How Nintendo's Outdated Online Policies Are Killing the Company

The Wii U is behind Sony and Microsoft in the console race for many reasons but Nintendo's outdated online policies are not helping the situation. The company has been a step behind Microsoft and Sony dating back to the Gamecube days when it comes to online gaming. Here are a few policies the Big N needs to change if they want their online services to be on par with the competition.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

uh no they aren't even far behind

FriedGoat1634d ago

What's killing the company is no new WAVE RACE.
I would pickup a Wii U instantly if they announced it.

Eonjay1633d ago

These negative articles are killing my interest in gaming. If you were to take all this crap to heart, you would know that there is no point because everyone is doomed and everything is threatening to kill everyone, all the time. Everything is fail and everyone is going bankrupt.

Reeze1633d ago

I'll TOTALLY buy a Wii U when [insert obscure game here] is announced.

[insert obscure game here] is announced!

I'll TOTALLY buy a Wii U when [insert another obscure game here] is announced.

FriedGoat1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Yeah, because wave race is obscure.
It's just an ip they haven't overused to death.

Nerdmaster1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I love Nintendo and I don't really like Sony, but one thing is true: if my PS3 or my Vita suddenly break or get stolen, I can download all my digital games on a new system without any hassle. I can't do that if the same happened to my Wii U or 3DS. What's worse, ALL of my Wii U games and more than 75% of my 3DS games are digital.

For me it's enough to consider them far behind.

Venox20081633d ago

If you have done some research you would know that you can download your games on another system Wii U and 3DS.. Your purchases are tied to your NNID ..

Nerdmaster1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

No, you can't. And I dare you to show proof of what you said.

NNID has the history of what you bought, but you can't simply log into your account in another Wii U or 3DS and redownload your games. People say that if your system was stolen, you can contact the Nintendo customer service and provide them a copy of the police report about the theft, and much more information. I couldn't find anyone saying that there's a way to do it if your system gets broken instead of stolen. The situation if even worse in countries that Nintendo doesn't provide support (like Brazil, that's where I live).

"Once a Nintendo Network ID has been associated to a Wii U, it can only be used with that same Wii U."

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stragomccloud1634d ago

Still more Wii Us than Xbones... so... yeah.

rdgneoz31634d ago

With a year head start, sadly not by a lot.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1634d ago

oh so all the X360 vs PS3 early years is now render irrelevant

wonderfulmonkeyman1634d ago

With advertisement issues, lack of third party games, and confusion between it and the wii by consumers, the head start doesn't matter.
What matters is that it's ahead now, in a time when it's advertisement is picking up, confusion is disappearing, and Indies are making many games to replace the awful ports that third parties tried to pass off as "support".

Realplaya1634d ago

If it released a year later it would have the same amount so it would have still sold more.

wonderfulmonkeyman1634d ago

They've already confirmed that there will be n64 games coming soon, also that they'll be doing unified accounts someday, and friend codes are no longer a thing on the wii u.

They're really not that far behind at all.

randomass1711633d ago

Better than never I guess.

wonderfulmonkeyman1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

You can try to spin those as negatives all you like, but the fact that they're coming means people are wrong about Nintendo not fixing their problems.

Dunban671633d ago

Until the problems are fixed ( particulary unified accounts), they have not been addressed - soon or someday is meaningless w out a timeframe - even then the timeframe can be delayed significantly which Nintendo is apt to do

porkChop1634d ago

Right now those things are just promises. Until those things are actually implemented then Nintendo is still very much behind. They're doing great on the software side of things, but their online infrastructure needs some serious work.

thehobbyist1633d ago

The unified account system will be for their next set of consoles. As they are trying to go for a dual-platform "Games on console also available on handheld system" or so it would seem when you read the interviews about their next system.

deafdani1633d ago

Yes, they are far behind. Sony and Microsoft have had unified accounts for more than 8 years now, and Nintendo STILL doesn't have it.

That is being far behind, dude. I love Nintendo, but they still have a lot of catching up to do in the area of online, and that's the truth.

LOL_WUT1633d ago

Exactly not to mention there isn't even a proper update on notifications on the WiiU yet now that is inexcusable. ;)

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Chrischi19881634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Such an article again^^

What exactly is killing it? No twitch? Like that is a valid reason for a downfall of a console^^

What else? No trophy system? I personally play a lot on PC over Steam and really never cared for such things, I really dont miss them.

It is like everything that is different on nintendos plattform, no matter how dumb and unimportant it is, they act like nintendo is the worst for not having it.

It is like with Smartphones back in the day and Apple... "Oh, it is just like on the iPhone... it is bad because they stole the idea from apple. Oh, this is not like how the iPhone is doing it, it is bad, because it is not like the iphone..."

So stupid^^

rdgneoz31634d ago

2 of the points are somewhat valid: friend codes and downloads tied to the system (lose your system, lose all your downloaded games). Not gonna kill it, but outdated.

stragomccloud1634d ago

You just contact Nintendo, and you get your games back. Plus $25 in eShop credit for your trouble. I had to go through it twice before.

