusives that Sony and MS arent because their exclusives as a whole suck compared to th he quality of Nintendo exclusives. Third party is I'm mportant but not s bsoluty necessary for nintendo to survive. They had a ton of thurd party support for super NES and even decent on N64. But they are still here despite the 20 year argument that they need more third party support. Is it important, yes. Is it absolutly necessary, no. The fact Nintendo is still here proves that.
DualWielding  +   83d ago
are you implying there was no third party support on the SNES? third party support stopped with the N64 which is when Nintendo non handheld consoles started sucking
DualWielding  +   84d ago
Nintendo problem is that they have to pay third parties for the game to be made while the other two only have to pay for exclusivity
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wonderfulmonkeyman  +   84d ago
IMO, as long as AAA third parties refuse to do anything but gimped ports with missing content and no exclusive DLC or other content to make the Wii U versions attractive, we're not really missing out on much.

Think about it; out of all of the multiplat ports we've gotten, exactly how many have actually been of a comparable quality, in content, handling of optimization, and release time-frame, to the other versions on other consoles?

A handful, at best? Maybe slightly more?

The only two that come to mind off the top of my head, are Rayman Legends and Deus Ex Director's Cut.[and Rayman still suffered lower sales than it would have, had it released as an exclusive, let alone on time]

We've got to face facts here, guys and gals; the majority of gamers out there would not buy third party multiplats, like The Witcher and Far Cry, on Wii U, because third parties have earned a reputation of doing ports BADLY on the Wii U.

Releasing them when the third parties don't want to add attractive exclusive content to make them sell better, would only make them a waste of their development sources, and a further hit to the Wii U's already-bad third party reputation.

If third parties change how they do games on the Wii U by adding exclusive content that would be attractive to core gamers to the Wii U versions of their games, and stuck with that strategy until people saw enough of it to get hooked into buying those versions, third parties might actually find a home on the Wii U in the future.

But until/unless that happens, Nintendo is much better off without multiplats, and relying upon scooping up exclusives and reviving franchises that are on the brink of vapor-ware in addition to getting really good games from indie developers.

Speaking of indies, slightly off-topic, but....did you all see that AREAL, from the makers of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. series, is also coming to the Wii U?
Surprised the heck out of me, that's for sure.
I hope that that one game, at the very least, proves me wrong...[I'll be supporting its kick-starter. Only $50k asked, and they've already got over 10K on their very first day!]
"The only two that come to mind off the top of my head, are Rayman Legends and Deus Ex Director's Cut.[and Rayman still suffered lower sales than it would have, had it released as an exclusive, let alone on time]"

Add RE Revelations to that list, that port is pretty awesome!
As for the rest i kind of agree, I could get behind third party games being late if they at least came with all the content released up until that point but yea otherwise most of what has been seen has been utter crap. I don't need much but if there not even an attempt at parity with other releases of the game then it's pointless to make the ports in the first place. I don't need exclusive content, I don't need a lot of extra features but I can't support stuff being taken away, that's for sure.
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SilentNegotiator  +   84d ago
That's some ridiculous spinning. Nintendo can push themselves harder and buy 3rd party exclusives but they can never create the variety and sales that healthy third party support could.

Look at the boost Watch Dogs gave the Ps4 and Xbone. If Wii U got those boosts all of the time PLUS the boosts from first party games? They'd be in a much better position in the console race than they are now.
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wonderfulmonkeyman  +   84d ago
The flaw in your reasoning is that the majority of multiplat ports on the Wii U aren't done well enough to garner attention from the majority of the gaming community.

I don't even need to really put any effort into it to prove it; just look at the sales of CoD Ghosts on Wii U.
Or Batman.
Or Sniper Elite V2.
Or Mass Effect 3.
Or...really ANYTHING, sans a small handful like Rayman and maybe Deus Ex.

Core gamers just don't want to support these games on Nintendo consoles, as a majority rule, because the people making them, make these multiplats horrible, compared to their counterparts on other systems.

Watch Dogs for Wii U probably won't be any different; it's already been delayed. You can bet they won't put any exclusive DLC in there that would attract core gamers into investing in the game on the Wii U.
I wouldn't be surprised if they cut out a mode or feature somewhere as well.

There's nothing "healthy" about that kind of "support".

I'm sorry, but multiplat ports cannot provide the boosts you're talking about for the Wii U, so long as AAA third parties continue the same habits they've been prone to in developing Wii U multiplats thus far.

Only exclusives can do that right now.

Once exclusives have made the sales pick up enough for third parties to come back to the Wii U and TRY to make their multiplats better on the Wii U, they might stand a chance of seeing big sales out of it.

