Nintendo ‘Hasn’t Decided’ if ‘Splatoon’ Will Support Voice Chat

In an interview with 'Splatoon's producer/manager Hisashi Nogami and project lead Tsubasa Sakaguchi during E3 2014, the developers revealed that the multiplayer-focused shooter's support of voice chat is still up in the air.

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Concertoine1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

At the very least they should include voice chat for people on your friends list, this is a very competitive game from the looks.

I just hope there's a party system where you can actually play with your friends unlike MK8 which either ONLY lets you play with friends or you both have to join a community.

randomass1711638d ago

^This right here. Complete no-brainer approach.

aragon1638d ago

Why haven't u decided on this Nintendo? This is kind of a big deal to some people not everyone but at least give people the option to voice chat,, c'mon Nintendo u remind me of my parents always being protective of their kids and not giving us freedom to choose especially in an online game

MEsoJD1638d ago

This game was seriously, the most intriguing that Nintendo introduced during E3 in my opinion. May have to pick a Wii-U up… at a reasonable price.

Metallox1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )


An online multiplayer shooter without voice chat? Come on, Nintendo. Your game won't be successful with missing features like this, and it's already losing points due to its style. But I have faith in you.

voodoochild3461638d ago

I was with you until you trashed the game's style. Everything doesn't have to look super realistic to be enjoyable. Besides colourful, more stylized graphics tend to age better anyway.

Metallox1638d ago

And I like the style, just to clarify. But you think all the masses will do, all the COD kids? No, but Nintendo can solve that problem with good actions, like adding voice chat to your game.

Concertoine1638d ago

The colorful art style is what will sell this, especially on a nintendo platform. I think this will be a highly successful new IP, anything with nintendo's name sells.

randomass1711638d ago

I agree. If Nintendo is serious about this game, they will find a way to market it properly. They just need to make sure it accommodates everyone, not just Nintendo fans who may or may not care about voice chat.

Metallox1638d ago

I hope so. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the idea (just look at my avatar), but it's not something that kids, teens or adults seem to be looking for, unfortunately. COD and Battlefield defend that argument. I expect good marketing and promotion by Nintendo, I really want that this new IP to be successful as well.

mixelon1638d ago

Except the Wii U, apparently.

Joking! :D

Summons751638d ago

I wouldn't mind. Personally I'd be great to have the Demon's Souls route and have to work together through only gestures and actions. Plus unless you're on COD Xbox or Halo and have twelve year olds screaming obscenities in your ear a lot of people barely use voice chat. I for one lost my interest in shooters because kids ruin the game.

This game is going to be amazing with or without voice chat.

randomass1711638d ago

If what Jared is true, then the idea is probably on the cards and they are still deciding whether or not to put it into the game. Fingers crossed that they let loose on this one!

Conrad221638d ago

I'm afraid Splatoon will lack the voice chat feature because of Nintendo being very cautious when it comes to online interaction between players. Even if it's not included I think Splatoon will still be a solid online experience!

Darkstares1638d ago

What exactly are they being cautious about? Nintendo continues to baffle all logic. They create party games and are the most supportive of local multiplayer. Yet in their wisdom it's best if we don't talk to each other, even when were in the same room sharing the same screen.

Conrad221638d ago

I think Nintendo just doesn't want people to abuse the option of voice chat by using vulgar language or making negative comments or something of that nature. That's why they don't include it. I think they need to realize that when it comes to gaming that will be unavoidable. I do agree with you though, Nintendo does tend to baffle logic at times!

Summons751638d ago

Please go online and find a multiplayer match that doesn't have some kid screaming obscenities or some meth head blaring rap or a juggalo talking about ICP/weed/ or wanting to kill himself.

Nintendo consoles are aimed toward everyone and they are probably worried that kind of crap will ruin the experience like it does with every other online game.

weekev151638d ago

They should include it but give you the chance to mute that kid screaming obsenities. Job done everyone's a winner.

Darkstares1638d ago

I'm not sure if allowing Nintendo to choose for us on everything is the best thing to do. Otherwise you're just targeting the same demographic all the time. They just have to not be lenient on those who do abuse the system. I get where they are coming from but it almost sounds like the same attitude China takes with not allowing Facebook.

SoulSercher6201638d ago

You have to think about whether or not you want to put voice chat in a team based game?


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