What Game is Best For Introducing Newcomers to The Legend of Zelda?

ZI writes: " Recently, Eiji Aonuma expressed his interest in decreasing the amount of tutorial material in future installments of The Legend of Zelda. While this is certainly a favorable development for those of us well traveled in and over the land of Hyrule, it is important to consider the impact of this focus on newcomers to the series. After all, we were all once newcomers at one time or another."

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Neonridr1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Zelda 1 on the NES. No point in trying to be friends. Hit them right where it counts, below the belt.

Welcome to this game, we aren't telling you where to go or what to do. It will be long and hard. Oh and prepare to die a lot.

randomass1711488d ago

For people new to video games, probably Skyward Sword. For people who are new to Zelda but not video games, I would lean toward Ocarina of Time.

Neonridr1488d ago

I prefer a challenge. That was the first Zelda game I ever played. When I finally beat the game, I yanked the cartridge out of the system and threw it across the room. Never had I played a game as hard as that one when I was a kid.

The newer games are fine and all, but they hold your hand too much. Zelda 1 and 2 were like "Screw You, figure it out yourself"

Chrischi19881487d ago

I say, it depends on what kind of Zelda you would like to play. 3D Zelda, I would recommend Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess, 2D Zelda, I would recommend A Link to the Past or Links Awakening. Yes, all of them are pretty old, but doesnt change the fact that they are GREAT! If your are more for Side Quest, which are very detailed and made with love, I recommend Majoras Mask!

randomass1711487d ago

Gotta admit, I've had Zelda 1 thanks to my Ambassador 3DS and I've never gotten very far in it. That game kicks the crap out of me...

Dannycr1487d ago

People barely stand Demon's/Dark Souls and you want them to play Zelda 1? You are mean xD

Zelda 1 is the hardest of them all.

cpayne931487d ago

Zelda 2 was harder, never actually beat it. All the rest are fairly easy.

randomass1711487d ago

Watch AVGN play Zelda 2. That game is even harder! XD

LightofDarkness1487d ago

Well they didn't tell you what to do in game, but Nintendo Power and other magazines certainly did, not to mention the strategy guide. Games were designed back then to be played with the guide (or a hint line), then they'd throw everyone who didn't a bone with Nintendo Power guides a little while later. I sincerely doubt anybody beat Zelda or Metroid without help from these sources (or advice from a friend who read these sources).

Dannycr1487d ago

I don't live in the US and never had access to magazines or even had the slightest clue about english and yet I finished both Zeldas and even A Link To The Past. Same happened with my friends and I suppose lots of people from non-english speaking countries.

Chrischi19881487d ago

This is what I first thought about Majoras Mask, how could anybody finish that game, without help, but that was many many years ago, now it might be possible for me ;)

HaMM4R1487d ago

I wouldn't say the first zelda. It was the first one I ever played and it put me off the series, not because its a bad game but because I'm fairly young and have been spoiled by modern gaming. A link to the past on the other hand, sign me up!

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NerdBurglars1488d ago

Its hard to say. The first game i ever played was Ocarina of Time and ive been in love with the series ever since. Wind waker would probably be the better game to get people attached to the series now though since the Ocarina of Time might not appeal to many people visually

BattleN1487d ago

OoT is my first and favorite Zelda game. Snes Zelda just wasn't for me even tho I had access to it!
Wind Waker is current for WiiU and would be a perfect introduction to the Zelda series!

DryBoneKoopa851488d ago

For me I would have to say A Link To The Past for SNES. The game has everything to offer from the first Legend Of Zelda but visuals,puzzles and combat are all improved in my opinion.

What's great about Zelda games is just about anyone of them have something amazing instore for an Adventuring gamer.

With that said I can not wait for Legend Of Zelda Wii U.

After I finish Yoshi's Island on the Wii U virtual console I'm going through every Legend Of Zelda game and 100%ing them.

Neonridr1488d ago

Link to the Past is my favorite Zelda game. It has the perfect balance of everything IMO. I remember when I played it the first time, got the three medallions and killed Agahnim. I thought that was the end of the game. I had no clue there was this whole Light World / Dark World mechanic. Nearly blew my mind when I found out I still had 6 more dungeons to complete.

Foraoise1488d ago

OoT or WW. I second what NerdBurglars stated.

Milesprowers1487d ago

Link to the Past and Minish Cap

BattleN1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I was in middle school when I saw the OoT commercial during first period and I was blown away by how badass the game looked! I went as far as stealing $60 for the game, was well worth it too lol

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