Wii U Leading The Way in Console Exclusives This Gen

N247: The Wii U has been said to be a serious error for Nintendo, a miscommunication to the general public, and major fail for gaming, but as much negative and misunderstood news surrounds the Wii U, the truth of the matter is that the Wii U is far better prepared for this generation than people might think.

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techologie1633d ago

W102 would be pretty sweet.

TruthInsider 1633d ago

Wow really!?

So it also released November 13 did it?

Or has it had another years worth of dev time?


nicksetzer11633d ago

Based on E3 this year and games already like donkey kong, new mario, etc I would totally agree. If Xbox and PS can follow the precedent nintendo is setting this will be a great genereation for all 3 consoles.

2pacalypsenow1634d ago

i would hope so its been out since 2012

ForgottenProphecy1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

You bring up a good point. Wii U is getting a ton of exclusives this and next year (Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Splatoon), but both Xbox One and PS4 have a lot of exclusives coming next year.

EDIT: @wonderfulmonkeyman: I don't count "Also on PC" games like Titanfall and Planetside 2 as exclusives at all. Also, timed exclusives are usually Microsoft's thing, but I was referring to games like The Order, Halo, Uncharted, ect.

wonderfulmonkeyman1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

A consideration to keep in mind, though; just how many of Sony and Micro's "Exclusives" are either timed, or also coming to PC?

Edit: fair enough, then. Just thought it bore mentioning.

MSBAUSTX1633d ago

Nintendo always delivers quality products that have good content time and again. I enjoy all systems and what they bring to the table. But when i want something i know will be good and do not have tow ait for reviews to tell me it is good, I turn to my trusty Wii U. Really it has been that way with all Nintendo systems i have owned. I have owned another system with it but find it hard to trust exclusives for them each time. But not with Nintendo.

Aquariusgamer1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

While I would normally agree with you about discrediting multiplats, I think that multiplats must certainly be considered when speaking in regards to nintendo, as they represent an entire area of gaming that wii u will NOT be receiving.

that is a BIG factor when considering which console to play.

If you're talking pc vs x1 vs ps4, then sure, discredit multiplats as they all have them, but when you vs any platform against wii u, then not having AAA multiplats is a huge negative for wii u.


What does it matter if a game is also on PC if the person in question is a console only gamer? The biggest fallacy of "can play that on pc too" is that it assumes EVERYONE has a gaming pc, especially in this day and age when tablets and laptops are slowly replacing PCs in all non gaming functionalies.

Neonridr1633d ago

Late November of 2012.. yes..

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pcz1633d ago

quality, not quantity

Locknuts1633d ago

True. I'd rather play NSMBU/NSLU, Pikmin3, W101 & WWHD than Knack, Shadowfall and Infamous though. TLOU is great, but I already have it.

Sincere01211633d ago

Agreed Nintendo has both quality and quantity, so I'm glad that isn't an issue.

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techologie1634d ago

Nice games coming out. Can't wait for Devils

randomass1711634d ago

Bayonetta and Devil's Third are hopefully just the start of a few more similar partnerships. Those kinds of games can further help the Wii U gain its own must-have content and actually compete more adequately.

Chupa-Chupa1633d ago

I'm all over Devil's Third. Those are exactly the type of games I would like to see on the Wii U. That multiplayer looks fun.

wonderfulmonkeyman1633d ago

It's like I've been saying: The Wii U needs third party exclusives, not multiplat ports.

Exclusives they've either dealed for or scooped out of limbo/sure-death will be the source of strength for the Wii U's third party support going forward, right alongside indies and first/second party.

MSBAUSTX1633d ago

@wonderfulmonkeyman- At one time i would have argued with you. But i believe you are right. However, I loved being able to play Batman, COD, Rayman, Assasins Creed, and Splinter Cell on my Wii U because at the time I didnt have an XB1 or PS4. I actually wasnt disappointed with them either. Assassins Creed and Batman Arkham City were very pretty on my Wii U. But exclusives is where its at because it give people more of a reason to buy if it is the only way they can play a particular third party game.

randomass1711633d ago

wonderfulmonkeyman you are right on the ball. Wii U got a lot of third party support at its launch and NO ONE supported. historically speaking, Nintendo's third party exclusives have actually been pretty successful. So much so I remember Resident Evil 4 being considered the game of its generation before it ended its exclusivity on Gamecube.

