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Matt Heywood of Entertainment Buddha writes: "As players explore and survive in Dead Island 2, they will be able to choose from one of four different playable classes. These classes, the Hunter, Berserker, Speeder and Bishop, all feature their own unique skill sets as well as strengths and weaknesses in any given area. Learning your selected class and mastering its strengths is an important aspect of Dead Island 2, as the game’s dynamic multiplayer structure will allow players to interact with one another at any time – be it cooperative, competitively or simply avoiding human interaction."

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1638d ago

The trailer is brilliant, but the gameplay actually looks quite fun. Love the destructible environments and how you can influence zombie behaviors through sound.

FrogSpork1638d ago

I actually found a new music interest after the trailer, Pigeon John isn't half bad! I am planning on replaying Dead Island with some mates shortly, so I imagine that will get me pretty pumped for 2!

BillmadeAGate1638d ago

Ehh if it has the same mechanics as the original then ill pass.. not even the lord jesus himself can save that trainwreck

barb_wire1638d ago

Think i'll wait to see how this one turns one.. Got suckered in by the trailer of the last one and man, that game was a disappointment to me. So bland, so un-scary and downright annoying at times too.

Studio-YaMi1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Both Deep Silver & Techland have a mediocre library in games they made,that doesn't speak well to both Dying Light & Dead Island 2.

That being said,the Dying Light demo was actually enjoyable to watch,here is hoping that these two games don't suck,like Dead Island.

Skate-AK1638d ago

Dead Island 2 is not being made by Techland. Yager is doing it. The people that did Spec Ops The Line.

Studio-YaMi1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Didn't say that Techland are going to make the game(I was refering Techland to Dying Light),thought "Deep Silver" are making it but as you said,Yager ARE making Dead Island 2 & Deep Silver are only the publishers.

I really enjoyed Spec Ops:the Line,can't wait to see what they'll do with this one!

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