Oculus Acquiring Xbox 360 Controller Design Team

Oculus VR has today announced a major new acquisition in the Seattle-based Carbon Design Group. The industrial design and product engineering company is best known for its work with Microsoft, having created the asthetic designs for both the Xbox 360 controller and the Kinect motion sensor. The company will join Oculus VR in working on the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset. The acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of summer 2014.

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XiSasukeUchiha1632d ago

Oh smokes shocking developments

miyamoto1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Actually its not shocking.

We all know that again PlayStation has caught Xbox with its pants down when Sony revealed Project Morpheus, right?

And then the news broke out that Facebook acquired Oculus Rift.
Do you know Facebook's biggest shareholder?

You are right! Microsoft!

And all things leads to that fact!

Which reminds me of the situation when Sony was also offered by Prime Sense (now a Subsidiary of Apple Inc.) to adapt their 3-D sensor a.k.a. Project Natal a.k.a. Kinect!

History repeats itself!

Kavorklestein1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I think you misunderstood the article.
Like, by A LOT.

This is NOT Microsoft making a VR headset.
This is the company that helped make the design aesthetics for the 360 controller and Kinect.

It's not Microsoft making a VR headset, you tried so hard to throw knives at Microsoft, that the blade has gone around the globe full circle, and stabbed you in the back.

Your agenda not only made you look like a die-hard, it made it painfully obvious that you can't comprehend simple things, and that you will crucify yourself for something without reading the fine print.

Better luck next time.

Funantic11632d ago

You make no damn sense.

Bundi1632d ago

Prepare for form fitting comfort and frustrating buttons...looking at you LB/RB

randomass1711632d ago

I'd be more concerned for the d-pad...

Eonjay1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Its important to note that this team also developed the Kinect. So while the proposition of a controller is interesting, its much more likely that they want to design their own branded camera first. This acquisition is incredible for them because it opens the door for all sorts of peripherals.

MeliMel1632d ago


They designed the way it looks not the components inside Kinect. I dont see this being a problem at all.

Eonjay1632d ago

Thanks for the correction.

wsoutlaw871632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

they design the look of things. Maybe oculus just wants some help making it look pretty. They could be working on a peripheral but this doesnt really prove a thing.

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gamerfan09091632d ago

I've never had any problems with that controller. All of the buttons worked fine for me outside of the D-pad.

demonddel1632d ago

Didn't know they had ppl still using the Dpad nice to meet you

elninels1632d ago

Agree with your opinion on the controller; lb and rb are absolutely fine to me.

However eonjay hit the bail on the head. They want a sexy motion tracking camera, and again, eonjay, the peripherals conversation is very interesting.

Peripherals on the pc market are dime a dozen. Occulus can push their own branded peripherals optimized for the rift and its motion tracking camera. With facebook money they could do some serious r&d.

It would also help clean up the cluttered peripheral market. Not saying competition is bad, however it seems like a relatively unsorted mess. This would force competitors tostep up.

JBSleek1632d ago

It's not like the controller will be the same

ForgottenProphecy1632d ago

Ehh, I never liked the Xbox controller myself, but hopefully I'll like this one more.

gamerfan09091632d ago

Good acquisition. 360's controller is easily in the top 3 of all time for me. This is why Facebook buying this company is good. They NEEDED the capital to make moves like this. Oculus now is growing faster than ever and making some great moves.

starchild1632d ago

Good insights. I agree with you fully.

aliengmr1632d ago

This is why both Sony and OVR need each other. Despite being able to design and manufacture a quality HMD, they simply couldn't make the kind of push OVR can.

Once VR becomes viable and accepted Sony won't have much trouble getting console gamers to, not just be excited by Morpheus, but actually buy it.

Had Facebook not purchased OVR, VR would have remained niche and expensive.

Vr may still fail, but at least OVR and Sony are giving it a shot in the best possible ways.

MelvinTheGreat1632d ago

Oculus will most likely be more widely adopted because pc gamers arent afriad to shell out hundreds of dollars while console gamers like the cheaper consoles that produce good gaming experiences. If morpheus is 250+ Dollars adoption is gonna be tough, that and oculus will likely be supported by more games.

Convas1632d ago

Umm, OVR doesn't need a damn thing. OVR existed and was making moves before Sony jumped into the race with Morpheus, and with the amount of talent stockpiling that Facebook is doing with OVR, I'm not even sure if Sony will be able to be compare once the full product hits.

iagainsti1201632d ago

@MelvinTheGreat $250 would be dirt cheap for VR.
VR HMD Pro 3D - $2999-$10,500

Sony Personal 3D Viewer HMZ-T3W $998

aliengmr1632d ago


I'm talking about each having their own markets to focus on. Sure OVR could go it alone to some degree, but Sony working on an HMD specifically designed for consoles is better for everyone in the short term. Let Sony worry about A. getting an HMD to run flawlessly on the PS4 and B. actually selling it to the console market which is going to be tough to begin with.

Few years down the road sure, things will change, but its an uphill battle for everyone.


Totally agree, I really don't envy Sony's task. But to their credit they are going about it the right way. Not shoving ports on to it and sticking with indies/first-party VR titles. They also aren't doing more than they can. A misstep could ruin things.

Real question is will Sony actually see it through?

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specialguest1632d ago

The 360 controller aside from the d-pad was amazing. The first time holding one was like ergonomic heaven. Good move Oculus.

wsoutlaw871632d ago

you guys know was aesthetics are right? they didnt design the entire controller or the way the kinect works, just the design.

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TardcoreGamer1632d ago

Oculus Rift development is the equivalent to the Manhattan Project of the video game world.

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