Feedback on PlayStation Now Beta not as Good as Expected

Since E3, select members of the gaming community have been invited to the PlayStation Now beta. As anyone knows, any service in a closed Beta is susceptible to bugs, glitches, and incomplete features; according to user feedback so far, PlayStation Now is no exception. Whether it spells disaster for the service or saves it, Sony needs to address it as soon as possible.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

I just can't enjoy it. It's not bad but the lag kills it for me. If this thing bombs Sony better sell it ASAP before it ends up costing them to much money.

I think they should've put that 380 million into Morpheous and first part studio development.

THC CELL1303d ago

Think that's your connection lad

lashes2ashes1303d ago

I have really bad lag playing dead island 2 and I have 20mps with a really low ping.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1303d ago

Yea I have about 40mbps. I think it's obvious you're gonna have lag no matter what.

Mikey322301303d ago

I have 15mbps down, no visible lag what-so-ever.

fr0sty1303d ago

and that's just input lag... no other commands other than what button your controller pushed, and a compressed video stream that scales down to less than 5mbps if needed... and too much lag on decent internet connections. and to think there's people who think that consoles are ready for cloud aided rendering...

morganfell1303d ago

It's been great. I have yet to have an issue other than the service being down for an hour when they swapped out the available titles. The only thing people are whining about are the non-final prices. They literally think these games being rented, many which Sony does not own, should be covered in the cost of PS Plus and that idea is absurd.

I have played Dead Island before they shifted to the new batch of titles and didn't have any issues.

The fact is the service is in beta and quite honestly a landmark achievement. Think about it. What was once thought to be impossible works. The damn thing actually works.

sonypsnow1303d ago

Playstation Now is Great, Greatness is Here!

gatormatt801303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

I haven't had any real issues yet that I can complain about. I have a fairly decent internet speed at 25mbps. Speed matters but not as much as latency. You can have a super duper fiber optic but if you have miserable ping then you're gonna lag. The key for Sony is to have servers placed all over the country. I can't even imagine how many PS Now servers it's gonna take to satisfy everyone...

maddskull1303d ago

you must have an Ethernet cable it makes the lag much less it helps alot. i tried it with an ethernet cable and with a wifi cable the ethernet cable is way much better.

k3rn3ll1303d ago

The main problem with the prices is the content. They are providing you a place to rent games before purchase. But the games they are providing are multiple years old. I'd honestly wouldn't mine paying 5 to try out a game for 4 hours to decide if I want to buy it. But only if that game is a new game. Especially If your gonna buy used, which alot of the sample games arent being produced anymore so you have to, are gonna cost less than the rental. The program does show promise but most of the games they are testing aren't that desirable to play 3 years after they were released. Sucks, but alot of people mentioned before the beta that Sony was having problems getting good content for the service from the pubs for a decent price. It would be a shame if that gets transferred to the consumer.

xilx1303d ago

I only have a 10mb connection, and I've only had a couple problems, which were either when the host's connection went to hell (usually caused input lag), or someone started streaming movies elsewhere in the house (usually only caused visuals to suffer).

Prime1571303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Honestly, am I the only one who ponders if it might be the net neutrality crap over any other connectivity issue?

John Oliver says it best: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutrality:

Edit: I think I'm in the minority who believe they already are already working the system?

Tru_Blu1303d ago

I have 30 down, 4 up and low latency in ping tests. I can notice the lag when playing also. It's not terrible but definitely wouldn't advise playing anything that requires split second reactions.

admiralvic1303d ago

Unlikely. I tested my connection via the PlayStation Now app, got the optimal connection message and experienced some minor input lag. Not a ton, but enough to cause problems.

tommygunzII1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

My speed is 30 and 4 and I had zero issues with lag on PS Now. Like someone else stated it has more to do with your location.

SilentNegotiator1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

That's game streaming for you. It's why Onlive never got anywhere far and PS Now will only be a side project to actual PS hardware.

Anon19741303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Tried it out with one of the free titles on PS Now tonight for the first time (up in Canada) and didn't notice any lag whatsoever. I've 15 down with my PS4 wired into my network.

Anyone sick already of internet sites that haven't yet tried the service wringing their hands about all the problems it has? Maybe wait until you get a chance to give it a whirl, then give us your opinion. Or wait until the final pricing and subscription rates are set, then offer your opinion. Until that time you're really not doing your readers any favors regurgitating stories from other sources.

ShinMaster1303d ago

Some of you might be getting your connections throttled by your ISP.

Ashlen1302d ago

No, it's not his connection, I have been trying to tell people it's just a bad idea to try to stream games.

It's the exact same thing with Onlive.

Do the games work, yes.

Is it the same experience as when you play off a disk, not even close.

Ares84HU1302d ago

Internet connection speeds will greatly effect this service for sure. Also, in some countries there are data limits /month so for those people PS Now is a bad idea.