But if they continue doing ports as they have been, third party multiplats will never, EVER, make Wii U's sales boost like you're talking about.

It's a hard truth, but a truth nontheless; multiplats aren't the Wii U's key to success right now.
Exclusives and really good indies alongside a strong showing from first and second party with lots of great advertisement for key titles, are their best bets for Wii U's recovery right now.
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isarai  +   84d ago
Less games is never a blessing
Tell that to Atari, or anyone that tried slogging through the Wii shovelware searching for the truly great gems on that system.
stripe814  +   84d ago
WiiU right now is in a situation like the ps3, ps3 has no games before because nobody yet know how to play around with the cell..Sony focus on their studios to make games while others are learning the curve to make game for ps3..

yet wiiU it is different (third party are waiting for huge fan base) Nintendo should put their best on their first party games and excite gamers..like Ubisoft (damn this company) waiting for huge sales before they gonna release wiiU games..S.enix already announce they might release games for wiiU..

its not too late for Nintendo they have lot of momentum just wondering inside their universe
isarai  +   84d ago
Not really the same, the "PS3 haz no games" thing started because the cell was making development longer and more complicated than devs were expecting so for the longest the only games available were the launch exclusives which werent that great. Wii U is not getting much because of many factors, first off there was the confusing reveal that did not make it clear that it was a new console or not which left a lot of people confused for quite a while if they didn't keep up with the gaming news. Then really took forever to start releasing the titles everyone buys a nintendo console for so many people just never bought them leaving a small audience that many 3rd party devs just did not see as "worth it" to try and make games for. Now that stigma is lingering and keeping many 3rd party devs from even trying, not to mention it took a while before games even ran decently on the thing leaving many people to believe it wasn't even as powerful as the PS3 or 360, only recently it's starting to show that isn't the case at all.

Long story short, if Nintendo had launched with at least two worth while titles and did not take a year to release something else it wouldn't be in this situation.
Father__Merrin  +   84d ago
even a fully fledged wiiu title third party will fail to sell, Nintendo have turtled themselves into this position and can't get out now

other console owners will get the pick of the crop whilst wiiu owners will only have wiiu exclusives
Kevlar009  +   84d ago
I recall an ign interview with Reggie at E3 about 3rd parties. It's weird, but in a way Nintendo accepts their position with 3rd parties. Instead of paying 3rd parties to get games on WiiU, Reggie said Nintendo would rather do like they've done with Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta, W101, and Devil Third which is pay for and help in the making of games they wouldn't normally make under their banner.

They can diversify their portfolio while having the Nintendo brand of quality directly associated with it. It's both a little twisted and a little genius. Certainly getting main Ubi, EA, and Acti games are important, but maybe Nintendo can raise their own little 3rd party army. While I'm sure Platinum isn't going to make every game they make available on WiiU, it sounds like their relationship was positive (in terms of development at least) and could result in something in the future.

Just about any Nintendo game that isn't a party games gets high scores. Who knows what other games Nintendo can get their hands on. Maybe a collaboration with Square Enix on a Super Mario RPG sequel? Maybe another foray with Platinum with Star Fox? Maybe something brand new.
MasterCornholio  +   84d ago
I personally believe that if the Wii U has more 3rd party games that take advantage of the tablet controller it would be a very good thing.
LightDiego  +   84d ago
I bought the Wii U for the exclusives only, and i have no regret.
MilkMan  +   83d ago
I gotta say, the WiiU to me is like an All-Star, greatest hits console. All the games released for it have been awesome.

I understand they may not be to everyone's liking or tastes. But for those invested or willing to dip their toes in the Nintendo pool, they will not be disappointed.

The quality, the games are all there and they are FUN.

Now, pepper this with some good third party support and you have a winning trifecta, cause I forgot to mention that although the hardware is not face-melting, it is quite innovative and just a joy to play with. That off-TV play is something else.
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In a way you are very right.
Without redressing all valid criticisms all I can say is that Nintendo is FIGHTING very hard to develop content for the WiiU.

This is the perfect time to cause Nintendo to turn toward developing (more) NEW IP's for the WiiU.

Because they can't rely on releasing a few Mario titles, a Zelda, and a Metroid title. (<Over Simplified comment they have more IPs than that).

My point is that they are listening more to fans and gamers because they a are the sole providers of content. And as such, they are mostly responsible for the diversity of titles, game-play, visuals, and characters.

If they weren't in this position the would not be as motivated and projects such as "Splatoon" may never have seen the light of day or would have ben absorbed into a larger IP.

"Excellent" and "Yes" to you.
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