This Generation Proves You Should Never Buy a Console At Launch

Once again, we see two new consoles with not a lot of must-have titles in the first year. So what else is new?

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johndoe112111635d ago

So, I'm gonna change the title to make it a little clearer as to what it's actually saying:

"This Generation Proves You Should Never Buy a Console At Launch. Instead you should hold off for a year and then when no-one buys the new consoles and the companies loose billions of dollars in manufacturing and marketing fees from lack of sales, they would stop production and consoles will cease to exist. Then the devs will start making great games for no systems."

To the author of this article, bravo on your insightful and well thought out piece. *clap.....................clap ........................clap... ...............clap*

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weekev151634d ago

Well said mate. Bubble up.

IMO we all know the risks before you buy a launch day console. I am fortunate in that I am a Nintendo fanboy so during my drought at WiiU launch I had backwards compatibilty to fall back on to get me through the drought.

If you think there is gonna be a steady stream of games in the 6 months following a consoles launch you havent been paying attention. If the launch lineup is enough for you to keep playing during the drought, go for it and suport your console of choice.

I had enough to keep me going with NSMBU, Assassins Creed 3, Nintendoland and ZombiU. Im sure Sony and MS fans will have had a similar experience.

Maybr the title should read "before you buy a launch day console make sure you know the risks"

mydyingparadiselost1634d ago

Good, maybe they would take that marketing money and put it towards something worth spending it on, like amazing games at launch and more reasons to buy the systems. Marketing in this industry is insane, so much cash is spent hyping up things to a point where it's hard not to be disappointed when impossible expectations aren't met. Misplaced cash is a huge problem in this industry, it would do both MS and Sony some good to see that in effect.

Darkstares1634d ago

We all know the diehards will carry a system for awhile no matter how lean the games are or how slow the system gets updated.

Let's face it, most of the discussions on the forums have been about frame rate and resolution disparities between the two systems (while the PC continues to trump them) and when people talk about the games they are usually games not even out yet. That is a sure sign telling everyone else there isn't much reason to run to the store immediately and buy either one.

GordonKnight1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Sorry for purchasing all three new consoles within a month of launch.

Wii U>PS4>X1

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kungfuian1635d ago

What a load of nonsense! I have a ps4 and I'm really happy with the library so far!

After only 7 months I have; a new killzone, a new infamous, the highly underrated knack, a new stider, resogun, outlast, child of light, the best/definative versions of flower, pixel junk shooter 1-2, dead nation, tomb raider, trine 2, etc

and there is a steady flow of great content. in the next year or so I'll have-

valiant heart, swapper, oddworld, binding of issac remake, infamous dlc, last of us hd, evil within, destiny, lbp 3, alien isolation, witness, axium verge, forma.8, source, apotheon, no mans sky, the order, chasm, nidhogg, ratchet remake, blood borne, witcher 3, costume quest 2, and maybe a few others pending reviews/reception

I can't even find time to play all these and those are just the games that appeal to my tastes! The actual amount of and diversity of quality content for a new platform is crazy. Anyone saying otherwise is full of it!!!

MRMagoo1231635d ago

100% agree, I have had plenty of fun moments on my ps4 and I dont feel I should have waited. I can understand some ppl feeling they got ripped off with the xbone now that they lowered the price and removed kinect but thats a different story.

ramiuk11635d ago

aye kinect and price drop was a kick in teeth.
me with ps4 on launch was great.
i skipped fifa 14,bf4,ghosts on last gen so i had the better versions so to speak(although i got a full refund for bf4 as was mess lol)

but the games i played so far i have loved.


still havent played tombraider(did last gen)and i have a huge list of games coming from now to end of year im hyped for.

i just wish they would bring 3D and MKV,dlna support so i could lose a few wires and another device in front room taken out.

Peanuts1101634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I bought the PS4 at launch because it was the Stronger console. I bought the xbox one used for $400 complete with Kinect. I'm sure if I waited longer I could have gotten it cheaper. Trying to buy a PS4 used but the prices were no difference from a new console. (PS4 holds their value, xbox ones do not hold their value.)

starchild1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

It's true, this has been probably the best launch lineup and first year I have ever seen since I started gaming in the 80s. I don't understand how anybody can complain. With only my PS4 and PC I have more games than I can possibly play. If I had the XB1 and Wii U it would be even more impossible.

I've NEVER seen a generation with a first year lineup with games of the caliber of:

Infamous Second Son
Alien Isolation
The Last of Us Remastered
Dragon Age Inquisition
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Killzone Shadow Fall
Drive Club
Lords of the Fallen
Metro Redux
Battlefield 4
Shadow of Mordor
Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes
Watch Dogs
Little Big Planet 3
Bound By Flame
Assassin's Creed Unity
Far Cry 4
GTA 5 Remastered

Not to mention all the XB1 and Wii U games (which I'm not as familiar with, but know that there are some great ones), as well as all the amazing looking games coming early next year and throughout the rest of next year.

This is an absolutely fantastic start to a new generation.

KinjoTakemura1635d ago

@This Generation Proves You Should Never Buy a Console At Launch


Impatient, whiny, cry baby, console launch noobs should never buy a console at launch...

Fixed it.

MasterCornholio1635d ago

That's true because any rational person knows that there's always a risk with buying a console at launch where its hardware failures or game droughts, luckily for me I didn't experience either of the two.

rxl2091634d ago

most people dont experience those things because theyre not really an issue, its just something poor people make up so they dont feel so left out

ShaunCameron1634d ago

In the case of the Wii U, the risk was game droughts.

pornflakes1635d ago

As for The PS4 i must totaly agree. Only Indigames and multiplattform games. For this year the yonly got LBP2.5 and a racing game wich cant handel 60 FPS due to hardware limitation.

PS4 owners need to wait 1m5 years until their first good exclusive The Order and this one also doesnt have a mlutiplayer.

poor_cus_of_games1635d ago

What rubbish are you typing now? Did you intentionally forget about infamous and final fantasy? Where does it say that the order is out in 5 years? Lbp 2.5? So tell me how is the game since you have clearly played it. You give xbox fans and gamers in general a bad name and a even worse image. Go spew your hateful words elsewhere. You are not welcome here.

Why o why1634d ago

Trolls troll. These same guys professing the value of exclusives where pacifiers during last gens last 3rd. Remember, 'exclusives don't matter' let em be. Exclusives will always be the lifeblood of a console. It's just amusing to see how the extremist pipe up now considering there are less exclusives on their platform. I'll also address how many of us were downplaying the significance of indy titles last gen. . . Many of my favorite experiences were indy games. . Both sides have shown hypocrisy in that regards.

pornflakes1634d ago

Infamous?? This medicore game where nothing is going on on screen? Typical game for the graphics fanboys nothing more.

The side missions were boring as hell, Platin in 48 hours... come on, this game wanst worth 60 bucks.. Titanfall on the other hand is not a graphical king but you get gunderts of multiplayer hours with much fun for the same price.

For thex next 2 years xbox one owners will get for sure the most and best exclusives. What will be in 3 years?? We dont know... but the next console GEN will come way faster as the last one.

mmc-0071634d ago

xdrones are so thirsty after the gaming drought that is known as the 360.
xbox haze no gamez (I still count more tripple A games that the xbox one lol)

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