Battlefield: Hardline Is So Similar To BF4 It Even Has The Same Bugs

The launch of Battlefield 4 is notorious for the amount of bugs and glitches that accompanied it.

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lelo1489d ago

I don't know who would disagree with you. It really is funny, LOL.

Nafon1489d ago

Honestly, the title makes it seem a lot funnier that it actually is. When I read what the (single) bug mentioned was, it was a bit of a let down lol.

Off topic, but I never noticed the issue since i prefer playing in fullscreen borderless windows anyways. Makes Alt tabbing and switching to windows on other monitors 10x faster.

I'm sure the games share much bigger bugs than this one.

1489d ago
Pixel_Enemy1489d ago

This is COD all over again. Yearly release of content that is priced full retail when it should just be DLC.

OrangePowerz1489d ago

At least the MP in CoD feels different between each game so far. Hardline feels exactly the same and if I woukd turn off the HUD and play on a training ground I wouldn't be able to know what is BF4 and what is Hardline.

Thatguy-3101489d ago

People can crap on COD as much as they can but at least the people behind it make sure the game is playable.

ScottyHoss1489d ago

I'm not educated in the subject, but could frostbite 3 be buggy? NFS: rivals was buggy a little bit, BF4 launched bad and although I didn't have many troubles past the first month lots did, and now BF:H is having the same bugs. 3 different developers all having troubles.

OrangePowerz1489d ago


Some engines are more prone to bugs than others because of how they are coded. Best example is the engine Bethesda used for Fallout 3, New Vegas and Skyrim.

Frostbite 3 is just only an upgraded version of Frostbite 2 and not really a new engine. BF3 already had it's fair share of issues. If you don't fix issues or don't carry the fix over you are bound to get them again.

Soulscare1489d ago

Yup, I'm the first person to bash CoD, but this is an all time low for Battlefield.

On topic, this is what happens when you reuse code!

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Marcello1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Ok now they have gone too far, if they want yet another 50 euro`s out of me the least i can expect from Dice is new bugs.

iamnsuperman1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

To be fair these seems more like an EA issue since Visceral Games are heading up this game. The more I hear of this game the more I can't help but think this is just a reskinned mod. Still DICE and EA shouldn't have released BF4 in the state it was in (considering a developer's integrity is so vital) but this seems like EA just giving BF4 to another developer to mod

wsoutlaw871489d ago

it really just looks like BF4 with a new game mode.

iagainsti1201489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

I have the Beta. It plays like a different game it feels more... like Payday meets Battlefield. It shoots like Call of Duty with slight bullet drop. Has toned down Battlefield destruction and vehicles. Overall it may not be able to win over the hard core Battlefield Veterans.

-Foxtrot1489d ago

Oh dear...

I don't see why they are getting Visceral Games to do this game.

Look at the games they've made, nothing screams "First person shooter multiplayer developers".

I'd rather the team doing this was working on the Star Wars game or even working on a Dead Space reboot/re-telling

It just feels like this is a quick cash in while they buy time for next years Battlefield game.

Seems like they are resorting to Activisions tactics

crazychris41241489d ago

They should have had these guys work star wars 1313 instead of this mod... i mean dlc... damn i mean game.

iagainsti1201489d ago

I need me some 1313. When I saw the first trailer I partied like it was 1999. I can see them making it a great game.

slate911489d ago

Ea has literally butt-raped one of my favorite franchises. Dumbing down bf2 pc - bf3 and then the abomination release of bf4.

Hellsvacancy1489d ago

I thought bf3 was an "abomination" compared to my beloved bad company games, I had no choice but to adapt to bf3, I guess it was fun some of the time, not as rememberable as bc

cell9891489d ago

BF4 is actually pretty badass, most of the bugs have been ironed out. your comment is so late 2013, I still play the crap out of the game as many people seem to be doing as well since there is always full servers to play on

cyclindk1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Literally? That makes so little sense it makes absolute perfect sense.

paddy951489d ago

Same old crap every year. It's expensive bf3 dlc just like bf4 was.

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