Why Did I Buy a 3DS?

An opinion piece that explores whether or not buying a 3DS was a wise decision and a brief overview of the state of handheld gaming.

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3-4-51638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

I own both, love both, but I've played so many more games for 3DS because there are more DS/3DS games that appeal to me than Vita games so far.

* I'm sticking it out with the Vita though, I have faith they will realize their mistake.

3rd parties aren't helping either. They are making some pretty iffy or too niche games for Vita.

* Stop making games that appeal to only 20,000 people.

* 3DS has so many games that appeal to many different gamers but also games that appeal to everyone as well.

It's a nice balance, and hopefully the balance of games on Vita evens out a bit.

3DS in 2015 could be even better though.

mikeslemonade1638d ago

Don't buy a Nintendo system this generation after the Wii1 debacle. They don't deserve your money and they can rot this generation.

vergilxx31638d ago

I own both too but I have much more games on my vita and only 3 for 3ds xl pokemon x, resident evil revelations and mercenaries and for vita I have Final Fantasy X-X2 HD,Dragon Ball z Battle Of Z,Borderlands 2,Need For speed Most Wanted,Assassin's Creed III Liberation,Persona 4 Golden,Killzone Mercenary,Muramasa Rebirth,God Of War Collection,Soul Sacrifice,Ragnarok Odyssey,Gravity Rush,Destiny Of Spirits,Ridge Racers,WipEout 2048,Walking Dead season one,Little Devains,Corpse Party,Wrc 3,Silent Hill and I still have plenty to buy I think I can't find the right games on 3ds and hell they are expensive will you recommend any good.?

NukaCola1638d ago

I own both. Love them equally.

woodchipper891638d ago

3DS > Vita
Yes, I have owned both

MrSwankSinatra1638d ago

3DS > Vita

That's not even up for debate, it's an established fact at this point.

Spotie1638d ago

Since it's based on an opinion, it can never be an established fact.

rambi801638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Ps Vita + PS plus + PSN > 3DS

3DS has the better library, but PS vita is the better value proposition (For me at least)

And yes, i own both

infinitewords1638d ago

I have both and while I like the design of the vita more than the 3ds, the 3ds just has the better games. And it seems like Sony doesn't care about the vita since they don't release many AAA titles for it. I'm actually thinking of trading in my vita for a Wii U.

xazingop1638d ago

nice troll nintendo fanboy 10+

RexDD1638d ago

Vita > 3DS

It's called an opinion, and I respectfully disagree with yours.

xazingop1638d ago

Edit:Yes,Im(woodchipper89) nintendo fanboy

GdaTyler1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

For me they're equal in software. It's my opinion. 3DS has better support so I'll end up with far more titles than on Vita.

On the matter of hardware I actually like both my 3DS XL and Vita almost equally as well. Though obviously Vita is much more powerful.

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PSNintyGamer1638d ago

I bought a 3DS to enjoy multiple First and Third Party games.

jujubee881638d ago

That's the definition of anything that can play games. (Even a calculator that can be hacked to play games)

Fullmetalevolust1638d ago

I bought mine for exclusive ninty games, cause it's a handheld and cause it has great JRPGs and awesome support by all sorts of developers.

SyluxPT1638d ago

Just got this week a 2DS with Pokemon X. So awesome! :)

Artista 1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Yay, enjoy :). I'm getting a 2DS tomorrow along with Donkey Kong returns 3D.


I'm the opposite. I ask myself why I bought a Vita. I'm gonna keep it tho' someday I'll be able to stream PS3 games on it, and of coarse more indie games & remote play. If I got rid of it, I'd regret it.

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