Naruto Storm Revolution: More Obito, Ten Tails, Madara, Samurai, Rivals Screenshots

Bandai Namco Games has released more screenshots.

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mcroddi1336d ago

Always glad to see new images.

Xbot12141336d ago

awesome we need a new gen naruto game

SaffronCurse1336d ago

Would love to see this come to Vita.

crusf1336d ago

Im waiting for Storm 4
There is a pattern people don't seem to notice with the storm games now.
Main Storm Game(Storm 2)-->Spinoff(Generations)-- >MainStorm Game(Storm 3)-->Spinoff (Revolution)-->Main Storm Game (Storm 4)

alexg5871335d ago

Also im guessing part 4 for will come after anime finishes and be on next gen ...would be perfect

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