The only way I see PS Now being successful if it's going to work like Netflix. A monthly subscription fee and you can play every game on the service. Renting games individually is not a good idea I think.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1302d ago

I have had nothing but good connection so far with it, though video quality did get low at various times and it made me not enjoy the service.

Saigon1302d ago

So I had lag only when connected via wifi. Once I hardwired the connection in, I haven't had any issues with lag.

thorstein1302d ago

I haven't experienced any lag, but, to be honest, from the getgo I wanted this to be a subscription service.

I wanted to pay a yearly (or monthly) subscription and get the games. It doesn't seem that they will go that way, however, this is a BETA and if they are listening to the community, then maybe this option will be considered.

Joe9131302d ago

I agree I have not had any problems with lag only problem I have is you have to pay now lol just hope the prices change.

bigbic1302d ago

Lag is an issue for some, while many people experience no lag at all. I think much of that will get worked out.

The real problem is the pricing model, it should be a subscription, with prices similar or less than Gamefly.

tbone5671302d ago

I knew PS Now would fail. Just had a feeling based on so many failures related to Sony and Playstation in the past.

zero_gamer1302d ago

"Think that's your connection lad"

Same for a huge percentage of internet users. It's not him, it's our severely dated infrastructure.

pixelsword1302d ago

I don't know if it's people's connection or not, but if the majority of people are lagging, it might not be them.

choujij1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Anyone who thinks a game needs to look like TAS2 in order to achieve native 1080p, needs to get their head checked.

Giul_Xainx1297d ago

If you use comcast, verizon, at&t or qwest you might want to purvhase a vpn. You can try them before you buy to see if it boosts your speed. Otherwise you are left with what your ISP decides to do with your portal to the informatikn gateway.

And I still think the pricing is fair. JUST BUY THE DAMN GAME ALREADY! Buy it used, trade on craigs list, lend your games to a friend. Seriously what is so wrong with just owning a physical copy, or digitally game sharing with your psn buddies LIKE ME AND MY FRIENDS DO?

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Eonjay1303d ago

I think they should let everyone get a free trial, even if for a few hours, so you can test your connection. That way, you will know going in if you have what it takes.

About the 380 million investment; If they price it properly, it will probably pay for itself in no time. The end result is a situation where they can generate longitudinal revenues for investments into all the things you listed.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1303d ago

Yes they could pay for itself pretty quick but who knows if it will pay for the 24+ data centers they have to keep running in the US alone.

fr0sty1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

If it didn't, the datacenters could be reused to strengthen Sony's other services. Eventually net connections will reach a point where cloud gaming is viable, and keeping ahead of the competition with research, hardware, and patents is nothing but a good thing. So, the investment is worth it. Cloud gaming, and eventually even cloud rendering, will be a thing eventually, even if these companies are jumping the gun a bit. At least they're testing and building infrastructure to handle it.

admiralvic1303d ago

"I think they should let everyone get a free trial, even if for a few hours, so you can test your connection. That way, you will know going in if you have what it takes. "

While I wouldn't be surprised if Sony added a really old and worthless title as a free "test" game (like Fat Princess. Would make sense considering the iOS game gives you a copy for free), the app currently offers a connection test option that gives you an idea what kind of experience you can expect.

@ The_Infected

That would probably fall under the concept of "you got to spend money to make money." By Sony allowing people to test with a game for even a short period of time, it will allow those on the fence a chance to see if it's for them. Same concept that goes into something like a demo, which takes time / money / effort to make and is not a simple "command + C" followed by "command + V."

UltraNova1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

The Beta will also be used to target the need for more key server locations and output capability based on the issues surrounding connectivity in affected areas. Making it an open beta will bring the system down causing a PR nightmare.

This has to be gradual and methodical.

Issues like old/damaged/long/low quality wiring, old routers running old codecs, distance from local servers, internet provider shenanigans will always be out of Sony's control.

I'm not defending them I'm just stating some facts here.

So lets give them feedback and help them make PSnow as smooth as possible for us. Bitching not required (Edit not directed at anyone, just a general remark).

Imalwaysright1303d ago

"I think they should let everyone get a free trial"

If they do do that it will most likely bring the service to its knees.

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Maddens Raiders1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Haha as expected some will try to make PS look bad no matter what a la 2006-2008 but I'm not falling for it.

So... a new and awesome innovative feature for gamers that allows you to play across the spectrum of great PS titles of yesteryear rolls out, and has a few hiccups and glitches in execution and pricing in BETA? Well color me shocked /s.


Bundi1303d ago

New and innovative? Did I dream up Onlive?

