New Final Fantasy XIV Screenshots Show Patch 2.3, New Armor, Monsters, Dungeons and Personal Rooms

The release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s Patch 2.3 is around the corner, slated for July 8th, and today Square Enix released a large batch of screenshots showcasing the content of the large-scale update.

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Lacarious1489d ago

whatever... when does FF XV hit?

maximus19851489d ago

you get that logic outa here!! now here some news on ff7 g bike that you didnt ask for

Abriael1489d ago

Maybe you should care about the great games that are already out on the market instead of writing off topic comments about other games on posts that have nothing to do with them.

Lacarious1489d ago

nah dude, there aren't any "great games" for the ps4 yet....... Destiny is a huge disappointment.... gotta wait for 2015 and hope that GTA and Last of Us hooks it up.

Major_Glitch1489d ago

@lacarious nah dude, there are plenty of "great games" for the ps4..... Destiny...isn't even out yet....and you must be daft if you're gonna wait for 2015 thinking two remasters are gonna hook it up.
OT: Really enjoying this game. FFXIV is probably the best mmo available on consoles. Looking forward to the patch.

Lacarious1489d ago

I'm very daft punkish ya know.... but yeah.... my ps4 is sad right now...

abstractel1489d ago

Lacarious: Then play Infamous, Watch Dogs, Killzone (yeah I said it cause it's a great game with great co-op), Child of Light, Valiant Hearts. Yeah it's been a dry 6 months for sure, but in 4 weeks we get Oddworld, then week after Last of Us Remastered, then another four weeks Infamous First Light then two weeks and we get Destiny. I think it's dumb of all publishers to pack a massive amount of triple A titles in October though. They are only hurting themselves.

I'm glad we get dynamic snow/rain in Driveclub because of the delay but I really wish they would have aimed to release it before the dreaded October. Just too many good games that month which is going to make a lot of people buy one or two games and wait to buy the others when they are on sale. Then they'll complain that the industry isn't as healthy as it used to be when its their own poor planning.

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Magicite1489d ago

This game is only potential wow killer for now.

Jubez1871489d ago

That awkward moment when FFXIV is more of a "Final Fantasy" than FFXV could ever dream to be.

illmaticdragon1489d ago

This is actually one of the best RPG experiences out right now regardless of whether it's an MMO and the fact that it's currently exclusive is a boon for playstation. The MMO mechanics are very solid and among the best of the best while the pre-meta game story missions and music, which have that classic FF feel btw, are actually very well down and keep getting better all the way until the level 50 finale. Only thing is, you have to wade through the MMO things to experience them (I love how you can rewatch any of the cutscenes later at the inn room) but that doesn't mean it's not a good game or that you should write it off.

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Rob_Ko1489d ago

best mmo on the market imo

Destrania1489d ago

I'm still a huge fan of GW2 myself. I wish they would bring that to consoles...

Farsendor11489d ago

wish that, plus a new expansion.

GW2 is just a couple of years old same as Planetside 2

SirBradders1489d ago

Can't wait for this patch to drop.

Illusive_Man1489d ago

Should be coming to X1 soon!

Jubez1871489d ago

If MS changes their policy, then perhaps. There's still not a lot of hype for it in the Xbone community.

Kayant1489d ago

Yh that soon will be quite a while.

MasterCornholio1489d ago

Only if Microsoft allows cross platform play and drops the gold requirement for online play. Those are the developers terms and if they are met they will bring it to the Xbox One.

ScorpianusNoir1489d ago

Not really interested in this game.

OT: Every time I click on an article on this site, my Norton 360 gives me a Trojanhorse warning. This has been happening for the last two weeks. Is anyone else having this issue? Who should I report this to?

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