Dunban671633d ago

Stragomcloud - I have read about many more peoples experiences that sounded nothing like that - Can you be more specific? What was your situation? Did you have to send a police report, did they just take your word for it?

McScroggz1634d ago

"It is like everything that is different on nintendos plattform, no matter how dumb and unimportant it is, they act like nintendo is the worst for not having it."

Is good online functionality an unimportant feature, or do you deny that Nintendo is fundamentally behind Sony and Microsoft when it comes to online offerings? Quite frankly, I don't know how anybody could make a reasonable argument that Nintendo isn't behind in online capabilities.

Look, I get that a lot of people like to make fun of Nintendo; but instead of reacting to the childish negativity by answering with childish, indignant responses, actually listen and discuss the real issues with Nintendo. Because let's face it, while Nintendo still makes high quality Nintendo games, there are a lot of problems surrounding the Wii U and Nintendo as a whole. If you honestly believe Nintendo's online offerings are as good as Sony and Microsoft, then you are either delusional or ignorant - and I don't mean that in a mean spirited way, so please don't take offense.

I just get frustrated by how many Nintendo fans, in general, would rather bury their head in the sand and pretend all the negativity towards Nintendo is completely unfair than realize that Nintendo can make a lot of improvements.

I choose to try to hold Nintendo accountable. Will you?

Chrischi19881634d ago

The thing is, all act like it is not working, but there are games, that prove that online on Wii U works normal. If a game has online functionality, then it works, some devs just did not use the online capabilities of the Wii U. The only thing that needs to be improved is the amount of players online, so you can find more connections.

stragomccloud1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I don't where people get the "broken online" bit from. I never have any trouble when playing Mario Kart, Call of Duty, or Splinter Cell, so I really have no idea where people are getting these ideas from. I remember Super Smash Bros. on the original Wii wasn't great online-wise, but by the time Mario Kart Wii came out, I don't really remember having any problems. Since then I haven't really had any issues. Heck I've even put at least 100 hours into Monster Hunter on Wii and Wii U without having any problems.

OldDude1634d ago

I will take Nintendo's free online service which includes every major media app over MSFT's and Sony's any day. If it weren't for the "rented" games part of it, it would be a $50 yearly rip off comparatively.

It shouldn't cost to play a game online, period. Well, unless its an MMO of course.

HollywoodLA1634d ago

Are you claiming that Nintendo's Wiiu has more apps than #Sony and MS -- and that's the reason you like it?


KonsoruMasuta1634d ago

No, he said he prefers the free service they have. He then went on to point out that major apps are included in that free service.

He never said the WiiU's service has more apps. He prefers Nintendo's service because online is free.

Aceman181634d ago

You do know that none of the media apps were never behind the paywall right even on the PS4.

Aceman181634d ago

disagree all you want, but you know its true. PS3 media apps free, PS4 media apps free the only thing PS+ is needed for is online play that's the only thing nintendo now has over both Sony and MS

stragomccloud1633d ago

But it's still free to play online on PC and Wii U. And since almost all PS4 games that won't go to the Wii U go to PC, what's the point in buying a console to pay for a service that just let's you play all of the features for a game that you already paid for?

Aceman181633d ago


yes i know that its still free, but majority of today's gamers are going to play the major multiplayer games on either the PS4 or X1. plus you can still play for free on PS3.

McScroggz1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I can't begrudge anybody who wants multiplayer to be free. Honestly, it should be free. I will say though that I feel like you are being a little disingenuous with your portrayal of what Sony (and to a lesser degree Microsoft) offers.

The PS4 offers more media apps than the Wii U, and are completely free as well. The PS4 has quite a selection of Free to Play games (does the Wii U have any?) and none of these require a PlayStation Plus subscription. Plus, if you do subscribe to PS+ you get a "free" game every month (2 last month), great discounts, and other nice additions. As somebody who owns a PS3, PS4 and Vita, I get a minimum of 7 games a month, usually a couple more.

So yeah, to play multiplayer games on the PS4 you need PS+ and that's not ideal; but PS+ is such a great value that if you have a PlayStation console it's hard to justify not getting it regardless.

Still, I respect your stance.

OldDude1634d ago

And I respect yours. Its true that PS+ and Gold have added value, those services make the $50-$60 a year worth it. Also PS+ is clearly the better value so I don't mind paying for it. I do maintain that the online gaming side should be free, its part of the game you purchased for $60 and one shouldn't have to pay to use it. Granted server farms ect. are expensive, but PC and Nintendo and even Sony PS3 managed to keep it free. Someone in this thread mentioned apps behind the paywall... when MS was doing this it was just BS. Im glad gamer pressure made them make the change, it was inexcusable.

kreate1633d ago

I do agree. But there isnt much MP games to play online to begin with.

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