Kevlar0091633d ago

I hope it succeeds to show a game like Timeplitters can make it in the current game environment

Too many shooters try to be serious all the time. I want some variety and intentional fun

Neonridr1633d ago

@randomass171 - Resident Evil 4 is still best played on the Wii.

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Fullmetalevolust1633d ago

Two of my most anticipated games for the WiiU for sure! Proud owner since 2013, hehe. Must admit, had my doubts about my purchase, but the litany of good 1st party titles validated my purchase.
Love being able to play with family and friends on local multi-player.

GordonKnight1633d ago

Yes, fourplayer Mario Kart 8 turns the house into a party.

PaleMoonDeath1633d ago

Super Mario Bros & Zelda have me heavily intrigued to buy a Wii U to sit alongside my PS3/4, I'm literally skewing the internet now checking up some prices, quite cheap!

Mario Kart 8, SSB, Zelda Wind Waker, and the new Zelda are luring me in, I'm seriously considering the purchase, Pro model or standard is the question.. white version 8GB, pro is 32GB.. Hm.

wonderfulmonkeyman1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Two deals to consider:

#1 The Mario Kart Bundle.
$255[around that mark, anyways] nets you Mario Kart 8, an extra Wiimote Plus[special Mario scheme to it, too, I think], a racing wheel peripheral to use with the Wiimote Plus[not that big a deal, but w/e] and, depending on whether you live in the US[selection of 4] or the UK[selection of 8], you get a download code for yet ANOTHER AAA game on the Wii U for FREE.

#2 Go to Nintendo's main site and look for refurbished models.
They're selling Pro 32GB models for only $199.

Hope that was helpful!^_^

PaleMoonDeath1633d ago

Appreciated very much dude, I've got my eye on the Wind Waker bundle with the little design on the pad, I dig it! I'm buying one brand new though, I don't feel like I own a machine unless I buy it myself haha!

Quick question, is there a way to play Gamecube games on the console? I have REmake, RE Zero, Timesplitters etc on my Gamecube and I;d adore the chance to use them on my Wii U, with my Gamecube controllers and such.

Sorry for the questions bud, I've never bothered to look into the Wii U until a few days ago, Sony's games are coming out next year, so until then I'd like to enjoy some good ol' Nintendo.

wonderfulmonkeyman1633d ago

Unfortunately the Gamecube is not supported on the Wii U natively, but there are plans by Nintendo to eventually include Gamecube games into their Virtual Console line-up. You'll need to break out your Wii, or play an updated remake of a Gamecube game made for the Wii on the Wii U, to play Gamecube games.XD

The Wii U, however, is natively backwards-compatible with all Wii games, meaning games like Resi-Evil 4 and Xenoblade Chronicles will play on it perfectly fine.^_^

There's also a Gamecube Controller Adaptor being made specifically for the release of Super Smash Brothers 4 on the Wii U, though, so that might also be a big hint that Gamecube games on the Virtual Console aren't far off.

PaleMoonDeath1633d ago

Very appreciated guys, I still have my Gamecube just encase, I'll keep it around for the titles that aren't supported, I still have a few Wii games I need to snatch so it's a win-win situation.

Again thanks guys, surviving through the summer with some Nintendo, I never expected that to happen haha!

Concertoine1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Just thought i'd throw this in but Capcom re-released RE 0 and REmake on the Wii, and since the wii u plays wii games you can technically play those two. You can stream wii games to the pad so i'll have it sitting next to me while i do work then when a break comes along i'll play some REmake haha. You can get those two re-releases online for nothing if youre interested.

randomass1711633d ago

Did those games come with the any sort of classic controller support or are you relegated to using just the Wii remote and nunchuk?

Letthewookiewin1633d ago

I'm really considering picking up a WiiU to sit next to my PS3 and PS4. Also I was just thinking about the quality of their titles. I never hear about buggy or broken games from them nor have I played one. Yup just talked myself into it.

Neonridr1633d ago

ever heard of a RROD with Nintendo products? Doesn't happen. They make quality consoles. There are tons of games worth playing on the system. And deals are to be had left right and center. Just the other day I picked up Splinter Cell and ACIV for $20 each at my local Future Shop. And Arkham City Origins is only $20 too. I may jump on that. Not to mention Amazon is selling Deus Ex for like $15 (which is an amazing price for a really great version of that game).

Aceman181633d ago

I have mine sitting between both my PS3 and PS4.

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