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Hillary “Pokket” Nicole joins BioWare as new Community Coordinator

Yesterday BioWare introduced a new member to the community team. Hillary “Pokket” Nicole now joines the team as new Community Coordinator. Her role will be to help maintain relationships with fan sites, streamers, guilds, and any other aspect of the SWTOR community. (BioWare Austin, PC, Star Wars:The Old Republic)

randomass171  +   216d ago
The message is nice enough and I dig the hair. Here's hoping she does a quality job.
papashango  +   215d ago
"Now that we have a pretty & hip woman community coordinator the neckbeards will accept us again"

-Bioware Management
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SonyWarrior  +   215d ago
she doesn't look pretty to me. She looks rather appalling
NiteX  +   215d ago

I bet she's a really pretty girl without that awful make up and green hair.
mikeslemonade  +   215d ago
Bioware is gonna flop this gen. Mass Effect 1 is in my top 5 games last gen and there's noway they will make it to my top this gen again. Destiny holds that's spot.
Rhaigun  +   215d ago
So, they get rid of, Chris "Evil" Priestly, whom everyone loved, and replace him with this?
DragonKnight  +   215d ago
@SonyWarrior: You forgot to put your glasses on. She's quite an attractive woman.

@Rhaigun: The patriarchy at work. Am I right?
Rhaigun  +   215d ago

No. You are not. Regardless of what the sex of an employee is, shouldn't the first basis of getting a job be experience in said field of work?
DragonKnight  +   215d ago
@Rhaigun: My point flew right over your head it seems.

Also "Regardless of what the sex of an employee is, shouldn't the first basis of getting a job be experience in said field of work?"

Say hello to Affirmative Action.

My point was mocking the fact that there are those that believe men are purposely keeping women out of _____ field when things like this happen. Here a woman with no experience in the job is replacing a guy with a lot of experience in the job.

Can't 100% say for sure that it's BECAUSE she's a woman, but others have already made that conclusion based on available evidence. Which makes me redirect you to Affirmative Action. Or possibly "blatant PR move."
Rhaigun  +   215d ago

I know full well what Affirmative Action is. A better question for you would be, does Canada have functioning Right to Work laws, or would this be considered as Wrongful Termination?
Anthotis  +   215d ago
Maybe she can do a better job of informing the devs what the SWTOR community actually want, assuming they're even listening anymore.

..and yes, that is a snazzy hair-do.
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Back-to-Back  +   215d ago
Green Hair? wtf
XiSasukeUchiha  +   216d ago
Nice choose bioware!
Erudito87  +   215d ago
egidem  +   215d ago
I'm beginning to think that he does this intentionally.
Rhaigun  +   215d ago
Based on what exactly?
e-p-ayeaH  +   215d ago
DragonKnight  +   215d ago
The fact that she's a woman. Duh.
Linchpin  +   216d ago
Because Ubisoft couldn't afford to pay her... would take serious resources and time.
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randomass171  +   216d ago
Is that before or after Insomniac totally one-ups them? :P
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Kevlar009  +   215d ago
They'd have to hire a new mo-cap actress on top of everything
randomass171  +   215d ago
Ubisoft makes millions on Assassin's Creed every year. They can definitely afford it.
whybag  +   215d ago
That's the joke.
MRMagoo123  +   215d ago
There is still a swtor community ? I thought they all went back to wow after a month. Good luck to her, I cant imagine it will be hard coordinating a couple hundred subs tho lol.
thehobbyist  +   215d ago
Uhm, it's still a thriving community. You don't go anywhere in the game(That isn't a private mission) without seeing other players around.
Iffyrhyme  +   215d ago
I'm a gamer and don't know this chick. Is she someone important for me to care?
thehobbyist  +   215d ago
She's a model who has good(Not great, but good) gaming videos.
She herself, is not especially important. But what is important is that after a quick google search I find nothing to suggest she's done any sort of community management/coordination of any kind in the past.
So this seems to be a first attempt and it'll be interesting to see how that turns out.
Good luck to her.
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MonkeyOne  +   215d ago
At least Bioware hired somebody who knows something about gaming (especially MMO's) instead of some "professional" consultant or analyst who played their last video game when Atari was big.

Go Pokket.
DragonKnight  +   215d ago
So then BioWare agreed with her personal choice to objectify herself as a model who does games, and hired her without any qualifications for the job in terms of the job description.

Dat Patriarchy.
Snakester95  +   215d ago
I worked alongside her for a bit a couple years ago, she used to do a lot of work for MMORPG.com. Mostly video work from what I recall, potentially some written.
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MonkeyOne  +   215d ago
Good for Pokket! Her gaming videos are always good and her analysis is insightful.

ATi_Elite  +   215d ago
Congrats to Pokket and she will do an awesome job.

Bioware finally hired someone with an insight to PC Gaming

Pokket is very in touch with the PC gaming community and is a very wise young lady who has advocated many gamer issues.

she's very important as she has been one of the many important voices for gamers.

go Pokket go
Number-Nine  +   215d ago
GeofferyPeterson  +   215d ago
I wonder if the carpet matches the drapes? Yum!
FITgamer  +   215d ago
Blue Waffle?
XXXL  +   215d ago
rataranian  +   215d ago
Yeah. No one cares. Show the boobs or leave.
Lacarious  +   215d ago
community coordinator = talentless gig
rlacorne  +   215d ago
Who's that?

Why is it important?

What's with the hair? I certainly wouldn't want to do PR with someone who looks like a japan-obsessed high school "punk"...

And as far as PR goes, image is important, and in my opinion, this kind of image is not... appropriate for Bioware.

Oh well, not that I really care anyway.
e-p-ayeaH  +   215d ago
anime cosplay chick joins bioware...
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ATi_Elite  +   215d ago
You know you consolers are really a bunch of Idiots!

SHe is a real Girl Gamer who knows her stuff and has defended Gamers of ALL types.

This is why PC Gamers are ELITE because you consolers are clowns and no nothing.

Go do your research before you make RUDE comments about an important figure in GAMING.

she's done more for gamers than you morons ever will.
rlacorne  +   215d ago
Compared to you, I have no problems believing she is good at PR.
DragonKnight  +   215d ago
You know that your comment is full of stupidity right?

She isn't an important figure in gaming. Owning a console or not has nothing to do with it. TotalBiscuit is a PC gamer who has a PC gaming channel and millions of people know who he is. Boogie2988 is much the same. If people don't know her, it's because she's not as important as you wish she was.
wannabe gamer  +   215d ago
TB is a joke please dont compare anyone to him
DragonKnight  +   215d ago
I'm simply saying that the fact that she focuses primarily on PC gaming doesn't mean anything as TB does and is very well known (respect is a different matter), so the fact that she isn't means that she's not as important as ATi_Elite believes she should be.
Germaximus  +   215d ago
That's awesome. She is cool. =)
tommygunzII  +   215d ago
What about Larry "Spit Shine" Linkous that was just hired as a janitor at Bioware. Why is my man not getting this kind of love?
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   215d ago
I'm going to be completely honest, I would have a lot of sex with her.
nope111  +   215d ago
She looks like Miku Hatsune with too much eyeliner.
qzp  +   215d ago
hottest clown makeup NORTH AMERICA
LightDiego  +   214d ago
Funny looking girl.

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