TFJWM1303d ago

@Bundi last i checked you couldn't stream games to a tv with nothing extra with Onlive

liquidhalos1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )


With an HDMI cable you can stream onlive to your tv

uth111303d ago

I'm afraid to try it because I can't see how there won't be too much lag and maybe even video compression/pixelization

KwietStorm1303d ago

You're afraid? What's gonna happen if you try it? What are you gonna lose?

uth111303d ago

I still have DSL because there aren't better options in my area yet. I'm lucky when I can stream 720p videos without lots of buffering.

How can PS Now possibly work well for me?

Prime1571303d ago

That's why they have told Europe, "sorry, we're not sure Europe's ISPs can handle this, so we are bringing it first to north America."

Yes, it's a service that your area can't have yet... and I feel bad for you, but that is more the stagnant ISP's fault than Sony's.

Common carriers, net neutrality... c'mon people, get the picture.

DOMination-1303d ago

Umm.. internet is a lot better in Europe than in North America.

FarEastOrient1303d ago

Since Comcast and Verizon are doing extortion over the last mile for a few companies. How long will it be before they do the same for this service.

Joe9131302d ago

I am in Kansas and will be on Google fiber within a year so I am not worried plus the beta works fine with my time warner line right now hard for me to believe it is the service and not the connection that people are having problems with.

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kingdom181303d ago

I had a wifi connection with 20Mbps the lag wasn't good at first but the next time I tried to play... let's say DI2 it was actually playable. If you still have the games rented out I'd try it again to see if it runs any better.

solid_snake36561303d ago

They should have just put emulation on ps4, I guarantee you their would have been no lag lol.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1303d ago

Yea Id say they could've put emulation on PS4 for 380 million. Lol

ramiuk11302d ago

i dont know why they didnt just make emulation and let u download the image to your console,i pretty sure it would of cost less and cheaper to eun

sinspirit1302d ago

Obviously, that would be ideal, but emulating on substantially different hardware than what is being emulated has a much higher performance hit.

And, they generally add hardware to allow emulation, which adds cost to the units, and it really adds up.

This service is not just meant for backwards compatibility but being able to stream it to many types of devices.

solid_snake36561302d ago

@sinspirit oh please my old pos pc can do emulation

sinspirit1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

Did I say it couldn't? I was saying that the hardware required to emulate must be substantially better than the hardware that is emulated.

And I see you had nothing to say about the added cost to each unit when they throw in extra hardware to achieve smooth emulation.

I've emulated PS2, GameCube, and Wii on my PC. But, to emulate PS3 and 360.. You need hardware about 10x as good just to get it to run decently on native settings. Maybe, not for 360 since it is more similar to a PC than PS3.

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MikeGdaGod1303d ago

i feel really bad...i've been in the beta for two weeks but i just haven't had the time to play with it much

harrisk9541303d ago

I've been in the beta for a couple of months on the PS3 and now the PS4. I have no lag at all. Maybe it depends on your location, but I have been really impressed with it. I was amazed that it actually works!

Elda1303d ago

No lag here great.

aragon1303d ago

I think we should all realize it's a beta and betas are there for feedback if there are issues report them to relevant Sony associates if prices are too high don't buy them in the beta. But at the end of the day it's a beta to a service that has potential

incredibleMULK1303d ago

yep thats what i said. what a waste of $380 million. Thats like 4 or 5 aaa games they couldve made that wont be made.

god of war 4
mag 2
socom 5

instead we get to stream socom confrontation for 90 days for $30. yay.

solid_snake36561303d ago

Does it at least have online lol?

mrpsychoticstalker1302d ago

that sucks. this service is not good.

sinspirit1302d ago

It's a whole separate department. All their game developers are already working on games.

Magicite1303d ago

Ill just keep my PS3, gonna be cheaper and easier this way.

Deathdeliverer1303d ago

Seriously I have played ninja garden Sigma 2 along with a host of other games with zero lag. Are you guys on wifi? My other friends on my list have had zero issues. I'm at 50mb dl. Are you guys on satellite Internet cause that is slow as hell I've heard. I just don't get it.

showtimefolks1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

This is still in Beta, i see big things for this service. I think people don't understand that this is a closed beta, than there will most likely be a public beta

This service is a long term investment, so i am sure it will go through many changes with a lot of feedback. I just hope people are not too down on it even though its beta.

Let's wait till final product,pricing etc, is launched before we pass judgement.

also what's amazing is how some of us are having no issues, yet others are saying they have huge lag issues among other things. Hopefully sony is getting everything set up right

Zero-One1303d ago

How about neither then?

Zero-One1303d ago

Cool your tits you idiot! It's just a beta, in other words a test. They told you this at E3.

bez871302d ago

agreed, love the idea but money could of been spent on better things, no one cares about cloud gaming, all we care about is games

XB1_PS41302d ago

125mb connection, still lag. It's their side. My down is 50+, and up is 20+. I've encountered this with every streaming service like this. It's just too vast a distance to make lag a non factor.